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    Jeke by Slumberhouse

    Juniper-type fruity booziness with a smoky stale tobacco component - another superb rich Slumberhouse opening blast. Soon the drydown adds an edgy but not too harsh dark patchouli. Benzoin becomes increasingly predominant, with a spicy somewhat slightly medicinal-incense mix added to a labdanum-focused base. The stunning quality of ingredients, the smooth but structured blending and the depth of this composition are remarkable in this great cold weather scent Good silage, very good projection and a supreme longevity of eleven hours underline the brilliant performance of this composition. Another excellent product of a house that never lets us slumber, but always keeps us on our toes fully alert.

    20th August, 2014


    Norne by Slumberhouse

    A deep, earthy, dark green aroma from fir tree forests dominate the opening, a combination of amazing slightly smoky depth. In the drydown pine needle covered grounds mix with herbs, clove and later incense notes. A green brooding is ever-present. Like a deeper, earthier mix of Bogner's Deep Forest, Dunhill's Blend 30 and some O'Drius: sensational in ingredient quality and blending. Add great silage and longevity to a brilliant longevity of eleven hours - the last four very close to my skin - and you get a top class fragrance for autumn.

    18th August, 2014


    To be the Queen by Police

    An orange opening leads to a fruity berry-and-pineapple development. The middle phase has a woodsy edge, with musk and a somewhat generic vanilla forming the core of the base. On my skin this is unfortunately overly synthetic and overall not rising above mediocrity. Adequate silage and projection are accompanied by about three hours of longevity.

    16th August, 2014


    Ore by Slumberhouse

    The opening combines a first-rate Guaiac with an earthy note of cocoa powder, light chocolate and a rich, creamy balsam with a boozy component. Absolutely stunning. A touch of spice and black pepper in the drydown is followed by a herbal sage leaf aroma. The sum is much more convincing than the listing if these top-quality ingredients could suggest. Rich, deep, creamy, superbly blended whilst well-structured. Masterly, a classic of the indie perfume world.
    Wonderful silage and projection with a sensational longevity of over thirteen hours make this an autumn delight.

    15th August, 2014


    Sova by Slumberhouse

    A sensational opening with the aroma of dried hay, hops and tonka sweetness combining to a wonder of creative perfumery - a sunny country day - with a touch of wood in the drydown. In the base a waxy note arises, mixed with castoreum with wood and amber in the background. A well-structured composition, supremely blended, well-balancing creaminess and elegance with nigh O'Driu-esque density. Very good silage, great projection and outrageously amazing longevity of over fourteen hours. A Slumberhouse masterpiece.

    14th August, 2014


    Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse

    A delightful pear opening with a mildly boozy touch makes a fine start. Later, in the drydown, a delightfully gentle chamomile develops with hints of olive - the latter being an ephemeral background note on my skin in spite of its prominent position in the name. Floral elements, especially geranium, are another feature at this stage. He base sees the arrival of creamy woodsy impression, with hints of sandal. In spite its creaminess is is quite restrained. Adequate sillage, decent projection and very good longevity of seven hours - for warm spring days.

    13th August, 2014


    Kumquat Alhambra / Kumquat by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    Bergamot and mandarin are the two main components I get in the opening, with the kumquat only faint in the background; in the base a whiff white musk is added. A very simple citrus-based affair. Performance is very good though, with decent silage and projection and over six hours of longevity. Nice in summer, albeit a tad unexciting.

    12th August, 2014


    Honey Coconut by Love&Toast

    The honey-coconut blast is truly delicious with a sweetness and not cloying or overly heavy in spite of its richness. Later I get some added sandalwood. Overall a fairly linear scent, but of convincingly good quality ingredients and well blended. Good silage and projecting, with an astounding twelve hours of longevity. A great spring/autumn fragrance.

    11th August, 2014


    Caprissimo by Carthusia

    The lemon opening is very gentle and restrained and accompanied by an unusually soft and mild petit grain note. I get a floral impression - mainly jasmine - added in the drydown, with the base adding some light fragrant wood. These notes never take off into full flight on my skin and remain a bit attenuated, but this might make it a good summer office scent on cooler days for some. Limited silage and projection, bit with a surprisingly good longevity of around six hours.

