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Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

On me I get the smokey jasmine scent but it lasts for all of two minutes. No joke. This is one of the many fragrances I've tried that don't last on me at all. Not on my clothes. I've asked other members of my family and they can't smell anything.
01st April, 2012

Dead Sexy No. 06 by Tokyo Milk

I agree with the rater above...this fragrance has nothing going for it. No staying power at all. So, I couldn't even detect any scent of vanilla or anything. Such a waste. I had read great things about it. Even wondered if I got an old bottle or something. Who knows? Not taking a chance on the other items in the line.
01st April, 2012

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Oh wow...this was a fragrance I didn't want to last on my skin! I couldn't believe it. So, many love it. It sounds like a fragrance I would love. But, on me, everything meshed together into one big bad sweet smell of ick.
01st April, 2012
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Love, Chloé by Chloé

Definitely thumbs up for me. Love, Chloe is an example of how one's body chemistry makes all the difference. On me, at first it's very strong, but within seconds dries down to a very warm, soft and sexy fragrance. My boyfriend loves it. However, one doesn't need to use too much. Two sprays will do fine and I mean light sprays. Very much worth the money for who never can get fragrances to last.

01st April, 2012