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Yatagan by Caron

Love this. It took me years to find this. I had always passed it over - the low price point led me to intuit that it couldn't be anything special. I can say that this is as complex and high in quality as any $200 bottle that I've ever purchased. The dry-down is the best I've encountered.

The smell of Yatagan reminds me of a specific scent memory from before I discovered Yatagan:
Skiing in the Alps with friends, staying in a small, old log cabin with a fireplace. Wood smoke, alcohol, incense, and a little sweat.
19th March, 2017

Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford

Got this in the mail and it was a major let down. I bought it based upon the reviews here, but I guess, as they say, there is no accounting for taste. Americans close to pop culture will understand when I describe this scent as "cheesy", in the vein of a mid-90's brand like Drakkar Noir or Safari. In my mind, this low-budg smell is not worth the exorbitant price tag.
06th February, 2012

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Kinda surprised by this one. It starts off smelling like a men's locker room in a high-end athletic club: essentially sweat and BO covered up by a citrusy, sage scent. But, give it an hour and it smells amazing - still like a locker room, but in the very best conceivable way. It's certainly unique, nuanced and, in my opinion, oddly classy. Sadly however, it only lasts about 4 hours and then it's almost completely evaporated and lost.
06th February, 2012
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Derby by Guerlain

Let me preface this by saying that I ordered a Reissue sample online that is most likely genuine, but it could be a fake (though I doubt it). This stuff is indistinguishable from dime-store Stetson! It reminds me of something my grandma would have bought me for $10 on my 14th birthday. I won't go into the details of the scent - others have done a good job on this below. I will, however, strongly recommend that you save your money for something with a little more depth and class.
03rd February, 2012

Antaeus by Chanel

A thumbs up, but I'm not in love with this one. Firstly, it's not organic enough in its delivery. It is manly, yes, but what type of man. A scent has to communicate a distinct persona, and this one is a little jumbled (banker, hunter, gym-guy, pick one). And, I have never received one compliment from the female persuasion while wearing. Yet, I wore out my bottle. Alas.

I would say this is for people that want a step up and away from classic Polo, but don't want to venture too far off its tracks . . . in the vein of Bel Ami, but without the style or depth. To me, it's decidedly 80's, but more Patrick Bateman than Bruce Springsteen.
22nd January, 2012

Bel Ami by Hermès

My all time favorite. I originally bought this in my early twenties and got a lot of flack from my friends for it. Actually, it was the topic of a heated argument back in the day. A decade later, those same friends have come around and finally get it. It smells like a one can imagine James Dean or Steve McQueen might have: vintage sport cars, money, mountains, tobacco and alcohol, and a per-occupation with adventure. And, as odd as it sounds, it smells even better after a hard workout or a swim in the ocean.

Think of it as the Ivy League brother to Ralph Lauren Polo (Original). In my opinion, this is one for a successful "guys guy" in fall or winter. And, don't listen to them: women might feign like they don't get it, but speaking for personal experience, it is a distinct scent they will fondly remember for a long, long time.
22nd January, 2012