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Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I dont speak about the notes, they already well described above. Im here to tell about how i experienced the scent and how different people reacted on it when they smelled the scent me.

Well this one is my favorite and my signature. This scent brings you back to the ´80, It´s strong, musky and deep. But the one thing different about it is that also has that mysterious and sexy part of nowdays man perfume. It smells like the man at the office you cannot get to know.
I belief this scent could be wearn everywhere and at any time. Lots of woman told me i smell like a real man, a lot of men told me the same thing when wear NR for him!

I picture it as a man walking trough a forrest on a rainy day to get some wood while his woman waits for him back home.

The person i belief how fits this scent is :
A mysterious man how values masculine traditions, passed 26 years of age, and a man who could stand on his own. A special person, not mainstream a person.
02nd March, 2012