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Champion by Davidoff

I think a lot of people judge this EDT based on the gimmicky bottle or the generic top notes, but personally I think 'Champion' deserves less criticism than it receives. I dont tend to wear many fresh sporty colognes (I generally prefer heavier options such as M7, Amen, La Nuit De L'homme etc), but I do wear this one quite often once the weather starts to warm up a bit..

It starts off like your typical brash sport fragrance (not bad, but somewhat harsh and unremarkable), but drys down quite nicely into something still fresh, but more elegant and smooth than you often get from this type of scent. Projection is good/average, but longevity is excellent, lasting most of the day with only a moderate application (3 sprays is right for me).

Quite a versatile option also I think, so would be good for daily wear through most seasons, but of course there are a lot of better choices for nights out etc. Its definitely modern and aimed at a relatively young age group (I would say late teens to late twenties), though I see no reason why someone older couldn't wear it.

Champion is certainly not the most groundbreaking of fragrances (I have been told, but can't confirm, that it bears some resemblance to Abercrombie Fierce, for instance), but still not worthy of all the criticism it has received in my opinion, based purely on what smells good to me!
26th February, 2012