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Burberry Summer for Men by Burberry

pleasant generic Acqua di Gio style, good for summer, good for work.
but it is sooooo light, you can hardly smell it. it does last, but close to skin. May be I'm too use to strong colognes.Summer cologne doesn't have to be light; strong fragrance like Versace Eau Fraîche turned out to be great summer fragrance.
05th July, 2012

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

disgusting top notes, like a baking gone wrong when you mistake by putting chemical instead of baking powder in your cake mix then burnt it.
dry down is little better, no more wired chemical smell, but unpleasantly sweet.
05th July, 2012

I am King by Sean John

it's pretty much Grapefruit. you can rub grapefruit on yourself and call it "i am king". luckily it's a smell i really enjoy. and it does last 8 hours on me
09th May, 2012
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Weekend for Men by Burberry

Very unique smell, very fresh and clean, my favourite for summer scent. I enjoy the special floral smell, must be Ivy leaves.
08th May, 2012

Potion by Dsquared2

Just to voice my opinion: it's sweetened Dirty English, nothing exciting. Might work if you are an older gentleman, but not work if you want to smell modern and fresh.
08th May, 2012