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Reviews by Bostonguy

Total Reviews: 23

Oud 27 by Le Labo

Sure, it's got a bit of a funk to it at first. I personally find it to be pretty refined. I'd wear this in a suit, no tie, when I go out in the city with friends to a classy place. The oud shines, it has the "cleanness" that all Le Labo scents seem to have, even though it's certainly on the dirtier spectrum of fragrances.

The "urine" scent a lot of reviewers speak of, I think, is mostly the oud. I definitely see the comparison to urine but I'd definitely not say it's like you are wearing your local subway men's room on you - that completely ignores the overall awesome, smooth, refined woodsy/spicy scent.

Good projection, average longevity, great scent. Not nearly as challenging as I expected.
18th January, 2013

Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

It's so generic smelling for a $2.5/ml cologne! It's like any number of men's fragrances you'd find at Sephora with a butt load of Iso E in it. It reminds me of a slightly better done D&G Light Blue: a Iso E loaded aquatic. It's not bad, per se, but it's too expensive for smelling so generic.
18th January, 2013

Wall Street by Bond No. 9

The opening notes (cucumber, salt) are really nice and, in my mind, are actually evocative of MI - just a bit less sweet. I'd actually like to wear this on a warm day if it stayed more linear than it does.

On my skin, about 1.5-2 hours in, this turns absolutely wretched. Like rotting fish/seaweed mixed with a harsh metallic note. Not nice at all.
20th December, 2012
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Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior

I've worn almost 20ml of this over the past 6 months or so (alternating between this and Penhaligons Sartorial) as a work scent. It's definitely inoffensive, light, sweet. Borders on feminine for my tastes.

It smells almost exactly like root beer with some Dr. Pepper notes, too. I guess you could call this a mix of vanilla, honey & wood but it smells a lot like root beer, specifically the cloying root beer candies. My first reaction to the smell was "root beer candy!" My girlfriend said "you smell like Doctor Pepper" which I can definitely smell, as well. A coworker said "that smells nice, like root beer almost." Etc. Etc.

I'd not buy more of it after I'm done with this 30ml decant. Too feminine, too sweet, and too boring for me - but, that said, it's never going to offend anyone and if you like sweet scents, almost gourmand, you'd like this one for a work or social event application where you don't want to be noticed smell-wise.
20th December, 2012

Frank No. 2 by Frank Los Angeles

How does this only have 6 reviews? The opening is somewhat harsh: smells very similar to a heavily peppered citrus-y Bloody Mary. After this blows off you're left with a soft, supple, creamy coffee/vanilla/leather that has incredible lasting power and decent sillage.

This is becoming one of my favorite scents and, at $65/65ml, you're looking at a steal.
19th May, 2012

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

Starts alcoholic and then, within 1-2 minutes, literally nothing. All I smell is skin. They say some people can't smell Iso E Super. I am clearly one of them. It's SO odd when other people smell you and you can't smell what they smell!

Sample it.
16th May, 2012

Explorer by Boadicea the Victorious

Peppery, leathery, oud. Some citrus right up front but that is masked, at least on my skin, by the darker notes. Very medicinal and some would say harsh. Dries to a woody, close to the skin note pretty quickly. Heavy leather throughout.

It is listed as feminine, but it's certainly more masculine than anything, to my nose. Sort of linear, too. Not a scent you'll likely get many compliments from but it's well constructed and makes me think of a wooden box holding like a single orange with a crap of black pepper and some tobacco. Dark, brooding, very masculine. Just not sure when you'd wear it.

Cost is an issue too. It's pretty expensive for a scent like this, I think.
16th May, 2012

Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI

The notes have been covered. It is basically an herbal/woody Cologne with depth.

Here is what it really is: you enter an elevator and inside is a gentleman in a three piece grey Saville Row suit, Church's Oxfords, Drake's tie, and a freaking 19th century silver pocket watch. This is what he smells like. Classy, old school, expensive, restrained, undeniably masculine.

My problem is that the longevity, on my skin, is only 4-5 hours. After 30 minutes it is VERY close to the skin. For the cost, I'd expect more. If you get better longevity and get slightly better sillage, it could be worth it for you.
10th May, 2012 (last edited: 14th May, 2012)

Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

To me, this smells exactly like gin on the opening. I don't think there's anything in the notes to have this happen (no juniper, no coriander). Smoke comes through heavily, too. Iris/flowers shine in the middle with the gin notes completely gone and then the incense hits. The smoke stays, too. You get some vetiver and some heavy wood as it dries down. It's a super manly scent, for sure.

It smells like I'm drinking a martini in the woods edge. Does it get more manly than that?

