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Full Speed by Avon

Very aromatic, i admit, the bottle is pretty huge, but it's not a big problem.
The scent lasts for some good couple of hours, but it's not like "ice breaker".
For the price paid, i can say that it's very nice.
If you just wanna go outside with some friends, it's perfect.
04th July, 2012

Black Suede Leather by Avon

It's a nice scent, and also cheap.
The only thing that i hate is that i got the "non-spraying" version of it, probably because it was at a clearance sell.
I use it mostly as an after shav. I don't like to get some on my palm and rub it on my clothes.. so...

I recommend it, powerful scent for a powerful man.
04th July, 2012

Adidas Ice Dive by Adidas

I have this perfume, very freshy with some sweet note. This is also a cheap fragrance that's worth.
I generally like sweet fragrances, i pretty much hate fresh ones, but this one.. is really interesting.
It's persistant, good quality, and good price!

Nothing to complain about, in fact i bought this many times, and i will still do. For bigger and special events i use other fragrances, but this is one of the fragrances i use daily.
09th February, 2012 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)
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FM208 (Classic) by Federico Mahora

I won an auction for this fragrance, i got it for 4.25€ + shipping taxes. I am very happy with it, on the skin it lasts for more than 12 hours. On clothes it lasts even for 2-3 weeks. It's very similar to Black Code by Armani.
I recommend this inexpensive fragrance to anyone, it has a nice sweet smell along, you also can feel some "oil" in it's scent.
09th February, 2012 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)

Denim Black by Denim

I agree the top notes are kind of spicy, but you get used to it.
It's a very interesting after-shave, refreshing and does his job very well.
I recommend this!
09th February, 2012

Hollywood by Playboy

I bought a set of playboy hollywood about 2 months ago, it contained fragrance and body spray, i like it very much, it's inexpensive, and it doesn't have that smell, you know, of cheap fragrance.
Actually it smells pretty 'luxurious". And recently my girlfriend got me another 100ML ( i think so ) bottle because she knows that i like this very much.
I see many neutral or negative reviews, i don't see why, this is a good fragrance to have in your wardrobe.
It's similar to Black Code by Armani.

I recommend this inexpensive and very good perfume!
09th February, 2012

Diavolo by Antonio Banderas

Very good fragrance, sweet, and lasts like forever. And it's not expensive at all, i got a set of 50ml fragrance+150ml (i think so, or 200ml) body spray for about 10€. For this huge quality i say the price it's too decent.
It has a a nice hypnotizing scent.
I still own this, my bottle it's like 75% full.
I recommend this from the bottom of my heart! Very amazing!
09th February, 2012