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Cialenga by Balenciaga

I bought a vintage EDT and, looking at the above reviews, I wonder if this is the same fragrance! This is a rich, woody, sumptuous perfume, unique and possessing so much personality. I get a little "green", much woodiness, and some wonderful clove in this scent. The florals come to the forefront after about 20-30 minutes, very fine, slightly dry, and beautifully blended. The drydown is fantastic; if you love dry, woody scents this one will thrill you. I absolutely love it, and wish it were still in production. (The Basenotes notations indicate that it is, but, in America, at least, it's difficult to find, and listed as discontinued on fragance websites.)
05th April, 2012

Acqua di Parma Profumo by Acqua di Parma

I don't know for certain whether this is new or vintage, but some of the reviews I've read suggest I must have an older version. A very powerful opening that smells almost masculine on me, followed by some lovely florals and (the best part for a chypre lover) a fantastic mossy drydown that goes on forever. If only it weren't so expensive I would enjoy it every day.
04th April, 2012