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White Aoud by Montale

This last weekend we took my son to the racetrack to see if he has any interest in racing. My husband races, and we thought it would be a fun family sport. While we were signing him up I noticed this wonderful smell coming from the couple in front of us...couldn’t tell whether it was the woman or the man...unisex and lovely scent. Every so often I got a waft and I almost went up and asked what it was. They were from somewhere in the UK (I noticed their accents) and I was sure it was something niche and different. We got busy and I didn’t ask.

Then a bit later I was standing by some other people and amazingly another of the group smelled awesome as well...wait a minute...they smelled the same....wait another minute...HEY, that’s ME that smells so good! LOL What sample did I try this morning? Montale White Aoud. Smelled rosy and medicinal when I first applied, but my husband assured me it wasn’t offensive. I put a dab on each elbow (so I wouldn't get any on my infant son) and forgot about it. Later it had developed into the most beautiful scent...not rosy, not woody, not patchouli, not exactly vanilla, but they were all there in equal parts just making a scent that was all it’s own. And the silage was just right to waft every now and again to my nose.

I have since smelled Midnight Oud from JHAG, and understand the "bandaid" associated smell of the oud opening. These two smell quite alike in the beginning to my nose, but develop in a completely different way. Montale White Aoud is beautiful and creamy. I can see this becoming a go to scent this summer.

I purchased a full bottle, and luckily got a set of 7 Montale samples along with. I should be set for another week....

21st June, 2012

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

One of my all time favorites! Dark vanilla, not sweet but definitely rich and warm. This is similar to Prada Candy without the very sweet top notes. If you love vanilla, this is a must try.

15th March, 2012

Mûre et Musc by L'Artisan Parfumeur

One of my favorites when I just want to smell good. Definitely fruit here, but not sweet fruit. Like others have said, this is the whole bush. Reminds of wading into a stream on a hiking trip and finding a lush blackberry bush with berries ripe for picking on the water side in late summer. The smell of the berries... and leaves dried in the sun.

15th March, 2012
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Prada Candy by Prada

I love most perfumes with a strong benzoin note, and vanille gourmands as well. This is heaven for me. I do get the similarities with l'eau Ambree (they seem to share the same base) and Infusion d'Iris though the latter is much to powdery to suit my nose.

Candy is one I wear to bed dabbed in the crook of my arm at least 4 nights a week. The smell is so comforting and relaxing. I find it does smell very different dabbed than sprayed. It brings out the richness of the scent, and creates only enough sillage to smell oneself occasionally. Sprayed, it can become to sharp for my nose. It's as if the wrong notes come to the forefront, and the lovely base becomes too light.

For those that think this disappears, I guarantee others can smell you! My MIL wears this, and after one spray In the morning, I can smell her later in the day... she smells fantastic! Also, I can smell this on my laundry for at least two days after I wear it.

This will surely be one of my all time favorites long after it's popularity dies down. Send all your unwanted bottles my way, I'm hoarding this. lol

15th March, 2012

Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

I loved this at first. The sweet carmel, the resinous drydown, woods... All things I love! But something about it is wrong on my skin. Like I'm making carmels with milk that has slightly gone off, then I cooked it on heat that was a bit too high. I absolutely hate that I can't love it. :( I should. But I also realized that the base is PG Indochine all the way. And that one I love. So I will add my own sweets on top and a guess be pleased I don't feel obligated to spend all the extra money on a FB. :)

15th March, 2012

Indochine 25 by Parfumerie Generale

This is not a girly perfume! It is smoky, and resinous. I don't get sweet here; for me the honey rounds things out, but is not obvious. This is deep and dark, but a fun woman with confidence can pull this off and make it rock! Definitely smack in the middle of unisex. I love it.

