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Legend by Montblanc

To compare this to Chanel's Platinum Egoist is an insult. If I wanted to wear alcohol I would have reached for it from my medicine cabinet. No projection, No longevity, overhyped, and overpriced. There is nothing else that needs to be said.......

15th May, 2013

Aspen for Men by Coty

I remember sneaking in my brothers room to catch a few sprays before school. He loved the stuff and our summers and winters were filled with Aspen. Fast forward to present and I am highly disappointed. I remember Aspen being alot stronger than it is today. My brother used to spray on in the morning and by the afternoon you could still smell it. I am assuming it's due to reformulation. Its still a very good scent it just does not warrant me to have a bottle due to short longevity and average projection.
16th April, 2013

Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart

I wanted to wear this a few times before giving it a proper review and a proper review it will get. What can I say about SS? SIlver scent is for the mature male who doesn't mind smelling like Fanta grape while riding his harley. It's a very mature scent yet a younger crowd could pull it off. I can agree with the similarities to One million but One million is more musky than SIlver scent. I actually like Silver scent better than One million. Bogart did a really good job on this fragrance. I get at least 8-10 hrs on this and I get compliments from both men and women. I think this is the only fragrance I have in my collection that actually gets stronger as the day progresses. If you want a very long lasting fragrance that is similar to One million but different than try Silver scent. It's truly a great fragrance.
06th April, 2013
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Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor

I tested this today and I instantly picked up the vanilla and it is done right in this fragrance. Upon first application I loved it but after a few minutes when It got into the middle and base notes it seems to have fell apart. I am definitely not giving this a bad review because it stands on its own two feet. It's just not for me.

10th March, 2013

Lanvin L'Homme Sport by Lanvin

mourn over this fragrance. You know why? Longevity issues. The scent alone is SUPERB. Think sitting on a beach watching the waves crash on the shore drinking a nice cold glass of lemonade with your blue jean shorts on and your white t-shirt resting over your shoulder. Top notes: Zesty lemon opening, middle notes: toned down a bit with a flavorful cream lavender smooth as silk, Base notes: Very faint but still there. Patchouli and musk.

Longevity? 3- and a very lenient 5 hr mark

Projection? pretty good for 30 Minutes and close to the skin through out.

Now you see why I mourn.... Amazing Scent which I give a 10 but a 3 for poor longevity. If you see this, try it before you blind buy it. Everyone's skin is different but for me I had to pass...... Bobster in mourning.... :-(
10th March, 2013

John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

You have a 50/50 toss up when it comes to Elizabeth Arden. Some are great and others are not so great. U.S.A. falls under the not so great category. Very generic citrus at the top and just boring the rest of the way out. Decent projection for thirty minutes and then sits very close to the skin. Very Pooor longevity which is to be expected from EA fragrances. It's a shame because the original and Rock volume are great and these come from the same line?
10th March, 2013

Coach Legacy by Coach

I bought this for my wife for mother's day and I really love this on her. When I come in from work I get swept away by the sweet floral aroma. I guess it last for awhile as well. I asked her one day when she put it on and she said early that morning and it was around 6:00pm when I asked her. Women don't be afraid to wear this around your guys. I know I go crazy when I smell it.
10th March, 2013

Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan

There is no doubt that this was king back in it's day but for now I just could not pull this off. When I tested this It felt like I was rolling around in a pit of mothballs and flowers. I dare not speak anything againstit though because 1. It's still on the shelves 2. Longevity is Amazing 3. It projects like a beast 4. It's a classic. What's more to say?
10th March, 2013

Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

I remember growing up always wanting to be like my older brother. I wanted to dress like him, smell like him, heck I wanted to be him and so it is with sex appeal. He never quite catches up with his older brother. Take all the qualities of Jovan and split in half and you have sex appeal. Half projection. Half longevity. Half the smell. Half the duration. Definitely not a bad scent just not for me.
10th March, 2013

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

I have tried every which way to like this old school powerhouse but I can not bring myself too. I do not by any means call it a bad fragrance or dated or old manish. I do call it a fragrance that has stood the test of time with great projection and good longevity. Sadly, just not for me.
10th March, 2013

Bijan for Men by Bijan

I know Bijan has been reformulated so I am basing this review on the new formula. Longevity? Unrelenting. Projection? 80 miles away. Overall scent? Something you smell in your flower bed in your front yard. I am definitely giving it props for being a unique fragrance with great longevity and projection but thats about it. I asked my wife what she thought of it after spraying my wrist and her reaction was !!GOD Awful!! LOL and that is a women's reaction. I hope one day I can come a across a vintage that will change my mind about this scent but until then just not for me.

