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Ange ou Démon Le Secret Lace Edition : Les Parfums Couture by Givenchy

A more sophisticated version of the original Ange ou Demon Le Secret, although actually to my nose more similar to Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir. The Lace Edition shares the same floral DNA as these other two editions but is less sweet and and has what I would consider a spicier, woodier scent to it. I unfortunately do not have the experience to identify what exactly these notes are. In general it seems like a very well blended, less sweet, more mature version of Le Secret Elixir. If you like Le Secret Elixir you will probably like this. While the price is considerably more than the original, the Lace edition has much better projection and longevity. Two to three sprays creates a nice scent cloud several feet around you and longevity is 8 - 10 hours. Out of the three new Lace Editions I sampled this was my favorite, although the Organza Lace Edition is also nice but did not seem as complex.
20th June, 2012