Decent sillage, poor longevity. It's not insanely expensive but it lasts a very short time on my skin. If it lasted longer, it'd be a quality date scent, for sure. Could be a "between the sheets" scent.
10th May, 2012

Philosykos Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

As someone who hasn't spent time chilling in Italian fig gardens, I can only give my opinion based on what I smell. The opening smells just like taking wet oak leaves in Spring and ripping them open. Very green, watery and plant-y. I personally love that smell. You also get sweet fig that you'd smell if you've even just eaten a fig. It's super linear. It smells more realistic than most fragrances that try to replicate a scent

Its also pretty feminine and uninteresting. So as a man I'd not wear it. It just makes you smell like wet plant sap/juice. Inoffensive but boring. A room spray perhaps?
10th May, 2012

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

As someone born in the early 80s, I actually didn't get much exposure to this as I think it sort of faded in popularity towards the late-90s when I would have been using a nighttime fragrance, so it's kind of new to me.

It opens with a very potent punch to the senses. Some say gasoline. Others rubber. I lean more toward the rubber side of it. After this dies off, you get a dark, sweet, oily scent on the skin. As the rubber falls off you are presented with some iris and other flowers in addition with some incense and spices. It really transforms into a flowered scent but still super masculine.

Projection is great. Longevity, on me, is about 8-10 hours, with the last 3-4 being closer to the skin.
02nd May, 2012

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

If you've been to a bar or club in the last decade in a major city you've smelled multiple guys rocking this. Powdery, floral, spicy, woody. It's pretty complex and it is ubiquitous for a reason. Women like it. It projects like crazy. It basically kicks noses in the balls and takes no prisoners. It's very masculine in that sense, even if it is pretty powdery and floral.

Night-only people. Preferred in the winter/fall. I smell far too many undergrad-types sporting this during the day in the summer. It gets cloying and can turn many people off, especially in close quarters.

Still, it's well made, is loved by men and women alike, and has a proper place in the clubbing scene. Just don't overdo it.
02nd May, 2012

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

A blast from my high school days. The citrus and flowery opening is huge. Like punch you in the face huge. Then you keep the flowers and add some spices, especially basil (like fresh cut basil from the garden). The dry down keeps the spice and adds wood.

It's popular. You've smelled it, even if you didn't know it. You can get it cheap at CVS. It's loud, abrasive, and many women, particularly children of the late 80s and early 90s, love it. It's not linear but it's not exactly well-made. It smells like the prototypical $30 cologne you'd buy for your teenage son for his 8th grade dance.
02nd May, 2012
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Brit for Men by Burberry

You get rose, powder and some spice(the cardamom?) right up front. Then it dries down into a woody and powdery scent. High sillage and average longevity on me. It's not as feminine as I would have thought based on the notes.

I actually know a lot of people who wore this in the mid-to-late 2000s as a daytime scent in the fall and winter. It's not expensive and many mall stores still carry it, so take a sniff. If you want a casual, manly-yet-powdery scent for the cooler months that might get you some compliments, it might just work for you.

For me, it's too flowery and powdery for a scent targeted at men.
02nd May, 2012

Sel Marin by Heeley

You get a lot of lemon up front - somewhat synthetic (think Lemon Pledge). Lots of salt up top, too. I don't get a lot of the aquatic right away. After the open dries down a bit, you get some of that sea scent, the salt is more pronounced, and you can make some comparisons to the dozens of aquatics on the market.

This is more toned down than most aquatics, but I don't get the "essence of the ocean" like so many people state in reviews. I get minty notes with the salt after the lemon subsides.

Lemon + Salt -> Mint + Salt -> Wood + Less Salt

It is really a quality scent for the summer. It does what Acqua Di Gio tries to do but does it more gracefully and less synthetically.
02nd May, 2012

Rose 31 by Le Labo

This is a well-constructed fragrance, don't get me wrong. It just doesn't do it on my skin.

Imagine going into your kitchen pantry and pouring cumin and clove into rose water (smell) then add some Ivory hand soap (smell again), and finally mix it together and dump it on a cedar plank (smell one last time).

It's clean, interesting as it progresses, and I can see why people like it so much. I have to give it a thumbs up, even if I dislike it, as it is a great fragrance. But I'd say it leans more feminine, at least to my nose, due to the heavy powder and rose aspects. I don't get enough spice and wood to really call it a strong play for a man, unless that man prefers sweet, feminine scents or if the wood really shines on his skin. Good for the summer in the daytime.

Decent sillage, not great longevity on me. The price is prohibitive but a 1ml sample of this is worthwhile to see if it rocks your world.
01st May, 2012

Reflection Man by Amouage

The comparisons to Le Male are apt, at least at first. It's flowery and powdery at the top and definitely has a similarity to Le Male. It's a bit more peppery and has some green leafy notes, though, and seems slightly more complex. Longevity and sillage are nowhere near as potent as Le Male unless you really pour this on.

It's a sharp, almost bitter/powdery cologne with a lot of green and flower notes up front and dries down into a powdery and woody cologne. I don't get a lot of sillage here; very close to the skin after the opening blast.

