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Reviews by RiveGaucheInstead

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Omnia Green Jade by Bulgari

this is just completely boring. It's as unmemorable as the rest of the Bulgari Omnias. At first I wasn't sure how much more I would need to put on to smell something and then when I finally shook it down I could smell what seemed like something very similar to Omnia Crystalline. Not sure what's going on here.
23rd March, 2012

Chergui by Serge Lutens

I came here to find out whether those are figs I'm smelling. If those are figs/dates...this is a no-go as I hate figs. I'm actually Moroccan and while I love most Moroccan culinary smells...I'm not too inclined to put most of them on my body as scents...this reminds me of incense at a mosque...
22nd March, 2012

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

this is wonderful as far as vanilla goes...but it's just that...a sweet vanilla. it's's's not run of the mill vanilla, but it is vanilla. you will smell like walking syrupy sweetness with no bad side effects, no unpleasant flavors.
22nd March, 2012
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Dia Man by Amouage

At first I thought it was a bit strong and too incensey...but it faded fast and then held its own unique scent. I think this would go especially well with a certain body chemistry. With me, it didn't do much...just sat there. I was glad it didn't develop any stronger weird aromas.
21st March, 2012

Omnia Crystalline by Bulgari

It's definitely not for me. At first it comes off a bit strong, metallic...but soon after it's actually light and fruity...the pear is really distinct.
09th March, 2012

Inner Grace by Philosophy

This is actually my second bottle of this stuff. I'm not usually crazy about "clean" fragrances. It is floral yet not sickly sweet. Definitely fresh. Independent, but not in a harsh way...if that can be ascribed to a scent. Incredibly reasonable in price @ 2 oz for $50.
08th March, 2012

Obsession by Calvin Klein

I can't believe people buy this. It smells like holy hell. I got this as a gift and wish I did not. It's overpowering from the start and every time I sniff myself with it on I shudder. Definitely has longevity, I'll give it that.
07th March, 2012

Eternity by Calvin Klein

I used to wear this when I was a teenager. It has a bit of a sharp smell from what I recall and barely feminine imho. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole now.
06th March, 2012

Dune by Christian Dior

I got Dune as a gift. I wore it a few has something to it, but I mostly found it to be depressing as a scent. I didn't like it. It felt too heavy and too much of a sappy mood.
05th March, 2012

Le Bouquet Absolu by Givenchy

I got this at Abu Dhabi Duty Free last month. It's more florid than I usually go for but it's really beautiful right out of the bottle...then it gets kinda baby powderish. I keep craving that initial burst of fresh floweriness...but 4 hours in and it seems to have already gone to bed.
05th March, 2012

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

Way too overpowering and musky for me.
01st March, 2012

Blu II by Bulgari

Smells like a bad flowery body lotion.
01st March, 2012

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I have an amusing relationship with this fragrance. A guy I was seeing briefly insisted I try it. I meekly agreed despite not finding anything to recommend it. I was very unimpressed when first sprayed and the day went by without incident. Only two days later...I couldn't get it out of my mind and needed, wanted, craved it.

Since then, every person who comes near me for any time at all can't help but comment on how the smell suits me...some even mention it more than once - weird? I've had guys who otherwise have no interest in perfumes actually ask me the name of what I'm wearing. I haven't worn another scent that elicits that sort of reaction. Ever.
01st March, 2012
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