    09th August, 2014


    parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Citrico by Comme des Garçons

    Welcome to a true summer fragrance! Bergamot, neroli and lemon make for a refreshing blast characterized by a bigarrade-style refreshing bitterness. In the drydown some gentle floral components are added, mainly iris with a hint of young roses, with a faint cedar notes added towards the end. The real surprise is the longevity, usually very short in such summer colognes: six hours on my skin! That silage and projection are quite acceptable is another bonus. Whilst a touch of artificiality means that it lack the supreme quality exuded by Creed's Citrus Bigarrade, it is one of the best summer scent if you like it zestfully fresh without sweetness. 4.5/5.

    07th August, 2014


    Navigations Through Scent - Londinium by Molton Brown

    The top note is based on a berry-fruity impression that is a bit dull on my skin; with a drydown that adds a very soft moss-type note. The base with its Whisky-based incense is to me the best part. A lovely combination of notes that, alas, somehow never really takes off on my skin and never really develops convincingly on me. Adequate silage and projection with over six hours of longevity, albeit close to me skin. A nice scent for spring. I suspect this might be different on someone else, so this limited edition for the 2012 London Olpympics is definitely worth trying.

    06th August, 2014


    Oude Arabique by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

    An oud opening blast indubitably, but mixed with a mix of wood and a hint of mint-less chewing gum. The oud is not harsh at all, but round and soft. In the drydown sandalwood is more discernible, and in the base a nice balsamic incense-style base emerges, with the oud always there. Very good silage and projection with five hours longevity. A good oud.

    05th August, 2014


    Costa Mediterranea by I Profumi di Firenze

    A restrained cirus-bergamot opening is not so much a fresh blast as a pleasantly restrainedly fresh impression. The drydown after the first couple of hours adds a sandy-bring note, but the whole scent is very subdued and does not really develop interestingly on my skin. Poor silage and just adequate projection is combined with about five hours in longevity. For cooler summer days.

    04th August, 2014


    Cuir et Champignon by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

    The opening blast is indeed a splendid rendition of a moist-earthy leather combined with an autumnal forest-mushroom flavour that is original and convincing on my skin. In the drydown there are transient floral hints present, but the core notes I get are clove and wood with a touch of a balsam notes. In the base the wood declares its cedar nature, with touches of civet and castoreum. The top notes are brilliant, and whilst the rest is not of the same level of creativity, it is nonetheless a very good fragrance. Good silage and projection with over six hours of longevity. 3.5-4/5

    01st August, 2014


    Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company

    The opening has a bergamot-grapefruit combination, but I get vetiver from early on. A nice, balanced vetiver, that starts lighter and fresher to later adopt more earthy root characteristics that evolve into the celery phase that has a sea-saltiness added that gives it an original touch. I like the latter stage. Whilst not as elegant as some Guerlains and less harsh-earthy than the Molinard, and on my skin a touch less refined than Coeur de Vetiver Sacré, it is an excellent vetiver for spring. Adequate silage and projection with four hours of longevity. 4/5

    30th July, 2014


    Défilé New York by Histoires de Parfums

    A fresh green opening with a hint of peppermint merges into a floral and fruity drydown, with rhubarb identifiable amongst the potpourri of notes. After the first three to four hours a soft and warm cinnamon of high quality and convincing character emerges, which is the highlight of this scent's development on my skin. In the base a faint chocolate appears in the background, whilst the foreground is taken up by a nice vanilla that is never really very sweet; a touch of a somewthat non-specific wood is noticeable near the end. Good silage and projection with an excellent seven hours of longevity. A floral-fruity-gourmand that is good on warm autumn days.

    29th July, 2014


    Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga

    This scent packs a lot together from the start. Sweet incense with a honeyed fruitiness, which develops into an overtly synthetic mixed-floral phase a jasmine undertone. This mishmash cluster sounds worse than it actually turns out on my skin, and is neither unbearably sweet nor overly syrupy. Good silage and very good projection combine with five hours of longevity. Whilst not really on the positive-score level, it displays some fun-frivolity and is really not bad.