A mother in my son's kindergarten class wears this as her signature scent. It so fits her. She's bold, beautiful, full of energy, and her aura just exudes confidence. I thought I couldn't possibly buy this. It's so different, she would definitely hate me for wearing her only scent. But I have to have at least a large decant. I promise I won't wear it to school. :)

15th March, 2012

Black by Bulgari

I wanted to love this one. I'm a sucker for vanilla, and I've always loved the smell of the tire store. When I was a kid, I remember waiting at Sears to have new tires installed on the family car. I would smell the displays as if they were put there for olfactory enjoyment rather than industrial usage! Bvlgari Black leaves me sad. I don't get tires in the top notes, I get smoke. And not a good smoke (as in burnt sugar), but bad smoke (as in used ashtray.)

I will try this again when I don't have to leave the house and see where it goes.

07th March, 2012

Hard Candy by Hard Candy

I love Hard Candy in the beginning, sweet carmel...yummy! But as the base emerged it changed entirely. The smell was familiar yet I couldn't place it. Then it hit me. It smelled exactly like my mother's Revlon Moon Drops lipstick from my childhood. I'm still on the fence about this one. In reading through the other reviews I expected similarity to Prady Candy (one of my favorites.) I find no similarity here at all. Or to Pink Sugar for that matter, I have that too.

This might end up being ok as a dabber, but I don't think I can stand smelling like lipstick all over.

07th March, 2012

Donna Karan Essence: Wenge by Donna Karan

This reminds one of an Ava Luxe wood (she does woods so beautifully.) I get No. 23 without the florals. This is comforting and lovely on it's own. I imagine wearing on a day when I am in the mood to feel clean and relaxed. I could also get into layering with some heavy florals to lighten them up (Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia comes to mind) or a wonderful simple vanilla like L'Aromarine Vanille to make an interesting cosy combo. Simply lovely and FB worthy!

07th March, 2012

No. 23 by Ava Luxe

This is just so beautiful! If you love sandalwood, it's a very true creamy one here. The florals are soft and approachable; this is a masterpiece! I have 3 wood scents by Ava Luxe, No. 23, Moksha, and Pallisander. They are all well done but this is the best. Wish she sold bigger bottles!

07th March, 2012

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

I received a sample last week, and used two tiny dabs to test. It developed nicely as I was dressing; smooth, sweet with something familiar in the background. At first I thought it might be myrrh (my nose is not so precise yet) but after reading the reviews I understand it is tobacco I smell. What a surprise! I always avoided perfumes that had tobacco as a note for fear of smelling like a "smoker". I now realize this is a sweet, rich smell and have a bunch of new scents on my wishlist!

Back to the review. Ambre Nargile is unlike anything I've tried before, warm, delicious and amazing strength and silage. Two tiny dabs from a sample vial under my clothes and my husband (who can never seem to smell my perfume) asked me, "are you baking something?" he thought maybe cookies. He loves the scent, though I think he was hopeful for a dessert at the moment. He's never commented on any scent I wear without prompting, so that's a big deal. Now, will he part with the money for a FB? That remains to be seen. Maybe I better go bake some cookies...

07th March, 2012

Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone

I sprayed while getting dressed this morning, and at first picked out some fruit and a very soft patchouli. I thought to myself, this one might be a Jo Malone that I actually like.

Then about 10 min in it started to change. I got a distint impression of Noxema from the 70's. Is that menthol? Camphor? Eucalyptas? Regardless, I took my son to kindergarten today feeling like those around me thought I may have some skin condition I was medicating.

So now I am about an hour and a half in, and though that medicated smell is still half present, the fruit is kind of starting to peek through. All in all it's not an unpleasant smell, but not one I want to smell like. I have tried a few Jo malone's and as of yet I don't understand the hype or the hefty price tag.

07th March, 2012

Chergui by Serge Lutens

I grew up in the country...Sierra Nevada foothills in northern CA to be exact. Chergui reminds of walking the 1/4 mile to the school bus stop on a fall morning where the sun has just risen and the air is warm and humid, bringing up the wonderful smells of the summer dried grasses and weeds. Is there earth here? Maybe, but only to round out the composition... more like a feeling of the earth. Oh yeah, and I am drinking a cup of tea with honey and cream. This is pure heaven for me. Now that I've found it, I can't imagine being without a bottle.

07th March, 2012
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