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Tom Yum by Parfum Prissana

It is called Tom Yum, but it doesn't smell exactly like Tom Yum soup, fortunately. We don't want to smell the same as foods or drinks. But the inspiration is here, and it is very well done! Take a fresh cologne base, and add lemongrass, kaffir lime and galangal root which are main ingredients in the soup, and you have a fantastic fresh fragrance with an Asian dna that works well in the heat. Refreshing and unique and highly recommended.

Unisex and quite long lasting.
01st April, 2020

Ichnusa by Profumum

I like fig fragrances since they perform well in a hot and humid climate. Ichnusa is centered on fig and is a 'green' fragrance. It is rather bitter which to me smells like grapefruit. Thus to my nose it is mostly a fig-citrus/grapefruit fragrance. I see that the notes include myrtle, but I have to say that I am not familiar with how myrtle smells.

The bitter greenness evokes a mediterranean feel. Perhaps a Greek island or Sardinia.

It is completely unisex and quite long lasting.
06th October, 2019

Lavande 44 by Rania J

This is an interesting lavender fragrance. It smells very natural, probably using mostly natural ingredients. The main star is lavender, supported by musk. Thus it is fortunately not a sweet lavender, which I don't like much. It opens with a blast of fresh lavender and progresses to a more subdued lavender with musk, tonka, and a mild patchouli.

Completely unisex I would say. And quite long lasting.
06th October, 2019
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Ma Liberté by Jean Patou

A lavender focused fragrance on an oriental base. Everything is effortlessly and expertly blended. The lavender is prominent in the beginning and fades after some time to a floral-oriental-musky-sandalwood base. Truly beautiful, wearable and unisex. With the focus on lavender and the oriental base, it comes across as more masculine than feminine to me. Long lasting.

07th July, 2019

Adjatay Cuir Narcotique by The Different Company

I am always on the lookout for masculine florals. This is not really 'masculine', but more unisex and that suits me fine. On my skin it is a tuberose-ylang combo with added 'amber/leather’ and a tiny bit of funk (castoreum?). It has a long duration and works well in the hot climate. It may be best not to overspray as the florals can be overpowering.

It evokes the feeling of some attars with the combination of florals and 'amber'. No oud in it as far as I can tell.
20th April, 2019 (last edited: 21st April, 2019)

Smolderose by January Scent Project

A very interesting and unique take on rose. I haven't smelled anything like it. There is rose all the way, but paired with what smells like gasoline to me. Not oud or wood, but more like gasoline from a petrol station. There are other notes of course, likely resins and florals and even sea shell is mentioned in the notes pyramid above.

It is an intriguing fragrance. I like it, but because of its uniqueness I suspect one might get bored with it after some time. Although it is a rose-focused scent, it leans more masculine in my opinion.
28th August, 2018

Ô Hira by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

To me it smells mostly labdanum (rockrose) with florals. There might be ambergris also, but I can't tell. It is a pleasant fragrance, projecting an 'amber' feeling. But I won't be getting a bottle as the price is stratospheric.

06th August, 2018

Naja by Vero Profumo

I was interested in trying this since I like linden flowers. Not so keen on honey since it often turns urinous. However the big surprise is that it smells rather strongly of Tiger Balm (menthol) on my skin. Obviously not a fit for me.
23rd July, 2018

Tolu by Ormonde Jayne

Excellent review by JTD below. I agree with most that is said and do not have much to add. It is a rather soft and resinous oriental. Somewhat floral but not much. Beautiful and long lasting. It is true that it reminds us of older oriental fragrances, but it does not feel dated at all. And it does not remind me of granny's fragrances.

