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Florabotanica by Balenciaga

WOW! I love this! Absolutely love it. So clean and floral. The vetiver is the strongest note for me and takes centre stage once on the skin. After a few minutes the notes evolve making the cleaness really complex. With your movement you can detect mint and a candied carnation. The dry down is so powdery and clean and the rose note is lovely, so feminie and pure and unadulterated. Just clean and beautiful and lovely. WOW!
10th November, 2012

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Polo Black....OUI!!

Have you ever been to Canada? If not, that's too bad. If so, then hopefully you had the opportunity to meet our handsome French-Canadian men. Strong, sexy, intelligent and really really confident. That is what this fragrance embodies for me. The opening note is so juicy and bold, it screams "pay attention to me!!" So you do...and then you are trapped in his nets. The fragrance morphs into masculine woodsy notes and the patchouli leaves me begging!! Mon Dieu! This stuff is hot!!!

Really....truly...the scent is pure confidence (bordering on cocky...)!
Oh la la...les beaux hommes canadiens-français!!!
03rd May, 2012

Bora Bora by Lise Watier

Bora Bora is a very VERY sweeeeet fragrance. If you hate really sweet vanilla...stay away. If you like sweet vanilla...oh baby this has it..
For me it starts off very vanilla...straight to the base creme brule...but more fragile than toasted bright candy sugar and vanilla. After 10 mins comes the jasmine. Very smooth and sweet. Unravels to a musky sweet vanilla with a little bit of bright citrus,
Again very sweet...but takes my mind back to Tahiti and the gorgeous flowers and vanilla.
03rd May, 2012
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Pulse by Beyonce

As I was browsing fragrances to try a sweet clerk began chatting with me and drew my attention to 'her new favourite': Pulse by Beyonce. She described it as "Sexy Cotton Candy". I cannot say she is far off. It is strongly sweet but with a depth to it. I cannot help but be reminded by myself 15 years ago trying to allure teenage boys with basic vanilla scents. I can see this fragrance adorned by this generations teenage women in the hopes of enticing their boyfriends to plant hickies along their décolleté.
04th March, 2012

Ange ou Démon by Givenchy

This fragrance introduces herself with a deep open-mouth kiss filled with ylang ylang. Blew me away. I thought "wow, this is seduction". Then came the nice spicy thyme and mandarin notes and I feel in love. But, as the scent progressed I started to feel empty longing for the spice and ylang ylang to come back. What I am left with reminds me of the final unravelling of hypnotic poison mixed with a fruity sweetness. At this point the fragrance truly lives up to its name: Ange ou Demon (Angel or Devil). I picture a sex siren and she is daring and hypnotizing to men (the hypnotic poison element in the wood and vanilla ending), but drawing her victim in with an innocence that he cannot resist (the sweetness I can only describe as ordinary concord grape).
For me, the tryst is over. I want the sexy citrus spice and ylang ylang back, but for others the allure is just beginning...
04th March, 2012

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

There are two immediate reactions I experience when a man walks past me wearing this intoxicating scent: The first is a swift shiver down my spine, and the second is an uncontrollable turning of my head in the direction of said mystery man. Obsession for men is a desire-evoking fragrance. The bitter Asiatic spice and lavender notes demand your attention, and once possessed, the unadulterated masculinity of vetiver and musk grip you in a strong embrace. Finally (and mercilessly), you are brought to you knees by the spicy-sweet clove, cinnamon and veiled citrus notes that hint at sensual pleasures to come. A man sparingly enrobed in this fragrance will be prey to soft lips caressing along his collarbone before sunrise.
28th February, 2012