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Voyage by Nautica

its a great fresh, clean and soapy aquatic that makes u feel like u came out of the shower
04th May, 2012

Black Soul by Ted Lapidus

black soul is a great spicy gormorand with a nice rich smell and everyone seems to absolutely love this one. It opens up similar to that of one million, with the fresh sweetness and then it becomes deeper and has a much richer woodsy spice and the medjul dates and raisins give it a touch of rich sweetness while it has a MUCH more masculine smell than one mil could ever go.

This is a phenomenal scent to wear when clubbing or on a date and it has a tremendous amount of appeal and its a shame there are not more people aware of this one.

I just bought it blind and it is amazing and after wearing it i dont want to smell anything else its just that good

if u like dirty english and the drier manly smells this is a good buy and im sure u will like this one
04th May, 2012

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

JV is really a rich sophisticated and sexy masterpiece with vanilla, precious woods and a leather with some sweetness from the figs giving this an almost fignewton gormorand feel and a powdery vanilla finish

i dont care about the lasting power the scent is amazing and i love this stuff
17th March, 2012
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Atman by Phat Farm

this really smells like drakkar noir, but DN was reformulated and is now junky so this is the better version. Perfect for going out and romantic wear.

I just smelled this on someone and it was good in a different masculine and macho kind of way so i would definately give this a huge thumbs up..................its just for someone who wants richer spices and drier ingredients (unsweet fragrances) becasue this has a strong sharp smell compared to many other items
17th March, 2012

Magnetism for Men by Escada

It is a musky spicy leather smell with a lot of warm sensuality and must be worn right, it is a strong fragrance

I own magnetism and like it, but I know its going to be a love it or hate it frag because it also has some notes some may find offputting

As for the general scent it opens with a strange fizzy feel and then dries into a leathery rubber urban scent with a unique blend of aromatics and warm notes to give it a very different feel that must grow on the user. I personally like it somewhat and sometimes think it smells strange but it must be appreciated by a seasoned cologne collector to truly like it
29th February, 2012

Thallium Sport by Jacques Evard

great sweet sporty fresh scent that gets compliments
29th February, 2012

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

great if you like gormorand fragrances

it is a sensual chocolate drydown with a lot of staying power and a HUGE sillage monster so its loved by some and hated by others, but nontheless it is a very original fragrance

the best thing i like about this one is that no matter how strange the beginning may be, it becomes much better as it begins to dry down and work on your skin and the scent is only better and better as time goes on. This drydown is in fact so heavily copied, with the best sensual patchouli chocolate caramel which contains great notes including touch of vanilla, coffee and tobacco and lots of good woods and florals to tie it all into the mix

I personally would recommend this if you are a chocolate person, but if u want more understated types of fragrances its really not for you
22nd February, 2012

I am King by Sean John

I am king has a nice fresh opening that does smell good on skin when good chemistry is apparent but it simply lacks the development that would make it a good or great fragrance and instead simply fades away into a nondescript generic smelling aroma

It is my general opinion that the flashy name, bottle and top make this more of a money grab since the opening is really the best part and the cologne goes downhill from there
22nd February, 2012

Gravity by Coty

this is the worst possible fragrance i had the dishonor to experience

synthetic sharp lavender, strong pepper and a weird almost femnine smell make this fragrance smell cheap and disgusting, and it is from a cheaper lower grade scent house where the products tend to be short lasting and "chemical" smelling

not recommended at all
22nd February, 2012

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

armani code is a nice powdery tobaccoey leather concoction with a touch of guiiac woods and tonka bean that really has a lot of appeal with the younger crowd

kinda sweet and youthful and recommended if u want a nice date night scent
22nd February, 2012

Unforgivable by Sean John

its really a nice fresh almost boozy concoction with a touch of fruit.

I see so many negative reviews and if i could afford creed I probably would not be sporting this, but it is not nearly as bad as it is made out to be. MOST OF THE YOUNG WOMEN WHO HAVE SMELLED IT LOVE IT and even like the fruity freshness better than some of the louder stronger overpowering fragrances that can be listed here.

My only regret is that i wish it would last longer but I wore it in college and had good memories wearing it so i cant give it a negative review because it worked well on me............. try it out
22nd February, 2012

Usher for Men by Usher

usher is highly underrated and great for a young 15 to 30 crowd but probably less popular among older people. I have done some research, asking various young women about male scents and almost all of them loved usher, yet its a kinda fresh and clean unisex that many men dont care to wear.

Usher has the great quality that it uses various other fruity notes instead of citrus and has a nice sweet woodsy freshness that is actually quite appealing in the drydown, and UR also has that quality to it.

This is honestly the one fragrance that will attract women and i personally know this because u this is MUCH more popular with women than the people on this site, who are predominantly male and prefer more interesting scents, but usher is perfect the way it is.

I used to not like it as much but it grew on me and since it is now highly discounted it gave me a whole new view of this scent thumbs up
22nd February, 2012

The Dreamer by Versace

le male without the cloying sweet synthetic quality and a nicer drydown
22nd February, 2012
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Legend by Michael Jordan

absolute masterpiece its a semi gormorand with some vanilla, coffee and chocolate almost like rochas with a MUCH more aromatic and masculine character and the woodsy notes are very rich and give the drydown a great kick

when i first got a whiff i was like whoa and it really dried down nicely and gives great sillage, longevity and the quality of the scent really is great. highly recommended
22nd February, 2012

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

great sweet fresh sporty fragrance for a young guy

it has a touch of fruit, some nice fresh spices and great rosewood, ebony woodsy notes that give this a really nice smell I just gotto say that its MUCH more suited for the 15 to 30 crowd and older people will probably NOT like this but its a great frag for a younger person

paco rabanne makes very sweet smelling scents and this is really his more understated and enigmatic, unique blend that actually scores well with women. 1 million is a mans man scent and paco rabanne is an almost dry chypre rugged smell thats dated, uv men is VERY sweet
22nd February, 2012

Love and Luck for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

nice fresh scent but it simply does not last
its a fresh oriental fougere with a nice edge and a great drydown and its very popular among a lot of people and it really is a really versatile scent
28th January, 2012