    29th July, 2014


    Someday by Justin Bieber

    A generic mandarin-pear fruity accord in the opening leads to a flowery drydown that has a jasmine component added to it. The base is an overly laboratory-synthetic vanilla that remains quite uninteresting on my skin. Adequate silage and projection; I am getting a longevity of three hours. Unfortunately on me this scent hardly reaches the level of mediocrity.

    29th July, 2014


    Santal Sacré by Decennial

    In the opening I get a well-balanced mix of a light incense with a good sandalwood clearly present, the latter apparently is made from Australian sandalwood. Gradually a pleasant and soft white musk is added, and towards the end it grows stronger without ever being overwhelming. On my skin this a softer, more elegant sandalwood, and in spite of it's linearity it is a nice composition. Limited silage and adequate projection, I get four hours of longevity. A pleasant sandalwood for warmer autumn days. 3/5

    28th July, 2014


    Filles des Iles Sparkling Floral by Filles des Iles

    Filles des Iles' Floral Pétillant is indeed a sparking floral composition. A fresh mandarin-citrus opening that leads to a drydown where a nice pear note combines with a basket of white florals - lovely and not overtly synthetic. The base sees a sandalwood note in the background, setting the stage for an almond core with a hint of vanilla, which makes for a rich but elegant finish. Limited silage with good projection combine with an excellent longevity of about seven hours, albeit very close to my skin towards the end. Soft, gentle but with clean and convincing components of good quality, it is well blended without losing structure. It it's simplicity and linearity it makes for a young, fresh fragrance that combines good quality and positivity with elegance. A rare find for late spring or early summer. 3-4/5.

    27th July, 2014


    New York Musk by Bond No. 9

    It opens with a fresh-fruity note that soon metamorphoses into a flowery drydown, but there is a slightly edgy musky undertone throughout. This white musk note is light, fairly soft and discrete, more a condiment than a centerpiece. Wood, a mild patchouli and a whiff of vetiver-freshness round it off. Without being of greatness or uniqueness, it is solid autumn scent but a tad lacking interesting development on my skin. Good silage and projection with four hours of longevity. Good to try for those who like their musk mild and as a faint background only

    26th July, 2014


    Washington Square by Bond No. 9

    To start of with, I get a pleasant floral geranium-dominated white flower blast, that soon is joined by a pleasant rose; the latter is, however, on my skin not more than an average specimen with limited development. After about five hours it seemed to vanish, but then the base kicked in with a pleasant honey note combined with a very soft and gentle amber; a whiff of suede is added. Good and unobtrusive in the office in spring.
    On me silage and projection are limits, but the eventual total longevity is a stunning ten hours. Nonetheless, on me this does not go beyond a middle-of-the-range impression, so the licence to thrill needs to be revoked.

    25th July, 2014


    Harrods Amber by Bond No. 9

    The combination of light pepper and saffron, and a rose-related floral core give this scent a warming, pleasant character; I also get the amber note from early on. It is a restrained, unobtrusive amber, more blending in than dominating. A somewhat nonspecific wood note combines with benzoin in the base notes, but the latter is never unpleasant. This is overall a very discrete fragrance on my skin, great in autumn for the office with its limited projection and silage. Longevity is a decent five hours. Good overall but falling short of my expectations compared to other amber scents, unless you like the latter only in small doses. In any case it is worth a try.

    24th July, 2014


    Fire Island by Bond No. 9

    Yes, from the beginning this is suntan-lotion-laden summer beach atmosphere. At some stages the neroli gives some freshness, and in the base a tuberose hint with light white musk is present, but overall there is not much major development in my skin. The whole idea and concept of reflecting the pre-melanoma-scare beach atmosphere is truly original and a great idea. Silage and projection are adequate, but the longevity is a brilliant sunstroke-inducing ten hours. One of the most original Bonds and one of the most original concept fragrances of the mid-2000s I know.

