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United Kingdom

Romance by Ralph Lauren

A sweetish and fruity concoction, mainly lychee and a mild ginder accent, which in the drydown shifts to become mainly a floral composition.

The floral impressions in the heart notes are mainly freesia, lotus and violet, the latter being dominant on my skin and the most convincing detail in this mix

The base is a soft patchouli mixed with a woodsy undertone; all this is topped off by white musks. The middle phase and the base are very lackluster and thin on my skin.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and an excellent eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring scent that is very synthetic most if the time, and, apart form the violet contribution, overly generic. It performs quite well though, but overall is really not even mediocre. 1.75/5.
24th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Black Label by Mayfair

A Review of the Original Vintage Version made by Yardley:

An opening blast of awesome quality: bergamot, lots of beautiful, orange, a touch of lemon, and some verbena in the background: a paradigmatic chypre opening if there ever was one; crisp and refreshing a Cologne this one truly is!

The drydown develops a gorgeous lavender note, as if freshly picked in the garden, intense, very - typical. This lavender is very close in quality to my benchmark lavender, which is Old English Lavender from the same house. Clary sage, geranium and a woodsy-herbal undertone follow the traditional route in a thoroughly convincing manner.

The base adds a - slightly earthy - vetiver, and, besides a gently crisp patchouli, also employs a lovely oakmoss; but it does that very sparingly. Whilst many oakmoss-based fragrances derive their allure from the full-throttle release of its mossy-spicy sharpness in an unfettered manner, here the oakmoss is applied in a nigh-homeopathic dose like seasoning in an already rich and tasty dish.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and a stupendous longevity on twelve hours on my skin - an utterly incredible performance that is unbelievable for a humbly labeled "Cologne."

This spring cent for warmer days is a seminal chypre, less harsh than many contemporaries due judiciously sparing application of the oakmoss and the comparative smoothness of the patchouli. I personally and subjectively would have preferred a bit more prominence of the oakmoss, but its sparing use in this composition results in an objectively convincing result nonetheless.

The high natural quality of the ingredients is beyond doubt, as is the perfect blending. Direct, unfussy, upright and supremely crafted in the traditional way - a very fine example of British Perfumery. 4.25/5.
23rd April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Idole d'Armani by Giorgio Armani

An orange-fruity opening, which is soon given a touch of very restrained spiciness by a saffron impression, dominates the first part in this product's development.

The drydown heads into the floral realm, with a mildly dark rose impression most evident on my skin. The base loses the fruitiness as well as the floral bent, and is mainly constituted by a soft, slightly sweet patchouli, which is given additional depth by a minimally earthy vetiver.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring composition is quite nice in some aspects. Unfortunately, it is rather generic and synthetic, and its dull, at times insipid, genericness is the more disappointing feature of the two.

On the other hand, it is well blended and at times the notes compliment each other fairly well. Like blood-orange, I am on the fence with this Armani creation too, and if there was a green-orange option in the dropdown menu I would choose that. In the absence of such a choice, the somewhat disappointing performance on my skin puts it into the neutral category, strongly veering towards the positive though. 2.75/5.
22nd April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Armani by Giorgio Armani

Bergamot-aldehydic freshness with a fruity-green undertone, and combined with galbanum - the recipe for the traditional opening of a chypre - and very well executed. Never really spritely fresh though and always a touch of mellowness draped over the top notes, like a shade over a sunny meadow.

The drydown brings out the floral side, with tuberose and other white florals present. Soon, after a phase where an orris accord develops, the main player on the second half boldly arises: an almighty oakmoss of astounding natural beauty, with touches of skankiness courtesy of a musk sidekick, and, towards the end, with a hint of vanilla-based sweetness. In all this, the oakmoss is the solist accompanied by the olfactory orchestra constituted by the other notes.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and a stupendous longevity of an amazing fourteen hours on my skin.