10th March, 2013

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

This fragrance needs no introduction but if I had to give it one it would be MASTERPIECE. All fragrances wish they had the cahoona's of Lapidus Pour Homme.
10+ Projection 10+ Longevity 10+ Overall scent. I'm not kidding it's that good. Now I have to say this is a type of fragrance that grows on you. When I first tested it I was not a huge fan but the more you wear it the more you fall in love with it. It's like going on a first date. At first your checking things out seeing if you really like that person and not quite sure yet but the initial date got you interested in one more then that one more turns into 11 more and then before you know it your walking down the isle. You get the picture. If you tried this once and didn't like it give it acouple more tries cause I believe you will fall in love with it.
10th March, 2013

Perfect Strength by Avon

I have given rave reviews for other Avon fragrances and it's either hit or miss and unfortunately this is a very big miss. Perfect strength is a very safe fragrance. I was really hoping the black pepper and annise would really shine but sadly it does not. You get 0 projection and 2 hr longevity. While I was wearing this I thought to myself why in the world am I wearing this? It literally feels like your not wearing anything at all when you wear it. It may work for other people's skin types but not mine. Grade: F
10th March, 2013
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Unforgivable by Sean John

Sean Jean's Unforgivable is definitely Unforgivable... Enough said.
10th March, 2013

I am King by Sean John

This should have been named I am weak.... I clearly do not understand what these celebrity's are trying to accomplish in the perfume industry. Nothing more needs to be said....
10th March, 2013

Evolution by Rocawear

Plastic, plastic, and more plastic. If you want to smell like plastic then Evolution by Rocawear fits the bill. It's def not a bad fragrance it's just that there are other offerings better in overall scent,projection, and longevity. I think if they had added alittle black currant and made the juice richer and more stronger this would be an excellent fragrance.
10th March, 2013

Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

Ok, Ok, Ok, I give this hairy chested macho guy some props for still being around for 40 years. I also give it props for having great longevity and projection. Sadly that's all it has going for it. Why would I want to be smelled a mile away from a scent I don't enjoy???? If you wear this fragrance then I commend you because you are one brave dude.
10th March, 2013

One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

I was very disappointed in One man show. Everyone commented on the projection and longevity on this and my skin ate it up. I am definitely not calling it a bad scent because it's quite good but the initial fragrance itself does not evolve. It has a very flat quality through out it's duration and it's very uninspiring. I am referring to the reformula. I bet the original formula was killer........sigh.......

10th March, 2013

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

Let me start off by stating that I tested Sung homme a few years ago and did not like it all. The ash tray note that everyone associates with it did it in for me. Well, I got a chance to sample it a few weeks ago and I was blown away by it. I went back and bought me a bottle and check the batch code and it was made may of this year.Seems to my nose that EA has maybe reformulated it. The ash tray note is not as prominent as it used to be and it seems its more balanced and well blended. Don't get me wrong the ash tray note is still there just not as strong and more in the background. I can truly say EA has does a good job with this this year. If you come across this and not afraid to wear a macho manly scent give this a try. Longevity and projection are above average....A++++
10th March, 2013

Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

I am not an aquatic fan at all but Ice men is amazing. It reminds me a bit of 360 by perry ellis but ice men is way better. 360 always had this synthetic note in it that I just could not stand. Ice men is well blended and my most favorite part of the scent is the patchouli. This scent screams manliness and sexiness. i am so glad mugler found out how to make a scent masculine and aromatic. The projection and longevity of this superb!!!!!!
10th March, 2013

Black by rue21

The associate at the gym wears this and it smells awesome on him and it seems it projects well on him. Sadly, I bought a bottle and it does not last on me at all and the projection is capoot. This goes to show you how everyones chemistry reacts to different scents on different people. This smells to me like Liz Claiborne's original curve. I just wish it lasted on me cause really like this scent.
10th March, 2013

