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Halston Z-14 by Halston

Picked up a bottle at a local independent fragrance shop, she had to blow the cobwebs off of it when I asked if it was in stock. Also had to try to find an atomizer that worked properly, so I knew I was asking for trouble. The box didn't list the ingredients, so I have no idea where this bottle fell in the whole tree vs. oak moss debate. Perhaps it was a counterfeit bottle (would anyone bother producing a 35 year old counterfeit fragrance?) Maybe this bottle had expired in 1986, but I found the scent unlikable and irritating to my nose. Gave it about five separate tries before it went out with the trash on a Sunday night.
18th February, 2012

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

I had been out of the fragrance scene for about 20 years. Maybe it's a bit of a mid life thing (won't label it a crisis) that got me interested in rebuilding my collection of scents. Raised on the Obsessions, Polo's, etc from the 80's I wasn't sure what I wanted to smell like at 41. After reading an Esquire article on leather scents, I first tried a sample of the John Varvatos, but the Tom Ford reviews that I read online piqued my interest. During a meeting in Boston I wandered into a Nieman Marcus where I was able to sample Ford's Tuscan Leather. Not bad I thought, but when the saleswoman hit my wrists with Italian Cypress it was over. It is unfair to even consider using this as a yardstick to measure others by. Cost and quality are just too far ahead of anything else I have ever worn. Told Mrs. OBNJ to forget about all other holiday gifts and just pick this up. Glad she did.
18th February, 2012

Rochas Man by Rochas

Bought about 30 ml or so from a local fragrance store for $15, overall l think it was money well spent. This is a terrific scent. I love the warm chocolate aroma and my wife is absolutely bananas about it. My only disappointment is the lack of projection.
18th February, 2012
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Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Couldn't wait to receive my order after reading all the great reviews. First sniff of the bottle and I am saying to myself, "OK, let's give this a chance". Next step, just a spray on the wrists that evening, and boy was I at first disappointed. Started figuring that it was money down the drain. Next day after the shower I give it another chance and am I ever glad I did. I have no idea what this smells like so I won't even bother with trying to give my take on it. Benzoin? Honestly I don't know what that is, but if it's what is at the heart of this fragrance then I am all for it! Great scent, nice projection and lasts about 12 hours on me.
18th February, 2012