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Rochas Man by Rochas

Rochas my burned sugar syrup that was accidentally placed under an coffee machine for a split second.

I think younger generations (<18 yo) will love this because of the sweetness...but for a Maurice Roucel creation, I cannot find the quality in this.

Roucel makes beautiful fragrances of the highest standards and qualities. Rochas Man is what Roucel made when he was drunk.

Not bashing the fragrance because it's not one my favorite perfumeur's best works, but because this is a linear scent of sugar with no evolution or dry down.

On a man? Oh god, I doubt any woman wants me to smell like this unless she's blind and lives in a gingerbread house and wants to cook me.

On a woman however...I think it's much more apt and could be appealing.

If a man were to buy this, i would STRONGLY reconsider for there are much better sweeter scents out there. If price is an issue then go for it absolutely, but I would rather pay the money for a decant of a more expensive sweet oriental than buy a full bottle of this stuff.

02nd March, 2012

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Not your everyday fragrance, but most definitely a piece of art.
What Sheldrake has done here is capture an essence and a memory, and turned into something that evokes just that, along with providing the layman (or woman) a gorgeous fragrance to wear.

Chergui is stunning in the sense that one, the composition gives off this extremely warm and inviting personality, yet the honey/sandalwood/rose/and incense provide this romantic backdrop onto which this chemistry takes place.

I agree..with reviews I have read in the past about this being akin to a "wedding day" scent.

Lasts extremely well and projects accordingly.

Sillage is very nice.

My only issue is the versatility...but then again this fragrance has no intentions of being a signature scent so..all good.
02nd March, 2012

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Refreshing. Uplifting. Rugged. Free Spirited. Energizing. The descriptive list goes on reaching the very depths this very land we live on does. From that sparkling blast of citrus to the trembling, ground shattering earthiness that overwhelms the initial zest, this fragrance does what niche fragrances are known to do: Evolve and intrigue. (Though this is a high end designer fragrance).

Let me rephrase..Terre D'Hermes does exactly what M. Ellena is known to do with his fragrances: Evolve and Intrigue. Ellena is known for his transparent style - literally "see through" fragrances. Give my man a dirty old window and he'll shoot pellets of art right through it in a pattern that's apparent...but when looking through the holes, an entirely new world unfolds right there in front of you.

Starts with a fireworks display of rugged citruses with a sparkling sensation given off by the pepper...dries down to a mellowed orange zest fragrance with a strong woody, earthy, and soil like undertone...which gives off a strong, masculine, yet refreshing sensation. Extremely versatile...can be sported in a suit, a henley and jeans, or T-shirt and shorts, ...anything - any weather - any season - a remarkable creation by JCE.

I wore this once in California..I drove up the Hollywood Hills...found an open patch of land where two buddies of mine and I just sat and relaxed..overlooking the city of LA, the sunset, and the breeze carried whiffs of TdH around was absolutely gorgeous.

Longevity: Phenomenal..can smell it the next day on my skin and clothes if wearing the same T-Shirt or so to bed.

Sillage: Gorgeous and projects well through every phase.

Compliments: The most complimented fragrance in my wardrobe (was my signature scent until Sweet Redemption by Kilian took the helm)

I never endorse blind definitely a MUST TRY.
01st March, 2012
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