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Ambre Topkapi / PB by MDCI

Big thumbs up for me. I sat on this a while before I started wearing it regularly. What I love about this scent is the way it smells. That's it. It doesn't last long and it doesn't have beast mode projection. It's fresh, sporty, classy and masculine. I'm a millionaire in my thirties, this is excellent in capturing that essence. It's a scent that's versatile. All seasons any occasion
08th August, 2015

Scandal pour Homme by Roja Dove

Understanding perfume is understanding what to and what not to expect from a fragrance.

Roja Dove's Scandal Pour Homme is a modern take on the classic fougere structure. Crisp citrus and green herbs over a floral heart and a smooth/woody base. This is a very classy perfume. When I wear this, it immediately gives my confidence a boost. It's one of those fragrances that makes you feel very manly, without the lumberjack-vibe of a lot of uber masculine fragrances. I get a good 8 hours out of this fragrance with very stealth projection, meaning it stays with you and catches anyone in your presence off guard and charms them, as opposed to clubbing them over the head. Easily the best fougere on the market today, amazing quality and blending. Understand what Scandal Pour Homme is and what it isn't. It's not the most 'complex' fragrance you're gonna find. It doesn't leave a scent trail for miles, but you spray it on and it does its job better than any fragrance you're gonna find today. Remember, a Rolls Royce doesn't go 200mph, because it doesn't need to..
23rd July, 2014

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

I originally bought this in 07 and gave it to a girlfriend of mine because I didn't feel it was a scent for a man. I tried it again at sephora while waiting on my brother and this time it seemed a little drier, less sweet. One thing is still the same, it's the perfect night scent. I wouldn't recommend wearing this when the sun is out. This was created for nightclubs and bars, if you're looking for trouble ;)
22nd May, 2014
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154 by Jo Malone

154 covers all the bases of a complete warm weather fragrance. Fruity, spicy and woody. Slight citrus up top with very delicate and sensual spices. I get this accord for up to 3 hrs that's followed by a woody Vetiver accord that lasts another 2 hrs. Overall I give this a thumbs up. Good longevity, solid projection and an overall pleasant fragrance. This can be worn by both sexes young and old. It's light and airy which makes it good for summer but its also spicy enough for spring and fall. I recommend this for casual settings or maybe a date (not a first date, more like date night with your significant other)
16th April, 2014

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

I've gotten fragrances as gifts growing up, but this was my first purchase of my own along with Gucci rush ph. Desire is very sweet but not loud, it is a scent made to seduce and tantalize and boy does it. At parties, I was the one that smelled good "that guy." It's a floral musky vanilla fragrance that is unquestionably masculine. This scent has great projection and silage and is good for all seasons, but go light on this if you're wearing it in the summer. I may not wear it often, but I will always own this..
25th December, 2013 (last edited: 04th February, 2014)

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

Italian cypress is a modern take on a classic masculine fragrance. It has a very real citrus opening that sits on top of a superb blend of spices and herbs (clove, spearmint and basil) with a cypress amber and gaiac base. Bottom line, this stuff is great. A virile, masculine scent that is a breath of fresh air in this age of one gender fits all perfumery.
16th December, 2013

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

Soapy goodness

From 07 to present, I was and still am, in a niche phase. And in doing that I overlooked something I wish I was wearing seven years ago. Amber pour homme is a very clean elegant take on amber. Cardamom is a dominant player here, never cared for it before, but now its very pleasant to my nose. Patchouli and labdanum provide an earthy quality and prevents this from becoming a sweet, spicefest. I love this stuff. I've been wearing it for 4 days in a row and plan on wearing til they discontinue it.

Pros: Spicy clean smelling
Cons: None"

02nd September, 2013

V/S for Men by Versace

I used to love this as a teenager. I found this going through my old stuff. I put it on, no bueno. It's definitely a buxton it has his signature peppery woody smell. One problem and its a big one, its unbelievably synthetic and cloying. One basenoter had it right, this has way too much going on and it's not even close to being believable. The only reason this doesn't get a huge thumbs down, is because of the great memories I had wearing it ;)
09th May, 2013

Chèvrefeuille Original by Creed

Reminds me of green valley. I don't know what honeysuckle smells like, but I like this. It's a little herbaceous, I wonder if its mint, anyway it's a good fall fragrance it'd be good in the spring as well. It's got good longevity and projection for an edt I love it. Too bad it's gone, I never got a chance to reup :(
09th May, 2013

Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse by Creed

A rich, floral citrus. Smells like the inner part of a grapefruit peel. Smells great but its got poor longevity. As a matter of fact I'd rather not wear this unless I'm making a brief appearance to a store or something, maybe to the supermarket. I've only worn this in my house, makes me happy so it's a winner in my book
09th May, 2013