A wonderful autumnal beauty for warmer days, this classic chypre creation is characterised by the top quality of its natural ingredients. Whilst a bit attenuated and maybe a tad dull-ish at times - this is a vintage after all - it is blended masterfully and convincingly. 4/5
21st April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

A ghastly chemical syrup camouflaging as a citrus-bergamot mix determines the opening impression. Insipidly sweet, it feels like Armani took some lessons from the bottom level of Victoria's Secret most synthetic creations.

The drydown adds another weird note from the laboratory, but, quite unexpectedly, in the base things started to look up a bit. A woodsy note combined with a pleasant vanilla - the latter not particularly exciting but solidly crafted - work well together, and constitute the hightlights of this composition.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

The base is the best part of this daytime spring creation, but it does not suffice to save this product from a negative verdict. 1.75/5.

Code Black - not a good thing to happen in a hospital...
20th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Gucci No. 1 by Gucci

The top notes mix bergamot, lime and slightly woodsy heliotropes with florals; mainly carnation and hyacinth, to a very successful match of the fresh with the floral-sweet. Well done!

The drydown loses the fresh characteristics in favour of the intensification of the floral, mainly white floral side, with lily-of-the valley and jasmine and in the foreground; again this is a lovely bouquet.

The base is a quite predictable ambery tonka with a discreet and fairly unobtrusive benzoin underlay.

The sillage is quite soft, the projection adequate, and the longevity is an impressive eleven hours on my skin.

A pleasant scent for warmer spring or cooler summer days. The main issue is a certain dullness, a lack of vividness, as if a veil is cast over this creation and and takes away its luster. It is just at the border between neutral, but the good longevity and the decent - albeit not superb - quality of some of its ingredients let it - just - cross the line into positive territory - by the skin if its teeth. 3/5.
19th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Gucci by Gucci by Gucci

The sweetish-fruity opening is rather laboratory-chemical in nature, with an aroma of berries, and a faux-pear-peachy undertone. It is so chemical that I can imagine it work well on a laboratory-created customer, a robot for instance.

The drydown remains firmly in the lab kitchen, this time cooking up a sweetish floral soup that quite skillfully avoids smelling like a real flower - I mean the stuff that grows outside in nature.

After the thumbs-down assessment had taken shape in my mind, it is the base that constitutes the main strength of this creation: whilst still clearly and overly synthetic, it is much less intrusively so, and manages to create a passable honeyed, soft patchouli impression; this impression does not really impress me, but it is quite bearable.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good, and the longevity is ten hours on my skin.

A spring composition that is hyper-synthetic, a bit less so in the base though; this is one of those rare cases where the longer one waits, the more tolerable it gets. At the border between thumbs down and neutral; the base pushes it - just - into neutral territory. 2/3.
18th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Eau de Gucci by Gucci

The 1993 Edition (monochrome pink packaging):

The first blast is a floral hit extraordinaire: A rich and intenses ylang-ylang is in the centre, which features throughout the development of this creation as a core accord, like a golden thread, until the end. Hints of tangerine and bergamot brighten it up, as does the occasional whiff of lemon. It reminds me in its concept a bit of the vintage version of Lubin's Eau Neuve, but with much more emphasis on the white floral notes.

The drydown adds more florals, with honeysuckle and lily-of-the-valley being the most prominent newcomers here, blending well with a lovely iris, and a touch of a lighthearted tuberose blending in beautifully. A floral bouquet of great distinction.

The base is characterised by a minimally powdery ambery vanilla, intertwined with the white floral notes that spill over into the final stages of this composition.

I get moderate sillage, splendid projection and a stupendous fourteen hours of longevity on my skin. A floral power-performance!

A delightfull summery floral, a somewhat more generic in the final stages, but otherwise very well blended of high-quality ingredients. one of Gucci's finest florals.

The original 1982 in the box bearing the original Gucci red-striped-belt logo is more citrus-centred in the top notes, and expresses more lilac and lily in the heart notes. This is also very nice.

