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Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

For the Holiday Season, this is my scent. It is very special to me for that few weeks a year. I just feel Christmas trees and stockings over the hearth, Nat King Cole singing and big snow and egg nog and oooh-somebody feels cozy... I reach for a good book. SL Filles en Aiguilles.
29th May, 2012

Yatagan by Caron

I bought a bottle recently. It was a rare blind purchase. Don't find the range of aromas to be pleasant. Interesting, but not pleasant. It also has a bit of soapy smell which is also a negative for me. Can find no use for this stuff other than as an air freshener for our teenage boys bedrooms. It takes the edge off their adolescent young man smell. Will not buy another.
09th May, 2012

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Magnificent. Just a little, please! Halve what you wanted to use. Then halve it again. And now only put that fourth where you wish to be kissed. If you wear it judiciously, you'll respect and love Black Orchid, you'll have a spring in your step and the one who kisses you will linger longer. It is absolutely uni-gender when worn this way.
06th May, 2012
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Sables by Annick Goutal

If manna fell from heaven to feed the hungry wandering the desert, it must have had the flavor of Sables. If the oatmeal with brown sugar I ate for breakfast as a kid were pounded into a hearty bread dough with toasted walnuts, a few crushed butterscotch candies and a splash of root beer, and that melange baked under an open flame to crusty perfection, it would radiate Sables.

Honestly, thus far in my life the two aromas that most moved me spiritually were suntan lotion on baked girls' skin and hot wax being applied to ski bases. OK, not sophisticated, but I'm comfortable being honest. As for scents I wore, I hadn't experienced anything defining. I'd tried many; I do enjoy smelling, I'm just not often deeply stirred.

Then I wandered into that little shop on Rue Gaston Sapporta. Sables! Is this time travel? I think Sables is triggering memories from long ago, i.e., from a previous life. Seriously. This IS land flowing with milk and honey. The ever-so-subtle application of Sables to my sweat zones and pulse points is magic.

Je vous remercie bien, Madame Goutal.
04th May, 2012