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Reviews by King Slender

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Aventus by Creed

The very best. Aventus opens with lush pineapple, apples and bergamot. The dry birch (ash accord) quickly shows face, and depending on your lot, you will also pick up the rose and jasmine notes. Aventus becomes irresistable as it drys down to the sweet ambergris and musky base. The dry down is where I get the most compliments. The quality of the fragrance is simply incomparable. Forget what you have heard.. IT PROJECTS and it LASTS. If you can't smell it after an hour, it is not cause its weak.. it is olfactory fatigue. Aventus does that because it is powerful parfum. Spray it 2-3 times max. Your chest, the BACK of your neck, and hit the wrist once and dab. You will definitely smell it and enjoy it. Over priced? Not at all. $600 for a 17oz flacon is a steal.
12th October, 2012 (last edited: 23rd October, 2012)

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Wow... what -a- fragrance!! Yes, you are blasted in the face with a raging cherry opening - and the pyramid lists the top notes as fresh tobacco leaves. Funny thing is.. I don't really start to pick up tobacco until the drydown. The cherry def falls behind, and the vanilla ramps up in the heart. The bitter cacao is faint and the patch keeps the scent dry and on track with that tobacco accord. Longevity is supreme.. 9-10 hrs easy. Women do love this... and it is quickly climbing my favorites ladder.
13th August, 2012

Magnetism for Men by Escada

When I first tried Magnetism, I was put off by it, and thought that it was too feminine... like womens perfume. After trying it several times again, I've come to truly enjoy and appreciate this fragrance! This opens up with a very strong saffron note, and it has a cola/grape soda vibe... but the top is where many are thrown off - as it does have a feminine feel to it. As it drys down though, the saffron and sparkling grape fizz calms down, and the fragrance becomes a sensual woody aroma, with hints of leather, powder, and silky smooth white musk. This scent IS sexy.. and it is most definitely "different". Be careful not to overspray this. One to the chest, one to the throat. Magnetism is VERY strong. People that don't get longevity must have bad bottles, because this stuff lasts forever. Sillage is very good.

I'm not sure if this is an everyday scent. It is mysterious and unique... so I would save if for the days or nights that you are looking to make a memorable impression. Magnetism would be the perfect scent for say... a night at the full service parlor! ; )
29th July, 2012 (last edited: 13th August, 2012)
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Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

We all have our own opinons obviously... but I really can't understand those who think this is a bad fragrance. Musc Ravaguer is FANTASTIC! One of the most impressive parfums that I have come across in its genre. A warm, sexy, smooth scent.. masterfully blended by Maurice Roucel. With notes of lavender, clove, cedar, tonka, vanilla & more.. MR is a sort of weapon. Yes, this scent is mature.. but any guy 25+ can wear this given he has the style and personality to match. It's not "mature" in an Invasion Babare or BD'Portugal way.. but it's the polar opposite of lets say, a Ralph Lauren Big Pony. It's not for kids. It isn't cheap either.. but it's worth every penny if you ask me. I have heard MANY people say that the top of this fragrance is overwhelming, and it is the dry down that is the main feature; but I find Musc Ravaguer to be impeccable from top to bottom. Projection and sillage is very good.. longevity is good (8-10 hrs). If you specifically want a fragrance that is going to make HER drool over YOU... this is it son.
10th April, 2012 (last edited: 23rd July, 2012)

No. 1 for Men by Clive Christian

The original Winged Horse Rider wore this I believe. A flawless masterpiece. The sillage of this extravagant fragrance is something like a trail of stars. Yes, it will bankrupt the average joe.. but you get what you pay for.
10th April, 2012

X for Men by Clive Christian

I was expecting to see ZERO negatives for this fine parfum. Clive Christian X is INCREDIBLE. This is the first fragrance that I have ever rated 5 out of 5 Stars. It is a PERFECT 10. I am not going to bother with note breakdown.. but just know that X is grand. It is soooo well made.. has flawless balance.. and just smells of royalty. You will smell like a King if you wear this. This fragrance will accomplish far more than you just "smelling good". It will enhance your being. Clive Christian X is unique, has great sillage/projection/longevity, and should be the quality standard for all fragrances. Complex, rich, mysterious, aquatic.. this scent is simply sublime.
10th April, 2012

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

I first tested this fragrance about 10 months ago, and I gave it a rather harsh review. I have started testing it again... and boy was I wrong. L'air du desert Marocain is wonderful. From the top, you get this accord of exotic spices that seems to be gently falling down like snow flakes onto this sweet bed of vanilla. Incense (a very realistic incense) is burning in the background as you move into the heart, and the spices begin to take the back seat as the vanilla smell (ambergris?) steers this fragrance for the remainder. The incense remains throughout, and it is such a beautiful incense... a very comforting scent. This is the perfect fragrance for a cold winter night. I honestly do not get the petitgrain, or the vetiver.. and the jasmine is very faint. Spices, vanille, and incense. A very haunting, seductive incense. It projects like an animal for the first hour or so, but it will temper to a lovely skin scent before you know it. Longevity is eternal. Easy on the trigger with this - 1 to 2 sprays max... and save it for the cold weather. A great, great fragrance by Tauer.
05th April, 2012 (last edited: 23rd July, 2012)

Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss

This may possibly be thee worst fragrance ever made. SUPER synthetic.. boring.. generic.. not to mention it gave me some sort of alcohol rash on my hand where I sprayed it. I wouldn't wear this if I were the last man on earth, trapped in alcatraz.
20th February, 2012