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Carnet de Bal by Révillon

Citrus top notes? Really? Cyclamen, rose, jasmine, lily & ylang ylang? Ok, probably some of that left. If so it is one of those masterful blends of old where no one floral holds the others hostage. Civet & Musk, most definitely. I love patchouli, but once it is blended into a perfume, it becomes asnomic or at least no longer recognizable to me. I always think
carnal instead of carnet, and to me this is indeed very carnal. It has that vintage brown perfume base and the cologne has a big kick of aldehydic rush that I adore. It would be so interesting to smell it as it was. But I've smelled a like new nip of Shocking that was wonderful, but I actually prefer the brown goopy version. It could be the same with this.
16th January, 2013

Chimere by Prince Matchabelli

I wasn't familiar with Chimera, but I got two mini perfumes in a lot that I purchased. Umm, this is gorgeous! I know we are talking different concentrations, but I can't believe we are talking the same scent. No one note jumps out, it is sweetly blended to perfection. I wish I could better describe it. I'm wearing this one to sleep tonight, it is just right for dreams.
17th September, 2012

Intoxication by D'Orsay

I received this with some others, it was a very old bottle with brown resin (mmmm....) at the bottom, not very much. Unfortunately, it leaked into the plastic baggy it was packed in. I thought it smelled heavenly. My husband pronounced it urinal cake. So I just left the baggy open slightly and put it in the bathroom to scent the air! It finally lost that ability, so today after my shower I put the few remaining drops on. I had been feeling not so good, had a different perfume give me a wowzer headache in the morning, but felt better after my shower. I find resinous goopy vintages very comforting, and this proved so. I looked up the notes elsewhere, but I see Tessara did a good job of listing them. I can see how my syrup had those beginnings, because as thick as it is, it is still a beautiful light fragrance. The ampule Tessara had would be so much truer to the original scent, and I would not have guessed L'Aimant, but sandalwood, you bet. I LOVE sandalwood. I think if you love vintages, you could successfully try it whether it is light or dark. Oh, and hubby quite liked it on me!
28th July, 2012 (last edited: 30th July, 2012)
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Paris by Coty

This is a beautiful floral scent, quite different from most. I don't get the aldehydes or the carnation, but everything else listed is coming through. I have the eau de toilette, which is usually rather strong in a very old scent, but not this one. It is light, zero sillage and 30 minutes later, I have to literally press my wrist into my nose to smell it. What a shame! I may try for a stronger version as it is really a captivating loveliness.
24th July, 2012

Le Miracle by Lenthéric

After much googling, there is still little to find about Miracle by Lentheric and what there is all at . Do a search there and you'll find it has been written about 3 or 4 times. Which is funny considering that noone else mentions it! I'm so glad to find the notes she dug up (without saying where): white orris root, cedar and lavender. OK, I can go with that. But there is also something sweetly white floral and that is what keeps it much more feminine than Tweed. The combination is head spinning, so unique that it is hard to type for all the wrist sniffing. To me this is only vintage in that they don't make them like this anymore. It does have that cologne brightness even though I have the au parfum version. It took me a bit to appreciate Tweed, this is one that I don't have to think about to love. But it is very evident they are from the same house. Compared to others of that time, they are just more fresh and playful, rather tomboyish. This is not elegant lady, this is Nancy Drew!
10th July, 2012