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Saks New Orleans by Bond No. 9

2 VERY BIG THUMBS UP!! (and not just because I was born and raised in NOLA)

This is the most exquisite and richest Bond No. 9 yet. I get the lingering blend of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and bergamot blended impeccably with a touch of cinnamon and the slightest element of a floral nature. This scent is both bold yet delicate, and it is both cajun and creole in nature; cajun like walking in the French Quarter and along the banks of the Misissippi, and creole like walking along St. Charles Street in Uptown NO and being inside an historic hotel Downtown. The longer it lingers, the better it smells, and it lasts a long time- like the memory of a kiss. It is blended to cover all the facets of the Crescent City, yet on its own it doesn't scream New whispers it lovingly in one's ear.

I have taken also to layering this fragrance with Nouveau Bowery and the combination is breathtaking, just like taking a ride on the ferry at twilight. It is a fragrance that both reminds you of something you have smelled in another period of your life yet has enough personality of its own to stand alone. Please try this one if you can- I can't do justice to it with a mere description. Laissez le bon temps rouler mes amis!!
10th July, 2012

Block Buster by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is an unusual scent- sort of like incense burning in a room during a sweet and sensual sexual encounter. There are no notes for that, but I'm sure bpal lists them on their site. The scent takes you back with a warm and spicy holiday feel curled up next to that special someone, but exudes an energy that could easily cling to the sun on an early spring day. You must simply try this for yourself- you dab it on as it is a very nice oil, and a little in the right places goes a long way. I was unsure about bpal, but now I know, and I will be trying more!!
03rd July, 2012

Fahrenheit Summer by Christian Dior

I must admit that it takes me back to my college days when I wore original Fahrenheit, Eternity, Cool Water, Polo Crest, Lagerfeld Photo, Liz Claiborne, and Polo Green (Original) in a regular weekly rotation. This is lighter and much more playful, but it definitely retains the distinctiveness of the original. It is ideal for summer, and is one of the few fragrances I can wear in 100 degree weather down here. Having said that, it is not a fragrance that I wear regularly- I have evolved past my old Farhrenheit days, but this was a wise purchase.
26th June, 2012
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Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

I just got this today and at first, I thought: "Hmmmm...I can't smell it." I guess I couldn't distinguish it. Then I went away from it and actually took a shower, put on some Davidoff Cool Water Cool Summer, and went out. When I returned several hours later, I showered again and decided to spray this on before I retired. That was 3 hours ago and I am LOVING this! It has settled down quickly and turned into a suprisingly unique fragrance that has the most important effect on me: it evokes memories; it brings me back to a certain time in my life with specific friends. I don't know why, but it does.

When a fragrance can spark memories and particular feelings, that's when it's more than a scent. It becomes an agent to the past, and a segue to the future. Please give this a try, just like I did.
30th May, 2012

Commando by Smell Bent

Hi. I JUST got a bottle of COMMANDO in the mail. Upon first spray, it was attractive enough to me but it is so complex that I didn't know what to make of it. I don't wait for the drydown or for the heart notes to relieve the top ones; if I don't like it initially I am not keeping it. This fragrance, however, broke ALL my rules...

It quickly transforms itself, and like the changing colors of a moodring, it evokes seriouness yet sexiness. I am very impressed and totally shocked.

Basenoters: If you see a bottle of this you must at least give it a try. For $15 I got a diamond in the rough...
24th May, 2012

Curve Appeal Men by Liz Claiborne

Yes...this cologne is very reminiscent of something I've had in the past, but the real beauty of this fragrance is after the top notes take a nap and the heart notes take over. This cologne then goes from fun and flirty to seductivel and inviting, almost laid back.
This is very much under the radar, so if you are a fan of the Curve line or just fresh yet slightly warm (in a summer sand type of way, not a fireplace in winter type), then this is a must try.
One last point- I got this as a "peek-a-boo" blind buy- meaning that I was familiar with Claiborne's Curve line, so I at least knew what ballpark I'd be palying in. I just wasn't sure I would get any hits, but I didn't strike out- I had a good day at the plate and came out with a nice addition to my collection. Late spring to late summer is definitely the time for this one. TRY IT!!
19th May, 2012

Burberrys for Men (Original) by Burberry

Hi. I am confused.
Here's the backdrop: I recently got this cologne on ebay by mistake; that is to say, the seller shipped me the wrong one. It's called Burberrys of London For Men. Well, the other buyer (wth my cologne I actually won) never responded, so I just decided to keep this and I even told the seller not to worry about giving me a partial refund (which she offered me to keep it).

Here's the story: I never smelled it nor sprayed it until it was officially mine, and whenI did, WOW!!!!! It is classy and awesome and just plain delicious! I think I may have an original, but I am not sure. The bottle has "Burberrys" in big letters, then "OF LONDON" underneath. Then, a little below that, "FOR MEN", and down near the base it says "EAU DE TOILETTE". Do I have a real gem or just a cZ? Either way, this smells GREAT!!
15th May, 2012