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Vetyver Incenso by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

My first review on basenotes *g*
Well, I own a decant of this scent. Have tried it a couple of times but haven't given it a full wearing yet. My first impression was also "Terre d'Hermès". However when trying it more thouroughly I can see lots of differences. I do smell the incense here - I don't get any incense at all in TdH.
I don't get the green and salty notes that I get in TdH pure perfume. I don't get the flintstone from TdH EdT. I don't get Iso E Super in this one.
Then the citric notes are different - probably due to the ginger notes.
Vetyver incenso is not as loud as Terre d'Hermès. In the drydown I do get greenish notes of vetiveryl acetate, which I don't get in TdH. They blend extremely well with the incense.
Overall, I think vetyver incenso is the more elaborated and sophisticated of the two. Definitely worth a try.
If it is worth the extra price tag is up to you. I got a decant for a good price, bought blind, so that's ok.
Don't judge this scent by the first impression. Give it the chance to dry down for a couple of hours and you'll see that it is NOT a copy of Terre d'Hermès!
01st July, 2012 (last edited: 02nd July, 2012)