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Boyfriend by Boyfriend

The first impression was of vanilla. This is not the sharp vanilla that is usually pair with a strong floral but of the vanilla in baking, of vanilla and spices. The scent reminds me of homecoming for Thanksgiving during my freshman year at college. It brings to mind pumpkin pies, spiced apple cider and autumn. I can see my mother's thanksgiving dinner in various stages of preparation, I can smell the spices of the side dishes and several kinds of pies, and all of these mingled with potpourri. I sense the comfort of familiarity, of pajamas and slippers and of general 'comfy-ness' of home after a long while away.

I was sniffing my wrist all day since first rolling this on in the morning. I tend to romanticize nostalgia so in that sense, this fragrance was a success. I would not call this scent sexy or manly, in fact, it does not remind me of boyfriends. It reminds me of thanksgiving. Once it a while it's nice but I wouldn't wear this everyday. I definitely would not wear this if I didn't have an affinity for vanilla and spices.
02nd February, 2012