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Noir Divin by Stendhal

A wonderful SA at Burgins in York suggested this to me during my trip to England in September. Love it, a current favorite. I get lots of complements when I wear it. It's warm and cozy, feels kind of like Hypnotic Poison, but not so much almond. Will look out for Stendhal's other offerings.
24th March, 2013

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

I bought this after reading the reviews and, especially, because Princess Di wore it. Love it, but not sure I wear it as well as somebody in pearls and high-heels. A very high class scent with huge sillage. I don't get the oriental feel that other remark on, seems completely floral to me, but it's really beautiful.
16th November, 2012

Fleur de Rocaille by Caron

24 Fauberg's little sister. Classy floral, very feminine. Like it and love the pretty bottle, too.
16th November, 2012
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Histoire d'Amour by Aubusson

I bought this specifically because of the previous review. I like "old lady" perfume, think these are elegant and refined. I'm not disappointed with my ebay purchase at all. Thank you Basenotes for giving us something to look at before making a completely blind buy. The dry down is the best part of this lovely perfume. Not too powdery for me. Love the patchouli. And the bottle is beautiful, too.
25th October, 2012

Yvresse Légère by Yves Saint Laurent

The SA at Burgins Perfumery in York, England suggested this to me and I just love it. A wonderful fruity chypre that lasts and lasts on me. It's really delicious and sultry at the same time.
22nd September, 2012

Coco by Chanel

Thumbs was up on this one. Probably my favorite Chanel scent, but I do love the orientals and this one has that spiciness I like. She is deep and alluring, very sexy. Aredore describes her very well.
26th August, 2012

Cristalle Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Very nice quality perfume as with all Chanels. Top notes very green as mentioned already. Not my favorite Chanel, but definitely wearable.
26th August, 2012

No. 22 Parfum by Chanel

Very strong, a little dab'll do 'ya. Lovely, complex, and works for me as Chanel No. 5 just doesn't. Love it!
26th August, 2012

Washington Square by Bond No. 9

This has a clean, sharp opening and then moves into a warmer, sweeter mode. The drydown is just delicious, very soft and smooth. Agree with others that this is a unisex scent. Adore it almost as much as Chinatown.
26th August, 2012

L'Insolent by Charles Jourdan

Scored a mini bottle of this on ebay. Love it! It feels very elegant and sophisticated to me. Deep, dark and wise as well. Wish it was a full bottle.
25th August, 2012

Steel Bouquet by Jafra

Not sure why this has "steel" in it's name, nothing metallic about it. Very heavy on the vanilla, which I do like, but this fragrance has a much less complex than some other frags with strong vanilla scent. I don't really smell the base notes which are listed as patchouli, oakmoss, orris, amber, and sandalwood. It's wearable, good for a work scent.
15th August, 2012

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

I got a sample of this with a mixed lot from ebay and really like it. Have been wearing it to work every day. I like the soft orange top notes and how it blend into the patchouli. It feels luxurious and rich to me and I can't stop sniffing myself when I have it on. FBW for me.
09th August, 2012

Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

I tried this one at the perfume counter at Von Maur last night and really love it. It is a nice aquatic fragrance that lasts. While I couldn't identify it last night, the cucumber really gives it that fresh and clean scent. I swear I could see the seagulls and feel the salty spray on my face when the saleslady sprayed the card. Just what I was looking for in an aquatic. Dries down to a lovely soft woody base. Definitely FBW!!
21st July, 2012
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Rouge by Christian Lacroix

I guess I just don't like the fruity ones. Blind bought this, love the bottle, but it doesn't work for me. It's not vile by any means, but I'll probably try to resell it.
19th May, 2012

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I got a sample of this after reading it might be unisex and I really like it. Love the blast of lavender top note and the vanilla/woodsy dry down. Works really well on my skin and it lasts all day. A terrific blind buy. Think I'll get a full bottle and scratch off the "Homme"? Ha!
19th May, 2012

Velvet Hour by Kate Moss

This one is a recent addition to my collection and I really like it. Love the woody, sensuous feel it has, but I'm a sucker for a woody floral. Last and lasts like a quality perfume should. I'm kind of cynical about all these celebrity perfumes, but really enjoy this one. Beautiful blue bottle, too.
16th May, 2012

Racquets Formula by Penhaligon's

I like this one from first sniff. Doesn't smell likes a "man's" fragrance to me like some other Penhaligon's fragrances do. Like the powdery dry down and the oriental feel to it.
29th April, 2012

Lily of the Valley by Penhaligon's

One of my sample pack that I' trying out. It's a lovely scent, but just not for me. Light and springy, okay for a break from a fave, but I like a perfume with more oomph. Fleurine describes it very well.
27th April, 2012

Elisabethan Rose by Penhaligon's

Very feminine scent with a nice soft base note. Light and rosy smelling as you might expect. Reminds me of the small kitchen in my childhood home; I would cut my mother's tea roses and put them in a little round vase and it made the kitchen smell so good. Good scent for spring and summer, I think.
18th April, 2012

Castile by Penhaligon's

This smells like concentrated laundry soap on me, the powdery kind. Not for me, unfortunately.
18th April, 2012

Victorian Posy by Penhaligon's

Very loud floral opening, muskier base notes. I like it a lot and like the old fashioned feeling it has. I see it as a woman's fragrance because it is so floral, but people should wear what they like.
17th April, 2012

Violetta by Penhaligon's

A lovely smoky kind of violet scent. It's not sweet or musky, but more earthy, I like it a lot.
15th April, 2012

No. 19 by Chanel

Love it! Love the opening notes and the woody base notes. I like a fragrance that is a little masculine/strong and this one is quickly becoming a new favorite.
12th April, 2012

Shalimar by Guerlain

Now I know why Shalimar is all over this site. What a wonderful fragrance! I seem to have an older version, the bottle is different than pictured, but it is lovely. Not too powdery for me, soft and sensual, a real classic. Still not better than Knowing on me, but I'll definitely keep it in stock.
12th April, 2012

Epris by Max Factor

Pretty strong perfume-one spray is enough, but I like the way it smoothes down to a spicy, oriental fragrance. I'll wear this often.
10th April, 2012

Arpège by Lanvin

Love this one. Has a nice complexity to it that I really like and reminds me of scents my mother and aunt wore years ago. I like "old lady" perfumes and this one has that mature feel to it.
09th April, 2012

Omnia by Bulgari

Thumbs way up on this one for me. Love the strong spiciness of it and the comlex finish. I don't smell the coffee or the chocolate, but that's just my nose, I guess. Warm and cosy feel to it. A terrific offering from Bulgari. Definitely FBW!
07th April, 2012

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Definitely not my scent. Too powdery and has something I really hate in the top notes, not sure what. Maybe that's what aldehyde is, not sure. Love the bottle, though, and E.T. herself.
07th April, 2012

Poême by Lancôme

Not my favorite, but it's wearable. Horrible topnote blast of something, but much better at the end.
07th April, 2012

Wings by Wings

Smells totally cheap on me, never wear it.
07th April, 2012