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    Sandal / Sandalwood Attar by Amouage

    The real deal. Like catching a whiff of God's personal cologne. I would call the search over for the perfect scent but alas this is no longer in production.

    Incredible longevity: two dabs behind the ear, and I can still smell it on my eyeglass temples a week later.

    Do you think of sandalwood as being powdery? This is not. It is otherworldly but not cold; rather warm and buttery. Slightly sweet and slightly prickly. Intoxicating and endlessly entertaining, it sneaks up on you throughout the day, making the most mundane activities enjoyable. It is basically a skin scent, but I keep wondering(and hoping) others can smell it. If it projected more would I be endowed with supernatural power(as in the movie "Perfume").

    28th May, 2012 (Last Edited: 02nd June, 2012)

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