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Dunhill Icon by Dunhill

Tried it today (late January) in the most prestigious department store in London.

It is beautiful!

Dunhill has had some good releases over the course of time but I did not care much for the Procter&Gamble era of the house, so I am happy to see a depart like this into a new more daring era: The era of the ever more daring, caring, baring, (scaring) metrosexual man!

It is almost bordering on feminine but just when you think that floral burst (neroli & iris are radiant) goes a tat too far, the peppery oakmoss vetiver leather accord brings it right back to regal Mayf(l)air manliness.

A true revelation I must admit. As a matter of fact, they could have named it "Revelation" (as opposed to "declaration") and here is why:

The strong cardamom along with the other florals, paired with the pungent pepper, makes this a suitable contender, if not a modern update (some may say rip-off) of CARTIER's "Declaration": just more neroli and of course that obligatory OUD! (THE ingredient of the 21st century).

I really must say this is a STUNNING release and I will consider seriously an acquisition (for EASTER!)


P.S.: For all of you guys who prefer it a tat more manly, do layer it with a pure OUD scent or a leather focus like CHANEL's "Antheus" or PACO RABANNE "Pour Homme" would work well with this!
P.P.S: BTW the poster-boy (Andrew Cooper) for this campaign is super-yummy!! He better be 'open-minded' lol
08th February, 2015

Royal Extract by Guerlain

Potent Peach Powerhouse!
In fact all the ingredients listed are powerful in their own right: put them together and you have a powerhouse; just like Harrods, the super high-end luxury exclusive department store, that companies like Guerlain, produce limited and exclusive products for.
This one is adorable, intoxicating and addictive: just like shopping at Harrods.

It is very sweet and sometimes I wished the peach would be a little bit more subtle (for it is screaming peach) as it comes accross amplified by the other florals. It cannot be denied that there is most certainly come "Fracas" (tuberrose) present.

An amazing creation for an amazing client

Screams luxury and quality.

Special 8.5/10
23rd May, 2014

Insensé by Givenchy

I am proud owner of a won ebay bid of one of the 2nd release phased (ugly bottle) ones that I have received just today at work.

Nothing can beat an olfactory time-warp of a scent you have missed for so long (I have not smelled it in over 10 years) and sniffing the first sharp, sour, aldehydic whiff immediately catapulted me back to the early to mid 90ies clubbing days, when life was young and fun!

This is eternal youth in a bottle, a never ending fountain of crisp cold water, drunk on white morning flowers, that ooze their juices and scents into the ether yearning to let loose like wild horses.

I love the soapy, sour, peppery, floral tang. Ironically it is not a sweet fragrance, or just when you are about to smell a sweet floral that sour note catches you away and throws you like a "jongleur" into the air, confusing you like a Harlekin-Caspar, laughing, as you are now smelling sour, soapy, peppery something so unique!!

Best for use in winter turning to spring (when the weather is crazy).

A TRUE MASTERPIECE (and arguably the male answer to AMARIGE)
07th April, 2012
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Une Rose by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

WOW! Went to Liberty today (last summer) and the assistant gave me the sample of "Une Rose" which quite frankly is the best and most authentic Rose I have ever smelled. Full-bodied, rich, humid rose with an earthy if the whole plant was ripped out of the ground after a rainy night at lunchtime.
I love "West Side" by Bond #9 which is a boozy, vanilla, biscuit-wafers, kind of rose, but if you want a bursting rose after a long rain, when the bud opens in the sun, THIS IS IT!
The Jacaranda Rose explosion of a perfume!!!
(oh and before I forget Czech & Speake also do a lovely one called "Dark Rose" which is also worth a try albeit just a cologne)
06th April, 2012

Joop! Homme by Joop!

Think of 1980ies "larger than life" attitude, think of Neon lights, fairgrounds with their sweet candy floss and all the action, think red candy glazed toffee apples, think Bazooka Chewing gum flavour and colour that makes your saliva glands ache in over-activity.

Think cinnamon, orange syrup, with a ton of jasmine flowers and that distinctive heliotrope dunked in it, together with those red candied cherries, heated up over burning logs of sandalwood.

That's what you get until the sticky sweet brew mellows out into a rich, warm, woody vanilla.

Probably THE most long-lasting scent there is and certainly value-for-money (as you only need a small bottle that will last you for years)

I would describe it as the male version of YSL's "Opium", just light years sweeter!

It is a very well orchestrated scent with longevity. Lots and lots of strong floral and spicy ingredients. A true floral oriental scent only to be used in the coldest of winters!!!

