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Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior

I decided to give a neutral rating for Bois d'Argent. I don't get as much wood from the scent and it develops into a sweet syrupy scent that remind me of an empty sugar pot - not how I'd like to smell myself and not how I'd like others to smell either.
22nd August, 2012

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

I was still a student when a friend took me on a trip to the big city, not having had a car at that point I didn't get round much and on a student budget, shopping was second priority – I didn’t plan on buying much. At a fancy department store I was casually approached by a friendly sales agent offering assistance and an engaging conversation led to a few sprits of the green stuff on my wrist. I was lost, mesmerised, entrapped by the neroli and orange blossom top notes. Why I was so obsessed could probably be traced to the days I was a young boy admiring the orange tree in our garden. I left the shop that day with a bottle of Mugler Cologne 100ml EDT.
I don’t experience it as too soapy, the blend of musk in the base notes perfectly complements the bergamot and orange blossom. But it is not called Mugler Cologne for nothing – it is very subtle and projects like a cologne.
Listed as unisex fragrance, but most would argue that this one errs on the feminine side.
For me, this is the definitive après l’ondée fresh summer fragrance, second to few.
09th February, 2012 (last edited: 15th February, 2012)

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

Something about this fragrance reminds me of old people - it lies somewhere between my grandmother's wardrobe and a sweet lemon meringue pie with soap sprinkled over it. Don't crucify my for having a bottle of this it was a gift. For the sake of friendship I would not give this to another man.

An older generation may appeal to this but I would not recommend it to anyone younger than 40, wait, make that 50.
09th February, 2012 (last edited: 15th February, 2012)
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A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I asked a friend travelling to Zurich to buy me a bottle of Mugler Cologne EDT - my first true love! But, as I expected, he came back with something else, he came back with A*men. No surprise though, but I did struggle to hide my dissappointment and guessed I won't be asking him again to buy me a fragrance and estimated even less the odds of him offering me to do so again.

Since I had a bottle I thought I'd give A*men a chance.

My first impression was that someone got the labelling wrong, this fragrance had to be unisex at best and not something you'd typically find hiding in the closet of your average man - if anything was to be found!

But seriously, this is one you either love or hate, it is very sweet and will last you well into tomorrow, even if you shower tonight. If you don't like caramel / vanilla / patchouli accords rather stay away, but if you wear your heart on your sleeve this is for you.

Also, the bottle design is classic - this gourmand frangrance gets a thumbs up from me!
09th February, 2012 (last edited: 15th February, 2012)