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Amber Aoud Absolue Précieux by Roja Dove

A wonderful scent, the best oud on the market in my opinion.
27th April, 2015

Amber Aoud by Roja Dove

A masterpiece! By far the best oud fragrance I have ever smelled. Worth every penny.
26th November, 2014

Neroli by Roja Dove

Starts off with a wonderful sharp blast of Neroli that unfortunately does not last more than a couple of minutes. As the fragrance develops a violet note starts to become noticeable which unfortunately ruins the scent for me. The thing that really kills this for me more than anything though is the poor sillage and longevity. At £275 for a 50ml bottle there is nothing that really stands out and makes me want to purchase this. Looks like I will be sticking to Neroli Portofino.
25th October, 2014
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Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

very poor release from chanel, they could do so much better if they tried. This is very bland and generic smelling
10th June, 2012

Voyage d'Hermes Parfum by Hermès

fantastic fragrance, warm spicy and uplifting. This one is also long lasting.
18th May, 2012