Use sparingly ONLY in winter on a cold and crisp day, then everyone will love you
Use it in the summer heat generously, then EVERYONE (including yourself) will hate you, lol.

17th March, 2012

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Truly a masterpiece!
Upon application it immediately transforms you into a different place and time. Think of the movie "Laurence of Arabia" and you get this glamorous mix of herbs, spices, fruits and berries, woods and tons of frankincense. No floral note though!

So sophisticated! OMG! To me this is the ultimate scent of freedom, intellect, sophistication, peace, love along with unity and harmony of mother nature.

Whilst elegant, I also think of sport (outdoor pursuits) and I am being reminded of my horse riding youth with all the green smells in a rich "Indian Summer" early autumn landscape when the land is full and ripe and rich!

Yes, I do get the blue berries but I also get cypress and juniper or something really really pine forresty and green!

This scent smells like a beautiful day in the countryside in the autumn.

It is utter and sheer bliss!!

10 out of 10. ICONIC.
16th March, 2012

Silver Cologne by Amouage

Stunning fragrance!
Gold is arguably the shining sun of AMOUAGE but "Silver" is the shining moon.
It is a little bit lighter than "Gold" and somehow the "little sibling" with a similar familiar face but still very different.

I find the orchid component very interesting and exotic.

The combination between all those wonderful florals: orchid, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, rose and heliotrope makes this a powerful and romantic scent that yearns for love and passion.

Just like a full moon night does!

Highly sensual and sexual.
16th March, 2012

Gold Man by Amouage

WOW! I love this scent and yes it is a "nuveau retro" instant classic!

I agree with the CHANEL #5 reference and I would add the "Shalimar for men" as it is quite soapy in the beginning.

Very pungent, strong and instantly recognizable!

A true golden STAR of a scent...I cannot stop sniffing!!

Instantly makes you feel divine and worth a million bucks!

16th March, 2012

No. 5 by Chanel

I am a (gay) man and I love #5 so much that I wear it myself as it works well on my skin. I can also be perfectly layered atop a more masculine woody or leathery scent.

It is the purest jasmine scent I know, and it is so well constructed with all ingredients in perfect harmony that it is like listening to the London Symphonic orchestra or probably more accurately some French opera.

Though preferably used as an evening scent (perfume) this is the olfactory equivalent to a floral burst you get after prolonged rain, when the sun pops open all flower buds and they all ooze their fragrance into the open air on a perfect spring day.

If >>Shalimar<< is the slightly louder more "slutty" one (the 'Samantha' of perfumes), then #5 is definitely the more distinguished, romantic, big dreaming 'Carrie Bradshaw'.

I love this fragrance for it oozes class and luxury with the familiarity of "baby powder". Sheer amazing!
14th March, 2012 (last edited: 19th March, 2012)

New Look 1947 by Christian Dior

Not a fan of tuberose but in this composition it is well juxtaposed with the softer and richer flowers.
It smells very contemporary and interesting, unusual and exotic.
Perfect for a new spring wardrobe I should say.
Reminds me a bit of L'Artisan's "La Chasse aux Papillion" but this is obviously the more refined and luxurious concotion.
Very well executed and usually florals are very straight forward: this one however is very intriguing and would suit a very well situated woman who loves to be feminine but can equally take center stage in the boardroom!

Modern Classic!
14th March, 2012

Reflection Man by Amouage

I LOOOOVE this one! Totally spring scent! Imagine a new biological beginning after winter and you get this one! Floral, sweet yes but also very fresh and well balanced...I even smell Mimosa although it is not listed as an ingredient. Probably the "youngest smelling" of the Amouage range.

Quite a bit waxy, jasmine, ylang-ylang, the exotic note, ...the whole fragrance smells like a sweet exotic flower or fruit. Also, I smell that Bazooka chewing gum note from back in the day that makes my saliva gland go, lol. A distinctively "wet" smelling fragrance: juicy, floral, rich, modern, sweet and a little pungent peppery.

A lighter oriental so an ideal daytime and great scent to get introduced to this extraordinary brand!

Nothing but love for this!

I will add this to my spring scent wardrobe as it is very uplifting! Think of it like a sip from a hot invigorating ginger tea!
14th March, 2012

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Excellent vanilla winter warming scent that opens with a dirty clover musky note, then dries down to something more aromatic warm, vanilla, woody, cinnamon-y, rich honey without being too sweet with a long glow from an open fireplace.

Radiant! Very Christmassy and Classy! Generous, rich, and seductive!

It really IS the "Shalimar for men" but funnily in the dry down it envelops you like a cashmere dressing gown!

14th March, 2012