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Fever for Him by Jovan

Very nice, base-heavy, masculine winter fragrance. Base is tonka, white musk, frankincense... mid is quite herbal- perhaps artemisia and lavender, with tobacco, and a subtle touch of cinnamon. The top is black pepper and bitter orange, I think- it is quite minimal and leads quickly to the splendid, sexy drydown. I would guess this fragrance was released about the mid-2000's... there are others like it- Tommy Bahama Original (2005) and Dirty English (2008), for instance, and I would guess it was released at about that time. Not in the least ground-breaking or original like the first Jovan fragrances from the 70's, but very nice EDT for your collection none-the-less.
06th November, 2012

Musk Fire by Avon

Smells like the offspring of JPG Le Male and Burberry London- pleasant and sexy, but nothing revolutionary.
30th March, 2012

Ginseng for Men by Jovan

I recently found a partial bottle- this stuff is great! I can honestly say that I have nothing else quite like it in my collection!

The heart of fresh ginger stands as the strongest note, top-notes are subtle- black pepper, cinnamon. Along with ginger, there is also the oil of a rhizome in the heart related to ginger called "krachai" in Thai- or sometimes "lesser galanga" in English; it has a very-unique scent with which I'm familiar- very nice to see it used in a context other than in gravy for fish. ;-) The base is calm- perhaps sandalwood and white musk- not sure. Anyway, it is a zingy, exotic composition that relies mostly on the well-known (gastronomically-speaking) interlock between ginger and cinnamon- nothing at all like Ginseng N-R-G! And packaged appropriately in Jovan's signature simple rectangular bottle... however this one is black (actually deep violet if you hold it up to strong light), with the name "Ginseng" written in Chinese characters below the English. It has a gold-tone cap instead of silver- a jewel in any collection!

Yes, WHY doesn't Jovan bring this one back!?
30th March, 2012
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