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Aoud Lime by Montale

pure agarwood

the best oudhs come from India, this here is said to be pakistani oudh oil,

what i smell here is very distinctive and spicy aroma of agarwood, sharp opening note smells like lime also smells clean, medicinal almost antiseptic, maybe soar?.....and it gives me clear idea how the tree was trying to protect from infection :)

Royal oud has that same kind of citrus opening but contains much less of oud compared to A.L. (the one i describe here is extra version), also it smells much more woody, less dark and thick.

in A.L. i dont get that woody smell, the more woody the oudh oil smells the lower quality of agarwood oil there is....the juice of perfume is dark is very longlasting and does not change much...

after several hours the initial spicyness calms down and gives some space to patchouli to add just a touch of "fruity" sweetness...but then it goes on forever.

oudh has no gender, i love it here in its pure and clean presentation, its addictive and healing :)

the cheaper and lighter version of the oudh with this kind of medicinal vibe i got from Midnight oud- Juliette has a gun-

Pros: lonlgasting, distincitve,spicy, addictive scent of agarwood
Cons: spicyness that can put off some

30th May, 2013

Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens

very feminine, creamy woody

i love the character of this scent: its feminine, that fruity plum note is sensual, and reminds me of Poison, or Lou Lou....

the drydown is woody creamy , its cedar , but i did not recognize it as that, its rounded creamy, almost like sandalwood, and then i recalled its so very similar as La Myrrhe , thats why i loved it this much!

At the opening its a little incensey....but overall i wish it is a bit stronger.

Owning this and La Myrrhe is like having the 2 of the same :)

Pros: very feminine, fruity woody that reminds me of sandalwood creaminess
Cons: drydown is very similar to la myrrhe

27th May, 2013

Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir

surprisingly nice scent

the opening reminded me so of Don Corleone, its that same smoked ham scent, but here it lasts for ever, its quite linear after 30 minutes....its very nicely balanced, it feels like tuberose-tobacco combo, but it is immortele, very interesting, and daring, and very longlasting, also smells of nice ingredients....thivk but not over powering, i suppose this one would be loved more by men, then women, also by character reminded me a lot of amougae Tribute....just not that ashy...its more rich smoked ham , but elegantly done

Pros: serge lutens type of quality, original
Cons: targets more men

24th May, 2013
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Séville à l'Aube by L'Artisan Parfumeur

simple , very nicely done orange flower theme

this reminded me the most of BY Kilian Sweet redemption, BUT its much nicer done,


opens up with green orange flower absolute, bitter, refreshing and green, then goes into beautiful orange flower soliflore, with not that much sweetnes as in Kilian, and no powdery notes from opoponax, as in Killians, but instead it holds beautiful olibanum note that gives it elegance , and that luxury touch every perfume must have.

Pros: perfectly blended
Cons: if you dont like orange flower

23rd May, 2013

Baie Rose 26 by Le Labo

After anorexic Rose 31 here we have some real roses....this is one beautiful rose soliflore scent, with touch of clove note that gives some retro kick at the begining, the spiced sweetnes mixed with rose petals and some bulgarian rose....makes it very interesting combination, simple yet not banal

when it settles down it goes linear.....and reminds me of diorissimo, it has the same kind of atmospehere that brings spring into my mind, its relaxed, airy, and fresh.....not suffocating.....

in the late drydown gets a little bit clean musky detergentlike, but the opening is fabulous, nice idea to combine rose and clove
12th May, 2013

Orange Discrete by Le Labo

a musky orange flower composition, opens up with very modern, detegent like, clean sheets musk, with some masculine woody note, synthetic and strong white..... 10 minutes after the expolosion of freshness and cleaness, remains beautiful almost sensual musky orange flower note....that goes on for ever......
this is good unisex scent
12th May, 2013

Silver Bond / Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

There are many bad scents from this house that i don't even want to explore it further, but got a sample of this one.

The so to say stamp of the house is here as well, that syrupy sweetness, but here it nicely blends with rich incense note creating pleasurable experience, and i quite like it, its little smokey but balmy , creamy rich opulent incense note is modernized and turned into unisex perfume,
It reminded me instantly of Sahara Noire by TomFord, which is newer creation, so this might be original at a time and i like it much better in this version, also smells rather natural, no synthetic sharp notes..sweet ambery drydown reminds me of base of some amouage attars...
11th May, 2013

Veni by Histoires de Parfums

Opens up with nice sweet lavender note, the most feminine opening of the all three....pleasing, complex....but in the drydown it did not make much impact, while Vici opens green masculine it turns into sweet feminine raspbery note in the late drydown, although synthetic...this one was just kind of weak....evaporated? should be given second chance for its beautiful opening
05th May, 2013

Le Roy Soleil by Salvador Dali

this goes in the same style like Joop Berlin, both scents are not produced anymore today.