It may lean a bit feminine, though not really. The floral aspect is soft and the resinous part dominates. I would say unisex.
23rd July, 2018

Attaquer Le Soleil Marquis de Sade by Etat Libre d'Orange

It is an ok fragrance in my book, clearly a rather pure labdanum. I wouldn't use it though since it is too sharp and I prefer something more complex and rounded.
23rd July, 2018

Eiderantler by January Scent Project

Eiderantler (love the name) is mostly a lavender fragrance on my skin. Unfortunately it seems to contain sweet vanilla and a kind of musk which I don't really like. Thus it is not my kind of fragrance. However, try it out for yourself.
13th July, 2018

Vaporocindro by January Scent Project

All of the January fragrances are interesting and unique. Vaporocindro opens with a floral statement possibly with narcissus and lilac and with brown spices and musk on the side. The florals later withdraw and the stage is set for a musky/spicy dry down.

It is unique and quite beautiful and rather long lasting. Unisex.
13th July, 2018

Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior

I have been sampling this for a few months, testing it at the Dior stores. The first time I tried it I said 'wow' and I still do. It's true that it doesn't bring in new elements and that it is quite similar to Lutens and Knize Ten. But its smell is of exceptional quality and it lasts longer than the others when I made a comparison. So, I got a bottle in the end.

Floral leather fragrances are beautiful and perhaps 'sexy'. There is a juxtaposition of feminine and masculine notes which is compelling. I don't find this feminine and it does not smell like a lady's handbag, not at all.
26th December, 2017
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Cuir de Russie Parfum by Chanel

It smells good, floral leather as it is supposed to. But the performance is poor. It is true that parfum extraits have little projection so I don't mind. However, the longevity is also very poor. The main notes are gone in less than an hour and there is hardly a faint scent trail after a couple of hours on my skin. Sorry Chanel, it's not worth it since there are other similar fragrances available.
26th December, 2017

Bergamotto Marino by Gianfranco Ferré

A pleasant neroli with floral elements. After some time though, I got a bit tired of it being somewhat one-dimensional and gave it away. There are other similar and more complex fragrances out there.
30th November, 2017

Satori by Parfum Satori

Very Japanese aesthetics. It is a quiet woody fragrance with elements of florals and spices. It also contains agarwood according to the company. Being a Japanese fragrance - where it is essential at all costs to not offend others - it is very subtle. It is well blended and rather beautiful though many would call it 'weak' I suppose. Unisex.
26th November, 2017 (last edited: 27th November, 2017)

Itasca / Le Vetiver Itasca by Lubin

I really like it a lot with more wears. A woody vetiver seems to be the focus though there are several other elements present such as pine, spices, smoke, tobacco and musk. It's not a fresh woody scent nor a dark scent, but a rugged lumberjack fragrance. Masculine, complex and attractive.
13th November, 2017

La Douceur de Siam by Parfums Dusita

I have tried samples of six of the Dusita perfumes, and they are all high quality and good. My favourites are Issara plus this one.

The fragrance manages to capture a tropical garden in bloom here in Bangkok - frangipani, ylang-ylang and champaca - what a feat! There is also a rose element that grows stronger and stronger after some time. There is probably some jasmine and tuberose in it, but I am glad Dusita managed to turn it into a bouquet smelling of Thailand's tropical flowers. I haven't put my nose to a fragrance that smells similar so it is quite unique in my opinion.

Due to the floral aspect, it leans towards feminine, but I think it can be applied by anyone who wants to celebrate the scents of tropical flowers.
19th October, 2017

Interlude Man by Amouage

Although they have different notes, it reminds me of A*Man, one of my least favourite fragrances. Not for me.
02nd October, 2017

Gold Man by Amouage

I have sampled this on a number of occasions, and I still love it! I have tried to look for the 'too feminine' or 'too floral for men' element, but haven't found it. Yes, it is aldehydic, floral and with civet, but it also has frankincense, resins and possibly other more 'masculine' elements.

It is regal, unique and not for young boys. The right woman can surely also pull it off.

One spray is sufficient - you don't want to overwhelm your lover.