Champion by Davidoff

I had really high hopes for this but I was so let down. The scent itself smells really good although I don't think it smells like Egoist or Legend. This thing stands on its own two feet. Sadly, this has gone the path that so many new releases go with their very poor longevity and projection. I got 2 hours out of this and thats it. Why? Why? Why?
10th March, 2013

VIP by Usher

Fahrenheit wanna be that will never be.... This is actually pretty decent but what turned me off from this was the sandalwood note is just too much and of course the longevity and projection could have been bit better. I have actually given this more chances than a lot of other fragrances due to it smelling like fahrenheit but every time I wear it I get let down due to the sandalwood. Try it out if you can't afford fahrenheit but don't expect much.
10th March, 2013

Graphite Blue by Realities Cosmetics

Say what you will about Liz Claiborne but she put out some awesome fragrances and this my friends is one of them. Longevity and projection are outstanding and when I wear it I get compliments..... It has been discontinued i believe so when you come across it don't walk but run to purchase it.
10th March, 2013

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

Ok Props for this old school masculine for coming out in the 70's sadly it should of stayed there. To be fair I am referring to the current formula and not vintage. I have never smelt the vintage but this new formula to me is flat, weak, and no character. Seems the longevity is ok but that's about it. This doesn't show me anything new or anything I haven't come across before. In fact the dry down to this reminds of Charlie for women cause my mema wears that and when it settled on my skin that's what it reminded me of. I will pass on this.
10th March, 2013

Black Soul by Ted Lapidus

I have to give an honest review of this and how it reacted on my skin. Please don't buy this thinking you are getting one million cause your not and don't buy this thinking it's better than one million cause it isn't. Don't buy this thinking it's going to last longer on your skin cause it won't. Truthfully, this does smell a little like one million but this is way mintier and really this only lasted on my skin for about 4 hours and that's surprising coming from a lapidus fragrance. If you don't have the cash for one million this maybe a safe bet for you but if it's one one million you are wanting than save up and get what you really want.
10th March, 2013

Black Extreme by Ted Lapidus

Had extremely high hopes for this and I was sadly let down. I am a really big fan of the original Lapidus Pour homme and felt this would have been great to stand beside it's big brother in my collection. Well big brother kicked little brother out lol. This to me is almost like a mixture of one million and one man show gold edition. It really doesn't project well and the longevity is ok around the 4-6 hour mark a bit spotty at times. The top notes are very nice but they only last for a few minutes and from there the whole scent just falls apart. I tried to spray more to get better longevity and projection but what your left with is a really sickly sticky scent that almost cause nausea at times. I hate being so open an honest about a fragrance like this because it comes from a house that I respect and enjoy. Lapidus step up. You do not have a winner here.
10th March, 2013

James Bond 007 by James Bond

I finally got the chance to test this and I was quite surprised. It's not bad but it's not that good either. I would say this would probably be neutral with a lot of people. When you first spray this right off the top you get a burst of Ck one shock for Him. From the middle it quickly transitions into Azarro's night time and from there it stay pretty much the same through out. I own silver black and I don't think this smells like this at all as some has suggested. It's more like night time than anything. The longevity and projection I would say are average depending on application. Would I own this? Probably not. Should you buy it? If you like Shock or night time you might.
10th March, 2013

Champion Energy by Davidoff

Who in the world is going to save us from these overpriced,overrated, Generic fragrances? This smells identical to the original Champion only with a more dominant citrus note.Poor longevity,poor projection, and absolutley no originality. I am giving this an honest review because I want to speak to those who will possibly blind buy this... DON'T... Davidoff please step up your game.
10th March, 2013

Oak by Bath and Body Works

Let me start off by saying that everyone is correct that oak smells like Calvin Klein's obsession but only in the dry down. I was never a fan of obsession because it never let up. It was too much for me. I always like the dry down of obsession so when I first tried oak and realized it's dry down was the same to obsession I picked up a bottle. I am so glad I have this in my collection. The top notes are so well blended like a blanket of woods and citrus. The middle notes change just a tad but not to drastic. Then the base oh the base you get that obsession feel and it's done right. I love oak because i feel they took all the stuff I don't like about obsession and made it modern. The longevity is excellent. I sprayed some on at 7:30 am and got a compliment on it at 4:00 pm so I know the projection is good. If you are a fan of obsession try it but hurry because I think bath and body wrks on the process of discontinuing it.
10th March, 2013