Both are amongst Gucci's finest florals and a 3.75/5.
17th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Gucci No. 3 by Gucci

A fresh-floral blast, consisting of aldehyde/drenched green notions with bergamot, jasmine and a gorgeous muguet, captivate me is its brightish beauty, just delicious. After the first opening blast starts wearing off, a gently spicy coriander adds depth and a touch of counterbalance ltonthe floral-aldehyde onslaught of the beginning.

The drydown adds a host of other floral participants, with a lovely, slightly sombre-ish rose, and a darker, velvety tuberose that lacks any significant waxiness or heaviness. While the floral side is represented by a lovely narcissus, this is mixed with a pleasantly contrasting orris impression, which actually starts to arise in the second half of the top notes, but which now truly makes its mark.

The base adds minimally sweetish leathery impression, with hints of a soft mossy undertone and a good brushstroke of amber applied to the whole combination.

The perfomance is impressive indeed, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and a magnificent thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This gorgeous scent for warmer spring days or cooler summer climes is a real beauty - a balanced and rather classic concept, beautifully blended of high-quality ingredients and performing very well.
Whilst the base is less vivid and a bit less enticing than the top and heart notes, this is without doubt the epitome of a great floral chypre, and indubitably one of Gucci's finest floral-centred creations. 3.75/5.
16th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Armani Privé Ambre Eccentrico by Giorgio Armani

The top notes, a mix of a soft patchouli and a gentle amber impression, is quite pleasant, and becomes more interesting when touches of a slightly smoky leathery undertone evelve gradually. Quite a nice start.

In the drydown a peachy fruitiness becomes more apparent, with element of synthetically rich ripeness, and a discreet cinnamon aroma is hovering in the background, from time to time drifting onto centre stage in this olfactory theatry.

This sweet fruitiness merges seamlessly onto the base's predominant note, that is tonka; a pleasant tonka, intense but never overwhelming or cloying. An underlying layer of benzoin is well detectable beneath the tonka, but the benzoin blends in rather well.

I get moderate sillage, an excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This is not an unpleasant creation for colder wintery days. Its main drawback is a certain dullness and lack of vividness, and the rather and synthetic generic nature of its ingredients. For those who are interested in a comparatively gentle amber creation this might be worth trying; otherwise, apart from the top notes, is will come across as nothing more than mediocre. It is ec-centrico mainly in not hitting the olfactory bullseye. 2.75/5.
15th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Rush by Gucci

A strong, fairly loud and evocative floral burst hits my nose immediately when it hits my skin: gardenia, freesia, hints of hyacinth and a slightly spicy coniander-based undertone - it tries really hard to get my attention.

The base is quite straightforward: a jasmine - the run-of-the-mill type joins up with a somewhat anaemic rose impression, pushing aside the white floral components of the top notes.

The base is characterised by the addition of a soft patchouli note, which has a sweetish undercurrent attached to it, and a very restrained vanilla; both fade out slowly towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent is a chemical mix, escaped from the laboratory and a harbinger of the synthetic-sweetish soups dominating the Gucci menu these days - although it is probably a touch better than the rest of them. Rush is so generic that I am not in a Rush to buy it. At least the red bottle is hard to misplace, even in a big tote or bag. 1.75/5.
14th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

Sweet orange in the top notes. With sone jasmine- not particularly unpleasant but very generic - dull it is.

White floral drydown - again not very unpleasant but again, apart from some nicer moments of orange blossom - very generic.

The base with its vanilla, honeyed sweetness - not cloying though - and touches of floral undertones - did I mention the word "generic"?

The performance is the main forte of this creation, with moderates sillage, very good projection and an excellent twelve hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring scent so clearly synthetic-chemical that ICI would have been proud of it. And, it is also not really a creative composition. Code blue - in an olfactory way. 1.75/5.
13th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Armani Privé Eau de Jade by Giorgio Armani

The fresh bergamot-lemon-neroli opening blast is not very brightly fresh, but a touch subdued. The bergamot is the most prominent of the triad, and the three are vivid enough to convince in their interaction and in their joint result. A lovely set of top notes.