It is as well fruity floral, both have almost identical base....but the fruity note here is almost fermented boozy....exotic, and reminds me of palm beaches an summer....

its very strong, i recognized carnal flower and cinnamom ...its complex spicy floral with strong fruity boozy note.
05th May, 2013

Joop! Berlin by Joop!

this is EDT but smells amazingly strong, almost like an extrait....its fruity floral complex composition, but tuberose-creamy woody accord is the bone of the structure.....reminded me by its density of the ingredients at Chinatown by Bond..carnation adds to complexity and the fruity note is like some neon plum fruit

its from early 90s so can one recognize an impact of perfumes like Poison, even Lou Lou....

it is very powerful, and leaves beautiful creamy sweet, fruity, woody base for lovers of intensive sweet feminine perfumes, but complex and longlasting

05th May, 2013

Ombre de Hyacinth by Tom Ford

If you like FM French lover you may like this one as well, its fool of green, raw notes, galbanum and violet leaves, i is not too complex perfume, rather simple composition ideal for summer, is female version of French lover, those red peppers are much more subtle, and it reminded me of one part of odalisque, that white floral part.
27th April, 2013

Bois d'Oud Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

This is heavy oriental, it so so long lasting and so strong. That fruity sweet resnous base, goes on for ever with labdanum, patchouly and vanilla musky base, the oud was noticable only at the heavy and somehow too sweet, and has gone out of balance.....i only admire how strong it is:-)
27th April, 2013

Rajasthan by Etro

It opens up with a very noticeable rose, that gives off a bit of synthetic radiance, but i know this may well be natural rose absolute, its nice, refreshing, very rosey...these peppers give sparkling note.....after 30 minutes it develops into warmer, denser and sparkling red peppery floral heart, its feminine, and goes into resinous heavy base.....which remotely reminds of Beloved, but is less heavy, more acceptable, and easier to love base...but still very synthetic fragrance from the start, then goes nicer in the middle and back to synthetic at the end, it doesn't smell very complex , smells veeery modern

27th April, 2013
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In the city of Sin by By Kilian

Its very well blended, complex, opens up with peppery green cardamon note,,light at the same time, and transforms from green into floral, mild, gentle feminine note, all is a bit too light or transparent.....
27th April, 2013

Forbidden Games by By Kilian

This is really generic diabetes inducing sweet fruity, terribly boring scent
27th April, 2013

Good girl gone Bad by By Kilian

Fruity floral, where i smell rose,with a twist probably given by some tuberose sweetness, that reminded me a lot of their Liaisons dangereuses fruity rose....i was so sure here we have geranium listed in the notes, but still this is peachy or apricot, or pear kind of sweetness, not too sweet, its fresh and rosey, feminine scent in the manner of Liaisons, to which it reminded me a lot
27th April, 2013

Or Black by Pascal Morabito

The heart is a little soapy, dry, like a grey cashmere blanket just above your skin, it has noticeable yet gentle aura, to me it has the effect of a sandalwood note, its there but not screaming,
And prototype of classic masculine scent that appeals to every man today. It is rounded, has no sharpness, yet is bitter, its transparent as well, dark grey colour but no thickness. Only for men!
Smells like fougere leather to me, much less smokiness then knize ten, and much more transparency, no animalic s

22nd April, 2013

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

It has creamy balsamic sweetness, like the finest, white floral cream with honey, no aldehides, and very feminine. It smells rich and opulent, not cold or aquatic, green, but although very pleasant, there is something old fashioned about it.......
22nd April, 2013

Costume National Homme by Costume National

Oh so funny i thought it smells like clive christian too!!! Very nice scent, smells so natural to me,and can be unisex.

It opens up with cardamom note , aromatic herbs and some spices...very sweet, this is clove note.....its beautifully blended thing!! When it settles down it projects a lot, and makes nice aura, and is long lasting, citrus aroma is present all the way and it smells very sophisticated, a masterpiece!

It reminds me of 31 rue cambon with that patchouly sandalwood, ambery note, just without iris note, and more balmy creamy.......100% unisex scent!
20th April, 2013

Central Park by Bond No. 9

Opens up very synthetic, like thing i use to clean bathroom, soar, acidic, concentrated citrusy, unpleasant, i rarely got such associations before.

Later develops into citrus-green smell.i think this is one of the worst things i have ever tried:-)
20th April, 2013

French Lover / Bois d'Orage by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This is nice simple masculine deep green scent, and easy to pick up notes, opens up with blast of galbanum, sharp, green, not so likable, but after half an hour or so it mellows into nicer green, fresh peppery scent, i am not huge fan of peppery note, everything is green and cold a deep summer shadow in the forest.
It does not project like crazy, it can be nice refreshing summer scent, and smells of quality ingredients! But i go neutral on my personal taste, drydown is where i like it the most.