Bois de Cédrat by Creed

It's a resounding consensus that this scent has very poor longevity, but still an amazing citrus. It's gonna go soon, but I'll be sad when it does. Best lemon scent you're ever gonna smell. Aqua viva is close, but its too strong and can give off a lemon pledge vibe, this is softer, lighter and more natural smelling.
07th May, 2013

Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Don't agree with most of these reviews. I don't find it generic smelling at all. As a matter of fact wearing it, I get ppl coming up to me, men and women, asking me what I'm wearing. Personally I like it as well its light, not too heavy, and its very sophisticated. My only gripe is that I don't really get the mandarin, if it wasn't a listed note, I wouldn't care but because I researched this frag for three months prior to buying, I expected it. I love it and it will be in my summer rotation
30th April, 2013

Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

Citrus. Floral. Herbaceous. Stunning. A great summer scent. Very refreshing I love it I can't wait for summer to wear it again
03rd April, 2013
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Vetiver by Guerlain

Old man cologne straight up no if ands or buts about it. This is grey vetivers granddad for sure. I could not believe how rugged this fragrance is from start to finish. The shame of this is it doesn't last very long at least on me. Starts out with citrus n tobacco, not soft gentle tobacco either, this is harsh kid not for the weak at heart gf's won't be stealing this one ill tell you that. I was a little disappointed that the tonka didn't smooth it out more but not enough to waiver on my endorsement. Masculine classic vetiver at its finest
18th March, 2013

Orange Spice by Creed

This is another throwback to when men's fragrance was actually masculine. A mans citrus from start to finish. The neroli heart note is butched up by spices to give this a classic masculine appeal. I've personally seen creeds client list, and it just shows you can't judge a book by its cover. I thought any fragrance worn by the king of pop would smell like bubblegum and strawberry soda, not a rugged, refined scent fit for a mans man..
12th March, 2013

Baie de Genièvre by Creed

A throwback to when there was a thing called a 'masculine' fragrance. This isn't a fresh aquatic, no oud or incense. It's simply a great smelling fragrance a man can feel like a man wearing. As with mostly all the creed fragrances, it's very natural smelling. This blend of cinnamon leaves, juniper, and vetiver is absolutely stunning. It has a fruity spicy vibe to it, it doesn't have huge staying power, but it's ok it lasts long enough. I hope creed goes back to making classy manly scents in the future. I mean their stuff is awesome now but outside of bdp, everything else in their lineup can be stolen by a wife or gf..
03rd March, 2013

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

Don't really get much tobacco, it's there, but not a main player here. 30+ for special occasions, 40+ for everyday wear. It's a citrus like most creeds, with spicy undertones. I'll tell u this, it's very unique. It's modern, yet classic with a very masculine edge to it. Towards the end it's a magnificent woody, leathery stunner. Tshirt and a leather jacket will do this fragrance wonders as well as a tux. Longevity is better than most creeds, with monster projection. 4 sprays lit up my drs office, had ppl looking for the gentleman who smelled so good. I kept my head down and enjoyed the show...
31st January, 2013

Black Aoud by Montale

Smells like Tom fords noir de noir with twice the oud. Normally I hate the smell of oud, very overrated note. In fact the reason I love creeds royal oud so much, is the oud is faint, almost nonexistent. Ok, back to black aoud. This is so rich, like eating gourmet chocolates. Rose and oud up front, it's almost as if the two notes go back and forth, sharing the spotlight giving way to a very convincing musk and sandalwood base. Here's the only problem, I own TF's noir de noir and even tho this scent is outstanding, ndn is constructed so much better. It does something to me psychologically, knowing that there's a better version of this fragrance on my dresser. If you don't own noir de noir, go pick this up ASAP one of the better rose/oud combos out
05th January, 2013

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Smooth leather and suede are the main characters here. This is a soft luxurious leather with some serene incense and a subtle floral accord to make it very versatile and wearable. Here's what bothers me, there is a raspberry note that turns this from masculine incensed leather, to unisex my wife wants to steal it leather. Why can we have anything that's nice, all to ourselves???
02nd January, 2013

Green Valley by Creed

Since this fragrance is vaulted, i dont wear this a lot. Kinda smells like Fahrenheit at first spray, once it opens up you get a fresh citrus with subtle spicy notes. Closest fragrance to green Irish tweed I've ever smelled, not as good tho
01st January, 2013

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

This is absolutely stunning. The tobacco flower and the vanilla infuse to make a dark, honey accord. In fact, when I wear it I get a beautiful cloud of honey and cocoa and its so gorgeous. During the dry down I get a smokey tobacco leaf and a chocolatey fruit smell. Absolutely unisex, the kind of scent u want your gf/wife to wear. When I wear this to the strip club, the dancers get a lil closer, and the dances last a lil longer ;)
01st January, 2013