The second phase is heralded by a the appearance of a oeppery and darker undertone, accompanied by a collapse-like nigh complete disappearance of the other compounof this frangrance, but soon a pleasant, albeit very sundued vanilla arises. This is a nice vanilla but nothing exceptional.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A good start into a summery scent , but the second half is uninspiring to say the least. Good quality ingredients but less than original. Based on the opening and the overall good quality of ingredients - above the usual Armani level - hence - just - a positive score - by the skin of its teeth. 3/5.
12th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Guilty Eau pour Homme by Gucci

A slightly orangey and lemony mix, with touches ofnbergamot and overripe sweet grapefruits opens this olfactory journey. This opening is not too bad, but a bit watery.

Orange blossoms, whiffs of muguet and a bit of iris develop in the drydown, whilst the base is dominated by a sweetish-musky note and a soft, somewhat perfunctory patchouli.

I get moderate soft sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent's top notes are bearable, albeit a touch dull, but the rest never develops into anything satisfactory on me, including the iris impression. The heart notes and the base are atrociously chemical, straight from the laboratory. A slightly fruity and sweetish undertone displays the same artificiality, but the more into the base it goes, the more generic and unoriginal it becomes. Gucci has produced some wonderful classics, but this is possibly a nadir in the olfactory history of this house. 1.5/5.
11th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Pi by Givenchy

The orange with the galbanum and the herbal undertone make a very pleasant opening, which is beefed up soon by a decent lashing of benzoin. Unlike in some other fragrances, where benzoin is often taking over and push other components aside, here it is skillfully applied such as not to overwhelm, but to blend in and enhance the whole - a rare feat indeed.

The heart notes add woodsy aromas on the sidelines, and see the emergence of the vanilla the dominates the the second half of the development on my skin. Towards the end pure vanilla remains, rich but quite refined and unobtrusive, fading out gracefully.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a magnificent thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

It would be easy to judge this wintery creation as another vanilla mix had it not been for the interesting and quite creative permutations of the accompanying accompaniments that were employed here. Interestingly, in this original version of Pi the vanilla is not more prominent than in the Fraîche flanker.

This is a rather synthetic blend but not too intrusively so, and in spite of some evident generic touches it is overall quite interesting and performs excellently on me. Just making it into the thumbs-up realm. 3/5.
10th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Fleur D'Interdit by Givenchy

A floral composition throughout that is dominated by lilac and rose; the latter being a rather dull and colourless specimen.

The drydown adds touches if white florals, lily-of-the-valley predominantly, but cyclamen and orris give it a slightly green slant that prevents the sweetness from being anything else but restrained and unobtrusive. The base adds a woodsy undertone towards the end.

In get moderate sillage with good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring scent that sports a promising mix but that is resulting in a blend that lacks vividness and that is a tad middle-of-the-road. Not bad but not enticing either. 2.75/5.
09th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

L'Interdit II by Givenchy

The top notes are rose predominantly, a soft and slightly somber rose, with the fruity strawberry a touch in the dull side, as if not fresh but hothouse grown with limited flavour only. A strong violet impression is also present, a touch waxy in nature and verging towards having a tuberose-like undertone at times.

The drydown is sheer floral, with jasmin and freesia counterbalanced by a somewhat unexciting ylang-ylang - mainly a white floral affair.

The base adds a woodsy vibe, as well as a touch of a pleasant powderiness. This is not a dusty powderiness, but it is more on the younger and contemporary side.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This is not bad at all as a spring scent, but overall it is a bit dull and lacklustre. Worth trying if the ingredients appeal to you, but it never really sets off any sparks or excitement. 2.75/5.
08th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Amarige Harvest Ylang Ylang 2008 by Givenchy

Yes - from the start ylang-ylang forms the core of this creation - and what an unexpected ylang-ylang: less sweet that it is so often, but exuding its typical aroma, but unusually refined, and with green/herbal/woodsy undertones, like its leaves and stems. Hints of neroli and petit grain give this top note a fresh feeling.