02nd October, 2017

Oud Rouge Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

Okay, it smells a bit like Creed's Royal Oud. But it smells deeper and better. It feels less synthetic and more natural for sure. Oud is not prominent, it's more like a musky, wooden, peppery, patchouli fragrance. Oud may contribute to the depth, though, and the oud is well balanced and not of the sharp kind. Rather masculine I would say. I like it.
16th August, 2017

Sahraa Oud by Fragrance Du Bois

This feels like an amber focused fragrance with soft florals and perhaps some balsamic or incense elements with a round oud in the base. The oud is soft like in the other fragrances of the line, no offensive oud here. Unisex
16th August, 2017

Colonia Intensa Oud/ Colonia Oud by Acqua di Parma

It doesn't smell like real oud, but it's one of my most admired fragrances (by others), so I'll give it a thumbs up.

20th March, 2017

Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

To me it smells mostly woody-green with aspects of pepper, white florals and musk. It is well blended and gives a good projection and lasts quite long.

The only 'problem' is that it is obviously built mostly on synthetic compounds and I get this feeling of a woody-green fragrance that doesn't really smell natural. It smells good, but there is an element of synthetic-ness in it, I feel.

It is a unisex fragrance in my opinion and will fit equally well on men and women.
11th February, 2017

Cologne Intense by Houbigant

Unfortunately I must agree with cpp214 that it smells strongly of vomit on my skin. What a pity. I love Fougere Royale.

19th January, 2017

Au Delà Narcisse by Bruno Fazzolari

I like this. I am always interested in floral fragrances that can be worn by men, especially if they are a bit edgy. This fragrance starts with narcissus and bergamot and dries down to a narcissus-oakmoss combo on my skin. The floral is rich and of high quality and not sweet, but rather dry and a bit dusty, perhaps due to the oakmoss. Unisex and perhaps even leaning towards the masculine spectrum. Recommended.
10th January, 2017

Equipage Géranium by Hermès

Love it! It starts with a nice blend of aromatic herbs and fresh spiciness and dries down to an aromatic floral-spicy-moss like base. It is so well blended that it can be difficult to separate the notes. Not that I mind, since well blended is a positive feature in my book.

The dry down seems to contain a dose of oakmoss and perhaps a dash of civet. It is unapologetic masculine - make no mistake about it as this is no unisex fragrance. I find it rather sexy - for the grown up man.

I cannot compare it with the regular Equipage since I don't know that fragrance well enough, though this fragrance is excellent and one of Hermes' best, in my opinion. It projects quite well and has a rather good duration, perhaps 6-7 hours on my skin.

01st December, 2016

Montecristo by Masque

I have tried various 'animalic' fragrances, and found this to be the best. Peau de Bete is a bit 'plastic' like and synthetic, and Salome appears too powdery for me. Montecristo though has none of these annoying other notes that may draw the attention away from the core, an animalic scent presented in a sophisticated manner.

It has spicy notes and musky notes that feel real and not like white clean musk. On my skin the fragrance is not too challenging, but just right. The projection is quite good and so is its longetivity.
10th September, 2016 (last edited: 11th September, 2016)

Eau de Peau : Peau de Bête by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Smells like sweaty balls? Naa, perhaps sugar coated and with plastic tied around them. I detect some leather, plastic notes, and a bit of an animalic scent though not very challenging. The scent stays close to the skin and does not project much. Also, it is not long lasting. Rather an interesting fragrance, though.
10th September, 2016

Oud Vert Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

I like this! It is a part of the 'oud' series, though there's not much oud in it. This is the freshest among the lot I tried. While the others are typical orientals with rose, amber, etc, this fragrance has a focus on bergamot-spices and geranium/vetiver. There might be a bit of oud showing up at the end, but minuscule on my skin.

After a very pleasant bergamot/vetiver opening, this blends in with spices such as cardamom and coriander seeds. Quite masculine, I would think.

It lasts rather a long time and the sillage is medium.

Tried it in Bangkok in the Intercontinental arcade. They told me the oud is harvested sustainably in Thailand.
12th July, 2016