Antico Caruso by Profumum

I love this line!! When I first smelled this at Osswald NYC I didn't wanna buy it, I thought it was too similar to JPG's le male. They do have similarities, but these guys are working with a bigger budget so the product is gonna be better quality. This is a beautiful blend of orange flowers and amber, it's sweet (not too sweet though) sophisticated and masculine. The almond in the middle and creamy sandalwood makes for a beautiful drydown. This is good for all seasons although its best in the winter. My new go to frag
30th December, 2012

Eccelso by Profumum

I'm glad that I'm the first to review this piece of olfactory genius. I had a sample of this since April, it took me a while to pull the trigger and buy the full bottle mainly due to its rarity and finding a place that sells it was hard. This is an amazing scent that's very elegant and refined. It's floral, spicy and woody. this should be on the top shelf with your "special occasions" scents (date, dinner party, fund raisers, ect). Wearing this just to hang out with your friends will make u feel like a douche. You wouldn't wear a tux to poker night would u? Five stars, thumbs up all the way
29th December, 2012

Royal Delight by Creed

Just picked up a 30ml bottle of this from creed boutique. Last year I spotted a 250ml flacon at bergdoff goodman and passed on it. I'm kicking myself now. This is a softer more wearable version of Royal English Leather. It's very floral and sophisticated and it balances out the leather because REL can be overpowering at times but royal delight is pure perfection
23rd December, 2012

Baby Blue Jeans by Versace

This is the perfect summer citrus blend. It's got a sorbet kinda feel to it, with the musky vanilla dry down. It's a great smelling fragrance and its dirt cheap, I remember I used to drive girls crazy with this in HS it's very pleasant, you won't offend anyone with this thumbs up all the way
22nd November, 2012

Lyric Man by Amouage

Lyric man is a confusing scent to my nose. It's a rich floral that works better in cold, damp temperature. Very classy and expensive smelling. It's a masculine rose that's the exact opposite of rose 31, that's more of a t-shirt & jeans scent and this is a tuxedo type fragrance. Rose and neroli up top over a spicy mix of saffron, ginger and nutmeg bottomed out by vanilla and a majestic frankincense note. 50ml cost me 270 so it's kinda pricey depending on your budget. Projection and longevity are really good, don't spray too much you'll ruin it, sometimes you may not smell it but others do.. This is one of those fragrances
21st November, 2012

Santalum by Profumum

This is the sexiest perfume I own. It's a little overpowering at first, spray it on 30 mins before you leave your house and let this beast calm down a little. This is an Italian version of sandalwood, and it's not sweet n creamy. This is a manly, sweaty, musky sandalwood, base notes calls it shared, but the only woman that can pull this off is like a lady gaga or Rihanna type. Projection and longevity are an A+. This stuff oozes sex, be easy on the trigger though..
20th November, 2012 (last edited: 16th March, 2014)

Lumière Noire pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This fragrance is one I love for a few reasons. One, its very subtle which means you're not gonna offend anyone. Another is its crisp n clean, no annoying, cloying notes here. Simply elegant for someone who wants to make a statement without making noise. The only knock on this is that it smells A LOT like desire by dunhill for over $100 more. Other than that, all smiles here
13th November, 2012

Black by Bulgari

I been wearing this off and on for 10 years and its just as good now as it was then. It's so sexy and modern an initial herbal/floral mix that gives way to a woody, ambery vanilla dry down. This stuff is electric its one of the only designers that smells like it can easily be niche. The only knock on this is the bottle, I absolutely hate the bottle, when you spray it half gets on the bottle, the other half on ur skin unless you hold it at a perfect angle. They've made improvements over the years but the bottle still sucks
12th October, 2012

Santal 33 by Le Labo

My fourth le labo and I wanna start this review off by saying I only review fragrances I own, and I only review them after I get a good five uses in. That's why you'll never see a thumbs down review, cuz I'm not spending 200+ on perfume I don't like, just to trash it. With that being said, lets get to the review. When I first smelled this, I thought "I've smelled this before" but I smelled the card, left the store n didn't think much of it just thought it was business as usual for this house, trying to pass off femme scents as masculine. Days go by and I can't stop thinking about it, I have to have it. So I buy it and the first time I wear it it hits me, I know where I've smelled this before, the green car freshener that dangled from my moms caddy. This starts off as a blast of florals mixed with a lil spice and its fairly linear. I never smell cedar, but the beauty of fragrance, is that oils are sometimes infused to create a different accord. The florals in this are heavy and they dominate especially the violet. I think it's a great buy for a perfume connoisseur, it's a floral-oriental for men which is not done a lot. If you only own a couple bottles of perfume, you might wanna go another route. It's definitely unisex as a matter of fact when I get back home I'm gonna see if my wife wants to take this off my hands, amazing scent but I doubt I'm gonna get a lot of use out of it..
08th October, 2012