In the drydown aromas of fresh almond and white flowers are added, whilst the freshess gradually retreats. In the base wood notes are more prominent, but the yang-ylang continues to rule supremely until it gradually evaporates towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a natural beauty, and one of the most masterful applications of top-quality ylang-ylang I have come across in a long time. It is a bit linear at times, but otherwise a splendid celebration of ylang-ylang at its finest. 3.75/5
07th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

L'Interdit (new) by Givenchy

The osmanthus, peach, and rose - a fairly average rose - blend with white florals - mainly peony with whiffs and muguet - to constitute the opening mix, which is a heady, smooth and sweet affair.

The drydown adds the aroma of overripe plums and a surprisingly powerful tuberose; a fruity, peachy tone with hints of iris and sone some green touches added into the mix.

The base adds white musky undertones with an ambery sideline, and is the least sweet phase of the development of this product.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a decent seven hours of longevity on my skin.

The main strength of this evening spring creation, which is less convincing that the original, is the smooth and richly sweet opening phase, that is will blended and vivid in expression. The base is the disappointment; it is dull and uninspiring to say the least. The heart notes are somewhere in the middle, with only the tuberose being typical enough to entice - the term "average" springs to mind. Overall this might please the lover of densely sweet scents, but the total score does not go above the upper ranges of neutral - veering towards the positive though. 2.75/5.
06th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Hot Couture by Givenchy

From the very first moment until deep into the drydown, the dyad of pepper and vetiver dominates this product's olfactory development.

Initially a berry-fruity undertone is present, which is not that strong on my skin and not realy domineering. Later on, a white floral component is emerging as one of the heart notes, part magnolia, partly with a whiff of hyacinth.

The base adds an ambery tone that is noteworthy, and like this composition as a whole is has a certain sweetness to it, but this is never intrusive or cloying - a pleasant and balanced sweetness.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity nine hours on my skin.

This spring creation for cooler days might not be particularly original in its conceptualisation, but the adept use of pepper as well as its smooth blending makes this quite a satisfactory experience. 3.5/5.
05th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Giò by Giorgio Armani

An sensually glowing orangey citrus with hints of bergamot mingles with a rich and creamy jasmine - this is a lovely gentle but dense opening mix - not very bright but like dimmed light instead - the bergamot is very subtle here.

The middle notes added in the drydown are mainly iris and a medium-darkish rose - this composition's heart is very much a floral heart, which is not very complex, but complex enough to enjoy is without being bored. Later on whiffs of ylang-ylang come and go and add another floral aspect to this potpourri.

The base adds a nice, creamy and soft vanilla, whose woodsy undertones are discreet in he backgound.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and an impressive ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring evening scent is of a rich elegance, and, although a but linear at times and not particularly innovative, it so smooth and well blended that the end result is quite convincing. 3.5/5.
04th April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Les Secrets de Sophie by Guerlain

The orangey opening with a liberal addition of a slightly oily but still quite fresh neroli underneath is pleasant, but on my skin comes across as less bright as the citric top notes might kead one to expect.

The drydown, on the other hand, swtiches to a truly floral affair, with orange blossom and a fairly rich ylang-ylang; the latter is not heavy and its inherent sweetness fairly restrained.

Sweetness is also the prominent feature of the base, and here it is very much due the vanilla that is added; a pleasant vanilla, sweet nut never really with full-on intensity and more discreet than cloying.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and an excellent ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent is not offering any surprises or bouts of creativity, but it is designed solidy, blended in a well-balanced fashion and reliably executed. The ingredients are of high quality, but are not very vivid and a touch lackluster in their appearance. In total is is a solid composition, but not an exciting one. 3.25/5.
03rd April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Ange ou Démon Harvest Jasmin Sambac 2008 by Givenchy

The jasmine strikes me from the start: rich, quite bright, with touches of green wood undertones and of gently gleaming purity - just gorgeous natural beauty! A real star!

