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Reviews by eleftheria

Total Reviews: 25

Silk Touch by Max Mara

It is a light and crisp floral perfume.
It reminds me of a mohito coctail and summer vacation in a tropical island.
Uplifting and refreshing, suitable for high temperature and day wear mostly! It is so descrete that is barely noticeable, almost transparent. The only reason i don't give a thumps up is its short life on my skin.
19th March, 2012

Rush 2 by Gucci

a refreshing,cute, elegant perfume for warm spring and summer days.
Very unique and discrete, has a quality into it!
i wouldn't caracterise it floral but i found it to be woody and crisp!
Although it is a light scent it is sofisticated enough and suitable for all ages and types of women.
The only negative thing is that the lasting power is poor, you have to reapply after 1 hour or so.
19th March, 2012

Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

A very unusual scent, pleasant and elegant. I cannot define it, it confuses me, cannot detect any of the ingredients mentioned in the description.
I definately don't agrre with the other reviewers that caracterise it common and plain. It is very unique and exceptional in every way. There is not a scent out there that is similar to" luscious pink" and believe me i have tried hundreds of perfumes ....
Smells like bubblegum,musc and powder.A very descrete perfume, there is a freshness into it.Smells a bit like linen fabric.
If it had been introduced by a famous perfume company and had been advertised properly it would have been a best seller.
Maybe all the bad reviews are due to the fact that is a mariah's perfume( an obnoxious person with a great voice though).
The only drawback is that the lasting power is poor.The bottle is elegant and unusual!
15th March, 2012
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Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

For the woman who wants to be noticed! This is such a sensual scent!
Roses,saffron and musc!Heavenly !
I 've noticed that the smell becomes even better after 2-3 years of storage.The bottle is a masterpiece, elegant and chic!
15th March, 2012

Moschino Couture! by Moschino

Nothing nice about this one. Smells cheap and tacky. Tasteless, synthetic and loud(in a bad way).
Reminds me of toilet perfume.One of the worst scents i have ever smelled.
What happened to moschino fragrance company? They discontinued such wonderful smells like "oh de moschino" and "l'eau de cheap and chic" and instead they produce such generic fragrances? Such a dissapointment!
15th March, 2012

Cheap and Chic I Love Love by Moschino

pleasant, sweet and uplifting! intented for young people, reminds me of spring time!
At the beggining you can smell the flowers and citrus but after a while all i get is a milky sensation.
The lasting power is mediocre though! You have to reapply after 2 hours or so.
15th March, 2012

Vanillier by Hei Poa

heavenly scent!sensual vanilla, very the beginning you can smell lemon and sugar but after a while the vanilla scent appears.
reminds me of coca cola scent. a very unusual aroma, not the boring-heavy vanilla scent you smell in other perfums.
suitable for winter and summer, very charming!
09th March, 2012

Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

this is a very heavy scent suitable for old women only. spices and woods and incence and a bit of cinnamon. too strong and overpowering, annoyes anyone who is sitting next to you. smells like church and it reminds me of death and graves.the worse purchase i've ever made.
09th March, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

i cannot smell it at all on my skin, however not a bad scent .
altough i cannot detect anything in this perfume( it is too light for me, almost invisible) my cat was obsessed sniffing my wrist(which is a scary fact, imagine what is inside this thing..)!
29th February, 2012

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

what is this? smells like an ambience spray. tasteless, irritating , everytime i smell it it gives me headaches and a bad sensation on the neck like a burning or something. furthermore smells like a girl that goes to church and wears silly clothes.
i get the feeling that the person that wears it is being followed by bees and bugs...
29th February, 2012

Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka

patchouli and cinnamon are the only things i get from this perfume. very spicy, not for everyone, definately not for me. does not smell ellegant at all, very loud and heavy,nauseating even.
the bottle is a masterpiece though!
29th February, 2012

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

one of the most unusuall perfums out there!
at the beggining you can smell the fig and fig leaves and a certain metallic note. after a while the smell becomes sweeter(vanilla?strawberries?) and there is also a salty impression into it, because of the caviar that is one of the main ingredients.
to sum up what "womanity" leaves you with is a pleasant sea breeze sensation with a touch of vanilla, strawberry and fig milk tones. lasts for a satisfactory time period and all you need is a small amount.
29th February, 2012

Ange ou Démon Le Secret by Givenchy

water flowers and orange , woods , white flowers and powder .
a nice choice for daytime wear, smells clean and fresh, i love it. it evaporates quite quickly though, what a pity! it would be splendid if it could last longer! even if you try the whole range:shower gel,body lotion and perfume , le secret does not remain on your skin for a long time.
the other version(le secret elixir ) is less sweet, more bitter and although is elixir lasts even shorter.however is more mysterious and suitable for night time wear.between" le secret" and" le secret elixir" i would still chose" le secret".
29th February, 2012
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Play for Her by Givenchy

sorry i don't get any of the ingredients mentioned in basenotes description(magnolia? tiare?reaaaally?).all i get from this perfume is chocalate(that;s why i bought it)smells very sweet and chocolate soufle or milk chocolate i quess.
you will find it strange but a few hours after initial application there is also a strange smell a veal steak or something. i'm not kidding , people will think that you have been in a restaurant and your clothes captured the smell of it... unusuall scent so not a total waste of money!
29th February, 2012

