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dirty ROSE by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

This is a beautiful scent. Rose is definitely present, but it is accompanied by leather and an animalistic quality. The name sums this scent up perfectly- Dirty. Rose.

Rich in notes and well balanced, it is hard for me to speak to any one note individually. Many of the top notes I can find sharp, but there is nothing sharp about this perfume. It is rosy, woody and earthy. It is subtle and interesting. My only complaint is one I have with many DSH perfumes- longevity.

I wish for a full bottle of this juice!
04th January, 2014

Me Myself and I by Ego Facto

Sultry is the best word to describe this perfume~
I love vetiver and this is no exception.

On application it is sharp- kind of a sticky sweet, dark floral-ishy muddle. I find it overwhelming for a few seconds. Certainly not its most attractive quality.

Given a minute it is a different story...
It is still sweet (though in a rather masculine way I cannot quite put my finger on, it just makes me think of man) with a touch of smoke. I really get the Tuberose on top.

As it sits the sweet becomes tantalizingly sultry and mellows into the background, the smoke really comes forward. So beautifully smokey!!

After over 6 hours of wear it still has presence, but it takes on an almost vanilla accord. Interestingly, sometimes when I put this on right out of the shower it has that vanilla-ish note all day and I get less smoke- still an interesting and intoxicating scent.
I have never had a perfume change so much depending on when I apply. Kinda fun :)

I bought this only knowing that it is a vetiver and I liked the name. Since I got a great deal on a 5ml decant I decided it was worth a try. This is now a favorite in my collection.
Exceptional find~
03rd April, 2012 (last edited: 04th January, 2014)

Squeeze by Lily Pulitzer

This is a nice fragrance. It is sweet, but enough of the pink grapefruit comes across on the top to keep it from being "sticky" for me. It smells like fruit juice, I kinda want to lick my wrist. But as it sits on my skin it mellows into a sunny, rosy smell- I do not get much of the musk.

It is a casual scent. It smells like summer, a breezy sundress on a sunny afternoon.
Not a really expensive juice, which is good since on me it is fleeting.

Pretty little perfume~
03rd April, 2012
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Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

Got a mini for free. The bottle is cute and hardy so it hangs out in my purse for those moments when you need to spray something that smells good...

It smells like the last, lingering waft of the perfume aisle. Pretty, subtle, nice.
A sweet and musky, yet clean and unobtrusive scent- not especially distinguishable.
Not sophisticated or luxurious, a casual and inexpensive scent that smells good.
A neutral for Miss Hilton's self titled because it smells neutral
20th February, 2012