Soon other floral notes start dancing around the star: a tangerine-like gentle citrus combines with touches of orchids, and, most evidently, a rich, creamy but nonetheless never cloyingly sweet ylang-ylang. It all combines harmoniously and in a well-balanced manner to accompany the jasmin on this olfactory voyage.

The base - the least enticing phase in the development of this creation - adds a vanilla impression thays rounds off the whole more as a matter of routine than of a creative inspiration.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

The exquisite natural and top-quality jasmine is at the heart of this spring scent, and elevates it to a special level. The drydown, whilst well executed, is of less impressive quality, and the base is a pretty usual way ending a floral composition. Still - overall 3.75/5, mainly owing to the jasmine.
02nd April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Eau de Givenchy by Givenchy

Head-to-head comparison of the vintage (V) vs. the reformulated (R) version:

V: the top notes combine bergamot, whiffs of mint, green connotations, and a ripe and deep and slightly raisinous rose impression growing stronger with time.

The drydown sees a shift away from the fresh towards to more unequivocal floral side, with jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and cyclamen blended together very harmoniously.

Sandalwood is prominent in the base of V, with a dark but restrained musky - but not too faecaloid - undertone, and a soft patchouli. I get a pleasant nut not very firm oakmoss in the background that fades out slowly towards the end.

R: a bright, loud and fresh minty opening with a fresh fruity backgound and a grassy sideline - with a touch of bitter lemon added in - defines the opening blast. Soon the floral heart notes arrive, also on the bright side, dominated by jasmine and white florals.

The base of R is quite lightweight, with woodsy notes - cedar mainly - and white musks being the main components. I only get whiffs of a rather perfunctory moss impression here.

Both versions display moderaye sillage and very good projection; and both have a longevity of eight hours on my skin, with V being closer to my skin towards the end.

Comparing both versions of this spring scent, V strikes me as being composed of ingredients that are more natural, richer, vivid in colour and of much higher quality. V's opening is darker and more sensual, whilst the top notes in R are brighter, fresher, and have a slightly screeching character at times.

From the drydown on V becones less convincing that in the toop notes, but still expresses considerable development and quality. On the other hand, the heart and the base notes of R are rather synthetic and quite generic at times. Both perform equally well on me.

Scores: V: 3.5/5. R: 3.0/5. Total: 3.25/5.
01st April, 2017
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United Kingdom

Organza Indécence by Givenchy

The Original Formulation:

Wood and cinnamon - a lovely and creamy cinnamon rhat is a touch on the somber side - are the prominent constituents during the opening stage. The cinnamon - a bit like a cinnamon brioche - is less sublime that in, for instance Ambre Cannelle, my benchmark regarding this note, but is is a very nice cinnamon indeed.

The drydown adds added richness to the cinnamon in the form of a lovely vanilla note that has a touch of a subtly spicy dark rose aroma included at times. Later in the base a dark musk and a soft patchouli are present, but less convincing that the previous stages.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A very delightful wintery first part, convincing and satisfying, but the base is more generic and dull compared with the rich and warm opening; the latter in its beauty is the reason for the - barely - positive score. 3/5.
31st March, 2017 (last edited: 06th April, 2017)
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United Kingdom

Givenchy III by Givenchy

The original formulation:
The opening represents one of the grand chypre moments of the 1970s: with a few olfactory brushstrokes only - mainly galbanum, a touch of bergamot, hints of orange - a crisp, fresh and bright impression of crytalline clarity is created, with all components combined masterfully. A revelation.

After a touch of orris appearing briefly, the drydown turns floral, with hyacinth and - to a letter extent - jasmine the foreground, whilst a darkish rose accent hovers beneath the floral carpet.

