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Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Very very fruity at the start, drying down to something pretty close to the original Euphoria. Nice but I still prefer the original, I might be tempted by this when the spring comes, as its definitely more suitable for warmer weather. If you find Euphoria rather strong or heavy then Forbidden will be perfect for you.
19th March, 2012

Sheer Obsession by Calvin Klein

As a lover of Obsession who often finds it too strong for particular situations I was intrigued to try Sheer Obsession. Its Obsession for daytime use. Anyone familiar with Obsession would definitely recognise Sheer as part of that family, but its quiter, softer, sweeter, even suitable for office wear. The sillage is very good and the lasting power is incredible, 11 hours so far!!!! Such a shame its no longer available. Hey CK, re-release this one, please?
19th March, 2012

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

I remember when Secret Obsession was released, and all the fuss over the ad. Being a fan of CK and Eva Mendes (she's absolutely gorgeous, I'd love to look like her!)I tried it at the first opportunity I got. I wasn't convinced enough to buy a bottle there and then, but a few months later I went into a shop where they had a tester on the counter, so I had another try. I don't know what was different the second time but I really enjoyed it, so I went back later for a small bottle. I still have it, I still wear it and I still enjoy it.
So many people here don't seem to like Secret Obsession but that's OK with me, it means that I don't smell it on every second or third woman in the street like with Mademoiselle or Cherie.
19th March, 2012
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Angel Garden Of Stars - Peony Angel by Thierry Mugler

Testing, testing....
Blimey this stuff is strong at the start!! Patchouli smacks in you square in the face then hangs around to poke fun. Once the peony arrives (a good hour later) its rather nice but not nice enough to make up for the patchouli assault earlier on. It was all bravado anyway, it only lasted 4-5 hours, not good enough for a Mugler, and the price tag.

Besides all that, its practically impossible to buy in UK, I can't find any real shops that stock it, only a few online. I bought a sample from eBay, that's all you can find there.
19th March, 2012