If this perfume represents french lover then to me he is gentle, intelectual soul, thin guy with cold hands lol
20th April, 2013

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

I used to love it but now that my nose learnt better, i smell very metallic note, is it jasmine musk combo? That metallic note shows up the most after 1- 2 hours and is over whelming, it copies a bit old joy with this super elegant rose jasmine combination, only that this is clean and very modern and synthetic version, with modern musk note, and nice citrusy top. If it did not have that prominent metallic tone it would be thumbs up
19th April, 2013

La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

I love it, opens up like shampoo rose, i have smelled once in a perfume where i think natural ingredients are beeing used, so this must be quality rose absolute in there, the drydown is beautiful Moroccan rose, it smells like rose petals. Nice dry down and longevity. I like it! For rose lovers...its fresh little sweet and reminded me of Miss Charming rose, but better, more opulent rose
19th April, 2013

Vici by Histoires de Parfums

these names are utterly confusing especially since 2 of the 3 smell very similar and also they share some elements from the base the other 2 so its all to confusing.
This one opens up herbal green, a bit like masculine refreshing perfume,bitter, refreshing airy, no sweetness, there is nice iris note, and then the drydown is all about sweet patchouli and musk mix, this musky note is not that annoying as in musky ozonic saffron combo of Vidi. The drydown is oriental, sweet musky, and patchouli. I like it.
19th April, 2013

Vidi by Histoires de Parfums

Oh that shampoo musky modern note, is biting right from the start, and never leaving it, it smells peppery, or is that safron note that smells soo synthetic, could well be!! Its the most synthetic from the trilogy, and simple, has that synthetic note that bites and is very long lasting with very good aura...the most masculine from the 3 as well, but really unpleasant to my nose.
19th April, 2013

Le Feu d'Issey by Issey Miyake

if this perfume was not discontinued, i am not sure people would speak with so much delight about it, it is very feminine and likable scent.

the opening, is sweet-soar , and instantly recognizes this belongs to 21st century it doesnt open up somehow natural or different then the rest of designers, it reminds me of some Escada type of scent with that fruity exotic sweetness....synthetic :) , but

as the time goes by that soar note develops into something very pleasing, radiating citrusy kind of smell that gives it projection and originality, and doesnt die out like in those cheap bad frags, it shines to its best part , that nice balance of sweet, zesty, refreshing and feminine kind of if it radiates some floral, the same way as tobaco notes radiate some smoke.....that makes it unique and perfect feminine scent, that i think would be likable to average modern consumer, if only they can endure first 30 mins until it develops....

it is gorgeous, i dont smell any spices nor milky notes... but i think that airy sweet note is what people call milky rose....this is better then Rush by Gucci :)
16th April, 2013

Ungaro pour L'Homme II by Ungaro

this one opens up with stunning lemony notes, of Gueralin quality......refined, not overpowering , balanced sweetness, and with masculine undertones ...that grow up into a bit like dry soapy character, the bright citrus opening is replaced by more serious dusty gentle leather tones, more masculine undertones that are now the main music

it is complex masculine, not overpowering....very old school type , so classic, i do not smell civet there, i agree with perfume collector this scent grows on you
12th April, 2013

Givenchy III by Givenchy

this is for vintage EDT

simple beauty, opens up with salty creamy soft mossy note, the same one as in Caleche vint.,little bit aldehydic too,

and turns into simple green, of natural quality scent, very unisex one , less sweet maybe then Caleche and more green, withot that Caleche iris note,
since it is EDT only its not of great longevity to me....
12th April, 2013

Shalimar Eau Légère Parfumée by Guerlain

if modern perfumes can not contain certain notes that were available when Shalimar was produced then perfumers should make the best what they can from things they are allowed to use in natural today....and this perfume is beautiful recreation of old Shalimar...the accent is on lemony vanilla pie, its not that woody, nor "dark smokey" like original, nor that complex as well... but it is decent very wearable allaround year perfume, it smells a bit similar to other vanilla perfumes from their exclusive line......i go neutral becasue the new version of Shalimar 2013 improved so this one is no longer better version
11th April, 2013

Sahara Noir by Tom Ford

Oh indeed it really resembles frankincense, but to me what comes out first is ambery patchouly, mixed with lots of synthetic amplifiers too.

The overall feeling is a lot more masculine then i like, ascetic and synthetic ambery note, there is strong tobacco spices note as well......its not heavy, though i miss a bit of lemony feel of frankincense, and i get dessert feel of hot stones that melt in the sun, its not luxurious to me , i miss something floral:-) but then again there are no flowers in a desert...

04th April, 2013