The base intrduces a rather restrained patchouli with a mossy touch here and there - the oakmoss is not very strong on my skin, and more integrated into the whole than egregiously prominent.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

The opening of this spring creation is a classic and of iconic character, but the second half is a bit less intensive, less vivid and not up to the very high standard set by the opening notes in the beginning. Still, overall this is a great oeuvre. 4/5
30th March, 2017
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United Kingdom

Very Irrésistible Harvest 2005 by Givenchy

On my skin this starts out with the rose, mixed with a bit of star anise and a green - darkish herbal undertone. The anise is not detracting from the rose very much; in this composition the supremacy and lead rôle of the rose is never seriously challenged.

The rose gets stronger. It is a medium dark, rich Bulgarian rose nut not very intensive; it has an elegant touch instead. A subtle touch of sweetish spiciness comes and goes in an unobtrusive manner over time.

In the base woodsy notes are added and mix with the rose; it is as if a large bunch of large stems of rose bushes are added that are wet after the rain.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity.

A beautifully balanced summer rose creation, using natural rose essence of a very high quality and displaying enough development to not be dull, although it is a tad linear at times. The anise is not too strong and has largely retreated from the heart notes onwards. Delightful. 3.5/5.
29th March, 2017
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United Kingdom

Organza Harvest 2005 by Givenchy

Building upon the original, the top notes here is a reasonable, albeit not particularly exciting honeysuckle impression that is not very sweet on my skin.

The core constituent is a delightful jasmine, quite discreet and with an ever so slightly earthy undertone at times, well executed but after the first couple of hours very close to my skin.

The base continues the jasmine theme, but there is a gently woodsy and slightly spicy character prresent now; mainly whiffs of cedar and a nutmeg impression to be more precise. Towards the end a faint vanilla, very restrained and not very sweet, is evident throughout the last couple of hours.

The sillage is soft, the projection adequate and the longevity six hours on my skin.

Whilst mostly not very exciting, the special hallmark of this spring-day creation is the very nice jasmine core, whose natural and high-quality ingredients push this scent across the line to achieve a positive score, in spite of the overall limited performance. For the lover of top-notch jasmine who is willing to re-apply repeatedly throughout the day, this scent might prove worthwhile. 3.25/5.
28th March, 2017 (last edited: 06th April, 2017)
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United Kingdom

Organza Harvest 2008 Fleur d'Oranger by Givenchy

A sweetish opening blast, mostly due to a pleasant honeysuckle that is a touch unexciting - less scintillating than, for instance, Creed's Chevrefeuille - but nonetheless well executed.

The core note develops very early in the drydown, a beautiful orange blossom that is rich, sunny and intense - a sheer delight. A touch of an orangey undertone is present, but in the base it is exchanged for a rather restrained tonka note.

In the end what remains is the orange blossom with the tonka fading out slowly. This is a successful pairing throughout; and it is never sticky or cloying.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a very reasonable eight hours of longevity on my skin.

The one thing that is truly convincing in this summery evening creation is the gorgeous orange blossom centrepiece that elevates this scent into a higher tier of quality, not least due to the first-class natural ingredients used in this mix. Although maybe the whole is a touch too linear, the orange blossom wins the day. An orange blossom classic. 3.75/5.
28th March, 2017
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United Kingdom

Organza Harvest 2006 by Givenchy

After a fresh opening blast of petit grain and neroli, a lovely orange blossom develops and take over as the main note. This orange blossom is of excellent quality and remains in the foreground until closer to the end; at times other white florals, mainly gardenia, are also evident.

In the second half a sweeter undertone develops, p pleasamt vanilla mainly, and woodsy components in the background deliver some counterbalance to the sweeter notes.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity nine hours on my skin.

This very pleasant spring creation lives by the high-quality orange blossom core. Never really very sweet on my skin, it is definitely worth a try. 3.5/5.
27th March, 2017