    23rd July, 2014


    Shelter Island by Bond No. 9

    The lemon-pepper mix is quite pleasant, and after the first couple of hours is followed by a drydown based on white flowers, mainly lilies. After several more hours, an aquatic-ozonic element emerges that displays a touch of sea-breeze saltiness at times. This floral-seaside dichotomy leads into the base, where a somewhat nondescript wood is complimented by whiffs of myrrh, a nice idea. During the last couple hours on my skin, now very close to the latter, the seas-breeze impression reappears, like a faint memory of earlier moments. Silage and projection are adequate, but the longevity is splendid: I get eleven hours out of it after liberal application.

    22nd July, 2014


    New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

    When this scent touches my skin, the most wonderful aroma of fresh black coffee arises, soon accompanied by a firm lavender with a herbal undertone. More into the drydown there is coffee and a cedar impression, although the coffee still dominates. Now the coffee is less fresh, a touch less intense and more like cafe au lait. In the base by a great twist the addition of tonka create the atmosphere of a cafe where maple syrup wafers are served, nut never too sweet, sickly or intrusive. In the first phases added bergamot adds freshness, and in the later stages an added ambery wood note prevents the sweetness to be to dominating. Coffee prevails throughout, albeit a bit in the background in the base. Although a great gourmand scent, its lack of intrusive sweetness makes it very wearable on me. It displays good silage and projection, but the longevity on me is utterly sensational: fourteen hours have passed and I can just still catch a whiff of......(a hint: it starts with c). On me this is the gold standard in coffee fragrances, a great, not too heavy winter gourmand.

    21st July, 2014


    Eau de New York by Bond No. 9

    The citrus opening is very nice, with mandarin dominating supported by bergamot and a touch of petitgrain. Neroli and cyclamen are at the heart of the drydown, still fresh and with occasional floral moments. The base has a rather generic wood note with a very light musk background, but in the last hours a vetiver finale rounds off the development, albeit very close to my skin at that stage. Not very original, solid but not really a top scent, is has limited silage and projection. The longevity, however, is nearly eight hours and thus very good for such a citrus-fresh fragrance. For summer.

    20th July, 2014


    Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9

    The freshness of the opening, with a mint-basil tone combined with a fruity undertone, with the fruitiness becoming stronger in the drydown whilst fanning out into more distinct varieties. Pineapple, rose and white florals mainly. This is followed by another fresh note composed of aquatic elements with a salty hint. After about tree hours a richer gourmand-style phase develops, with a nigh caramel-cinnamon vibe but not too sweet. This is a tad synthetic but always in a pleasing fashion. Interestingly, after some wood being interspersed, he aquatic side reappears on my skin, only to be supplanted by a light white musk towards the end. Good silage and projection with an excellent longevity if around eight hours. Great in late spring; this is overall one of Bond's convincing creations.

    19th July, 2014


    New York Patchouli by Bond No. 9

    In the opening I get some patchouli that is quite intertwined with bergamot. Later on I get lots of lilac with lily and a transient whiff of rose. The Bond-ing base of musk, amber and wood - jtd's Bond-ade - is duller on my skin that in other scents of this house. Limited silage and projection with three hours of longevity - nice in spring; not a bad fragrance but overall more on the mediocre side.

    18th July, 2014


    The Scent Of Peace For Him by Bond No. 9

    The somewhat restrained fruitbasket opening is based on a reasonable pineapple impression, with a juniper mixed in that is nice but not brilliant - this is no Baie de Genievre. The vetiver and bergamot freshen up the drydown very nicely on my skin, with the pineapple still present in the background - my favourite part of this scent. White musk and amber with a hint of soft patchouli constitute a typical Bond-ing base. The silage and projection are adequate, but the real surprise here is its longevity: this pleasant sort of tutti-fruity Aventus-type frags usually is only short-lived on me, but this Bond lasts over eight hours - it is this performance that pushes it over the line to a positive score. Good in spring and early summer.

    17th July, 2014

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