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Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren

Smells good on paper, smells bad on skin. Taught me a valuable lesson about testing on skin. This scent literally lasts one hour on your skin. During that hour it smells like a generic perfume for about 27 minutes then fades to a slight powder smell for the remaining 33. Then nothing. I actually thought I got a bad batch. Very disappointing.
13th April, 2012

Cool Water by Davidoff

Like most people this was my first cologne, I got it when I was about 14-15 and knew nothing about it, girls loved it, I loved it. Years later it smells incredibly synthetic. One day I walked into my friends little brothers room (he was about 14) and saw he had a bottle. The legacy lives on! Most people will love it, I still don't mind it. Kind of reminds me of a cheap deodorant though.
13th April, 2012

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Without sounding like a pretentious hipster, I had this before it was cool!

Code seems to really have taken off over the past 2-3 years. Regularly stocked and discounted at major stores where I live it seems to have become extremely popular. Personally I don't think the smell is anything special, it is quite masculine and last a good 10-12 hours. I soon grew tired of colleagues coming into work wearing the same scent. Without exaggeration I had about 6 people purchase it within a year of working in a small team of about 15 people. Very distinguishable and kind of unoriginal. The guy who works in the perfume department wears it, the guy who works in the dock wears it etc. It has become a scent that a lot of young try hard men abuse by drowning themselves in rather than spraying on making it unpleasant for everyone else. I know it is extremely unfair to give a fragrance a negative review based on its users rather than its scent but it needs to die.
13th April, 2012
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Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

Nothing wrong with this, quite a basic masculine smell. Received it as a Christmas present and was immediately disappointed that someone would blindly purchase someone cologne. I was wrong however, it probably works for everyone. Lasts about 6-8 hours, projects a bit. I could see people who enjoy Armani Code wearing this.
13th April, 2012

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

Absolutely love this! In my mere 19 years of existence I am yet to find something I find more interesting. After reading so much about it I finally ordered a small sample of the original scent. At first I found it a little... "different" somehow I got a slight tomato smell out of it along with the cherry medicinal smell. Literally 2 hours later I could just not stop smelling my wrist. Very different to everything I have worn (I presume it is the Oud) but I loved it, the dry down is close to perfect. I honestly like the scent so much that I couldn't care if someone disliked it. Similar to Dr Pepper it shares a kind of love hate relationship with an almost indescribable taste. Unfortunately it is not stocked in Australia so I had to order a reformulated bottle online. There seems to be a lot of controversy about the "reformulation" it does smell a tad weaker upon the first spray but it retains the signature smell. I find the longevity to be about 6-8 hours with two spray under my neck, In my opinion it is quite a projector as I have had a few people intrigued by it. I sometime wear this daily due to my immense love for it, however it is defiantly a winter / evening scent. YSL have re bottled it again since I purchased my bottle, time to purchase another bottle!
13th April, 2012

Allure Homme by Chanel

Been wearing this quite frequently for the past 2 years. Quite a nice scent that is neither overpowering or offending. It is quite timeless and will appeal to a wide age group (I am 19). Cant say I get many compliments from it, a few older people have actually been able to name it, which is quite impressive. I find that the longevity is a little poor (3-5 hours before it becomes a skin smell) which has resulted in it becoming more of an evening scent. In my line up I usually use it in Summer / Spring however it could easily be used year round. Hard to comment on projection as I am so used to wearing it, my family members and friends don't seem to be repulsed when I wear it so I presume it is quite subtle. Unfortunately my father purchased a bottle duty free while he was overseas resulting in me using mine less. Hard to summarize, essentially it is quite basic but somehow enjoyable and satisfying. Its a very safe signature scent albeit slightly expensive. I use it frequently in rotation with YSL M7
13th April, 2012

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I love YSL line of fragrances, sadly I just cant enjoy this. Originally I ordered a sample of it to test on my skin. Wore it out a few times, loved the longevity and projection, but for some reason it physically made me feel a bit nauseous. Tried it again a few time since, just doesn't work for me.
13th April, 2012