DKNY Red Delicious by Donna Karan

smells like shampoo or strawberries. it is a sweet smell, it definately does not smell like red apples. suitable for day wear but it evaporates quickly so does not worth spending money on allways have to carry it in your purse to renew application ....
29th February, 2012

Touch for Women by Burberry

oakwood cedarwood and a nut shell. clean smell, reminds me of rain or wet wood in the forest. it could be a masculine scent ,not the usuall feminine scent for girly girls...i would caracterise it unisex and suitable to wear by sportive girls/women.
29th February, 2012

Burberry for Women by Burberry

very ellegant perfume, for evening wear.However it has a "cleaness" in it that allows you to use it in daytime too without being heavy and annoying for others. I cannot descibe how it smells like and which the main ingredients are-a fact that surprises me-
i get something like woods, amber and flowers from it. definately will buy it again and i advise everyone to try it.
29th February, 2012

The One by Dolce & Gabbana

at first wiff it smelled very elegant and expensive-smelling , i was intrigued by this perfume....
after buying it i realised that it doesn't last at all. too bad cause it has a really unique smell.guys that make testers trick us big time i quess!
smells like pot pouri, dried fruits and flowers to me which is a brilliant idea but as i said you can only smell it on your skin for a short period. i will not purchase it again, don't wanna throw money away!
29th February, 2012

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

at the beggining it reminds me of cucumber but there is something else in it that spoils the "fresh feeling".alltogether this parfume smells very fake...suitable for girly girls 15-25 years old. definately not for grown ups....
15th February, 2012 (last edited: 29th February, 2012)

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

This is an unusuall sent, very unique, i cannot relate to the other reviewers that find it common!(?) It is my signature sent! Very pleasant , reminds me of christmas and as the name states it is a miracle!Elegant, clean and stays for hours on my skin although i cannot smell it anymore, others comment how great i smell all the time. Suitable for all ages and all day and night. The shintillating body cream is marvellous too!smells even better than tha perfume and makes your skin luminous and sexy!i will definetely buy it again in the future!
15th February, 2012

Weekend for Women by Burberry

this perfume is definately for a woman over 60 years old. Smells bad and it annoys me,makes me dizzy! It lasts for days though!
15th February, 2012

Chloé (new) by Chloé

When i bought chloe it reminded me of linen and cotton.
After the initial application it smelled like expensive roses and turkish delight(a pastry). So far so good, but at the end all it leaves you with a a peach/apricot note that is annoying to me.It is good for 2 hours but after that the apricot/peach sensation is present until the smell dissapears alltogether. The body lotion and the deodorant are better cause the linen and cotton feeling lasts longer. I will not buy this perfume again cause it doesn't work well with my body chemistry i quess. The lotion is pretty interesting though!
15th February, 2012

Silver Rain by La Prairie

There is a strange thing about this perfume:at first i found it to be strange and bitter (and i adore bitter perfums) but after a few hours it tends to be sweeter than initially.To enjoy its marvellous smell you have to wear it the previous day really!24hours after application it smells absolutely wonderfull and elegant. Don't be intimidated by the fact that initially it smells weird. after a few hours it works with body chemistry and the result is a sofisticated,classy perfume!And it lasts for days if you spray it on your clothes...
The bottle is a collector's item as well!
15th February, 2012

Wrappings by Clinique

this perfume smells like nothing else in the entire world. It is so unusual !
Although i agree with the other reviews that characterise it woody i find it to be "herbal" as well.
At first it reminds me of herbs but after a while there is a sweet note in it that remains on your skin for at least 24 hours.
I have also discovered that it helps me sleep in the night, it relaxes me, it has a calming effect that i really adore.
The body lotion is even better, marvellous absolutely miraculous, can't compare it to anything else out there. The lotion is kinda sweeter than the perfume, and makes skin so soft and yummy!It is intriguing and sensual makes you wanna kiss yourself...
Too bad i have discovered it a month ago, i have used so many perfumes for years but this is definately a winner! bought three sets on xmas 'cause the sales assistant told me it is available only during xmas time.
15th February, 2012

Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

very elegant and classy,smells wonderfull!after an hour or so the vanilla notes remain but there are also traces of lemon and soap at the base notes i think. Very sensual without being very loud and annoying. One of the very few perfums that i have purchased for the fourth time. Unfortunatelly the body lotion and shower gel are not in the market anymore.
15th February, 2012