This is something you'd smell on a guy in a nice suit who is planning on going to the bar after work looking for love. It smells higher end but has a very familiar (Le Male) body to it. For the price of a bottle you can do better, I think.
01st May, 2012

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

Imagine yourself blasting yourself in the face with rubbing alcohol. After a minute or so, you smell a lot of ivory soap and shortly after some flowers. Then you keep the flowers around but dump a bunch of baby powder on the flowers.

This isn't for me, at all. It's really just a lot of white hand/face soap and baby powder. Like, you can smell that way without cologne if you want to.

It's "clean" but not interesting.
01st May, 2012

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

This is a classic, daytime Spring/Summer scent.

It's sweet and citrusy on the top. I don't get aquatic (like in the pyramid) at all. Very orange/mandarin oil scent heavy.

The drydown is heavy on cedar and the orange notes persist. There are earthy notes, too. The musky, woody smells make this very, very creamy. Think of drinking an Orange Julius (the creamy, cool drink from the mall) while sitting on a cedar bench on a cool day at your local park (near the trees!).

It's a nice scent. Very useful for work and could be a signature scent during the warmer months. I'd not rock it at night.
01st May, 2012

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Talk about a scent that takes you to a moment in time. I bet anyone over the age of 30 has a memory with this scent. For me, it was my father's signature scent.

I agree wholeheartedly with EricRico who noted missing elements to the pyramid. I'm not one to point to the scents generally, but leather is such a distinct note in this cologne. You get the floral notes right up front. Lavender for days. But the dry down leads to leather, wood, and other "green" scents with the floral notes all but disappearing.

Imagine yourself at a forest's edge, smelling flowers and then walking into the woods and breathing deeply in the piney, resiny scents while wearing your favorite leather jacket.

It's not linear, it's fairly well blended. Amazing sillage and strong longevity. It is highly potent, so it's a bit loud for people and, of course, it was the POSTER CHILD scent of the 1980s. It's a date night scent that many, many men of all walks of life used as their daily/work scent. It's far too dark and loud for work and this ruined the scent for many people.

Hard to not give it a thumbs up, though. It is well constructed and does its job. Clearly, the thing was everywhere for 10+ years.
01st May, 2012

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

I'm not someone to try and describe notes in terms of listed items. I have no idea what many notes smell like (Oud?!) in real life and I'd say most people are in that boat.

So, I HATED this on first smell. My girlfriend hated it even more. Then I wore it for a while. And it literally transports you away. To Morocco? Never been. To me, it smells like an old library; that scent of old, oxidized paper floats around your body. It's certainly woody in that sense. There's also a scent of incense, pretty strongly on the top notes (which is why we hated it at first).

So, imagine yourself in a bookstore with incense burning at the entrance. As you move into the store, you get more of the woody/paper notes and less of the incense.

It's a comfortable, sexy, high sillage, awesome longevity scent sure to get compliments as well as some people disliking it. It's pretty distinct. I'd use this at night in the fall/winter/spring on date night.
01st May, 2012

Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

Very distinct, almost artificial, orange right off the top. Super bright. Similar to some orange cleaning products but in a pleasant way - but it definitely reminds me of those Orange Essence cleaning products you see at Whole Foods in the top notes.

As it dries down (maybe 15-20 minutes) it loses a lot of that top citrus and green notes shine. I don't get papaya and mango as much. More like the leaves of the mango tree but, honestly, it might be that the mid and base notes blend so quickly that I'm getting the oakmoss mixed with the tropical fruits that result in that quality to me.

Imagine walking past someone testing orange cleaner in a grocery store. Then, after a bit, walking to the produce aisle and hanging out between the leafy greens and the tropical fruits. Then leaving the store shortly after.

Sillage is poor. Longevity is poor (it's an EDC). Opening scent and drydown are both really quality and the transition from citrus to green is quite pleasant, to me. I give this a neutral due to the somewhat synthetic opening citrus and poor longevity. I own a bottle and never really reach for it as it's so fleeting. A small atomizer (5ml or so) in your pocket would help with this and it's not super expensive. I paid $50/3.4 oz.

If you want a pick-me-up during the spring/summer this will do it for you. There are better scents, though.
01st May, 2012

Tam Dao Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

This smells like white rice and cedar wood. It's powdery, clean, and I've been told "old man-ish." Imagine smelling a wet cedar plank, a wet oak log, a box of white rice from Chinese takeout, and a quick whiff of baby powder. That's pretty much the smell of this, on me. It's pleasant, has below average sillage, and, at least on me, decent longevity (6-7 hours).

It's just a clean, creamy, woody scent. I don't get much sandalwood, actually. More cedar and oak. Like a fence or a deck after a rainstorm.

Is it good? Yeah. Is it a good value? Up to you. For me, $120 for a 3.4oz is a bit steep for this. Art of Shaving's Eau de Sandalwood provides similar creamy, woodiness (it's probably a bit more powdery) for $50 less.
01st May, 2012