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Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Was introduced to this by a woman who wears it often. I love the scent, nice and creamy, but for me it really smells like a feminine scent. Smells very tasty

Also, as an Australian who grew up around Eucalyptus trees, I can confidently say that there is zero eucalyptus in this

Lasts well and nice projection too. Thumbs up, but not something I would wear personally
11th April, 2012

Champion Energy by Davidoff

Its alright, but nothing special. The citrus opening is quite strong, and to my nose stayed a lot longer than just the topnotes. Longevity was OK, scent was OK. Decent but nothing special.

Just a side note, be careful with the spray mechanism, it sprays about twice as much as any other bottle I've ever used, I had rivulets forming on my wrists after a single use
02nd April, 2012

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

I have smelt many uninteresting, boring, overused and not very pelasant fragrances, but congratulations to Grey Flanel for being the first to make me physically recoil.

It could have the nicest drydown of any fragrance ever, but there is no way I will put up with such an offensively obnoxious opening. One spray on paper and I thought I'd give it a second chance. Some time later, just as bad.

Lot of positive reviews for this one so try it for yourself, but by my nose, bad bad bad
31st March, 2012
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Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

This scent is fantastic, one of my favourites for a night out. Quite strong, lasts well, very masculine and powerful. One of the best fragrances I own and wear it every opportunity I can. Not exactly for work or day wear though, I feel it is too heavy for that.

My only criticism is that while wearing it I feel I can't live up to the sophistication of my scent. Seriously, I looked down at my clothes and thought "How can I walk around smelling like this and dressed like that!" Unless I've suited up, I can't bring myself to wear it. If you see me in a suit, you will smell me wearing Zino

30th March, 2012

Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

In my work I often don't get to wear the darker, heavier and complex scents, but I think this is a winner here for me. Very fresh, nice with herbal and citrus notes, and to my delight, lasts a long time.

I get nervous when I unwrap a present from someone and see a 100mL bottle of fragrance, but in this case, I'm sure I will be using it a lot.

Good for work, good for evenings, a great all around product
30th March, 2012

Sea & Sun in Cadaquès by Salvador Dali

Bought this as a gift for someone (who loved it), and was very pleasantly surprised myself. While fruity this does not come across as overly feminine, and the kumquat smell seems quite prominent. The sun and sea seems very appropriate, very fresh, very pleasant, and an interesting salty sort of tang to it.

She is now looking to buy another bottle, so that's two thumbs up, one from me, one from her
30th March, 2012

Horizon by Guy Laroche

Just a good quality scent here, I thoroughly enjoy wearing this one for all occasions. For work it's light and fresh and lasts all day, for evenings and more formal occasions it is something original interesting and more complex than most of the other "sporty" fragrances I have tried. Very nice, especially or the price. Discontinued but still seems readily available, I may just have to buy a few extras, shame to lose such a nice scent while Drakkar Noir is still around
30th March, 2012

Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

Very cheap, quite simple but strong fragrance. Would be much better if it lasted longer, only lasted about 2-3 hours on my skin. I like the tobacco notes, the spiciness, and the overall effect is quite masculine.

Something to wear on a short night out, and to look good in your collection. The bottle is a bit of a laugh.
24th March, 2012

Chrome by Azzaro

A lot of reviews seem to dislike the metallic tang to this scent, but that is exactly what I like about it. Don't forget, it is called "Chrome" after all. A very fresh and clean smell, great for the hotter workdays. Could project a bit longer, but still a thumbs up
18th March, 2012

Black Sun by Salvador Dali

Love the opening, but after awhile all I could smell was a musky powdery sort of scent. Little bit too feminine for my taste, but something I think I will still wear occasionally. Worth it for the $10 I payed for it, but not something I think I would pay full price for
18th March, 2012

The Dreamer by Versace

Fantastic scent. After wearing it out a couple of times I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of it. The tobacco is quite prominent to my nose, but never invasive or ashy, more like an unlit cigar. A woman asked what I was wearing too, had never heard of it, and told me she was a massive fan of it, which is always a plus. A different fragrance, probably not for everyone, but something I thoroughly enjoy.

The scent lasted all day throughout work and into the evening still quite strong, but the slight floral scents seemed to cow before the tobacco as it kept going.

One of my favourites
18th March, 2012

Fujiyama Homme by Succès de Paris

nice lemony opening followed by absolutely nothing on me. Not even to the point of having low projection, but not being able to smell it at all when close to the wrist I had sprayed it. Having said that, it is a nice cheap scent to use after a shower and feels really good, but only for about half an hour
18th March, 2012

Joop! Splash by Joop!

A nice fresh fragrance. I didn't find it too sweet, and quite like the scent but it is a little bit femenine to my nose. One thing I will say is that I am completely paranoid that someone will smell this on me immediately after application. It smells like artificial watermelon flavouring, and while I had a good laugh at it the first time, I always make sure to apply this about half an hour before I leave the house.

Once the initial watermelon scent has left I quite enjoy wearing this on sunny days
18th March, 2012
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Salvador pour Homme by Salvador Dali

While being very new to fragrances, I picked this up at a very good price, along with a deodorant stick and a small sample bottle. This is a very unusual fragrance and definitely not one for everyone, or everyday wear. With my experience there is very little I can compare it to, but it is a heavy scent. I enjoy wearing it on cloudy colder days, and is something I wear because I enjoy the scent of it not something I wear to impress. Thumbs up from me, but I highly doubt it will be thumbs up from everyone
18th March, 2012