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Elie Saab Le Parfum by Elie Saab

From a man's point of view. Was given this to smell when trying out some Cologne, the salewoman was trying to tempt me into buying this as a gift. Just smelled it on a piece of paper, so I do not associate it with any woman in particular...

My reaction was not immediate, but I kept going back to smell this piece of paper (mind you I'm shopping for myself!) This is one of the best (possibly the best) scent I could imagine a woman wearing. Very, very attractive, not too strong or attention grabbing, but insidiously attractive. I'd buy this for a lady I fancied in a heartbeat.
29th February, 2012

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

I wore this when I was younger, as it was my night-time, warm weather scent. Mambo also worked for me in the cold, if you wanted to "smell" warmer. Took a test of it after many years and found its not that bad. I don't hate it, but it is not really my cup of tea anymore, as I've gone from nightclubs to local bars or dives. I still appreciate the warmth, spiciness and masculinity of it, but it is slightly too sweet and jumbled for me now. I think of nightclubs in Miami when I smell this (probably because I wore it then). The olfactory equivalent to the young man's "going out shirt" (black button up). Of course I've replaced my G.O.S. with a jacket, and so too this cologne. Still not bad for what it is, not a shameful option for a hot weather/nightclub scent.
29th February, 2012

Higher by Christian Dior

A light but very persistant smell. Delicate and flowery and almost too feminine to my nose now. I bought this in my twenties and it fell out of use. Not offensive since its subtle but I found since its so light it is easy to over do-it, the projection is rather good. I regifted the cologne but kept the bar soap, which is a nice change up for business suits and the like, when wearing cologne would not be appropriate.
29th February, 2012
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Lacoste pour Homme by Lacoste

Purchased this in my early twenties, it fell out of use over the years, and I recently rediscovered it in a drawer (now in my early thirties). I gave it a test on my skin and found it was just far too sweet and the vanilla/fruit too strong for me now. I tried to wash and scrub the fragrance off my arm several times, but it was very persistant. It is not pleasant for me on my skin, the odor just got to me. Very long lasting and decent projection if you find that it works for you. I gave this bottle away to a co-worker with a college bound son. Surprisingly, almost universally, women liked it, too bad I couldn't bear it myself.
29th February, 2012

Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

My new signature fragrance. Very versatile, light and devoid of offensive/cloying sweetness, I find I can wear this to work (some people at my job, are VERY scent sensitive) and almost anywear at any time. I don't get the "POW" of citrus that many people describe (even in the name), but this comes across altogether more green and grassy initially, and then mellows to a nice clean, citrussy, but interesting scent. It is not as soap-y as my previous signature, Thierry Mugler Cologne (which is great, but I find more appropiate for days and informal/sports wear), and I find it to be more natural and less sweet. Very distict but inoffensive, although projection and longevity are on the short side. This one is more for me anyway...
29th February, 2012

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

I really like this cologne, it is very clean smelling and universally appropriate. The cologne for people who really do not like cologne. Some may consider it too simple or safe, and maybe it is, but it projects a very "I am clean and just took a shower and my clothes are clean" vibe, which is a nice scent to have. Good for work or situations where people may take offensive to stronger smells. I find I wear it more in the spring or summer, think t-shirts, polo shirts, chino's, etc. Great for daytime and more casual wear. I think for nighttime you'd be playing it a little safe, but it is quite versatile. Because it smells very fresh and clean, it is not totally out of place year-round.
29th February, 2012

Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

I've worn this as my evening/special occasion scent for years. Nice as it is not common. Very long lasting, decent projection. Almost too sweet initially, but has a nice warm masculity about it (for reference this is as sweet as I can tolerate, you may not bat an eyelash). I would avoid for business and very formal (black tie) occasions, as the scent comes across very "Italian playboy" (I believe another reviewer descibed it so). Requires a bit of confidence, although not especially strong, it is not for a wallflower. Possible to wear during daytime too, but I wouldn't do it for errands around town, more for social gatherings.
29th February, 2012