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Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

I've been using Versace Eau Fraiche for a few months and I must say this smells great. Citrus opening that will make you go "aaaahh...". Use it during hot days and this fragrance will shine. It can also be worn casually in office as it doesn't really project like a beast. As much as I love this, it would be great if it could lasts longer as I only get about 5 hours max on my skin.

Overall, I think that Versace Eau Fraiche not bad of a fragrance. It's not the best but it does its job well in the hot sun. I give it a rating of 8/10.
15th June, 2012

Aventus by Creed

Face it guys, this is probably one of the most hyped fragrances since it was released back in 2010 and for good reasons. Opens up with a fresh burst of pineapple and apple that becomes smokey and ends up being remarkably awesome.

This definitely made a few heads turned whenever I wore this. It's not really common at the place I'm living in which is a very good thing. Both ladies and gentlemen of all ages adore this (even as young as 16 yr olds). I've read about the similarities of Aventus and to a certain Zara Gold sprint (or something like that) and yes, I do agree. They do share the pineapple similarities for just about 5-10 minutes or so but that's basically it. In terms of projection and longevity, this projects VERY WELL for about 3 - 5 hours and it lasts around 12 hours on me at least. And yes, Aventus is one of those fragrances that will get you compliments. Don't be too worried about the different batches as I've read most of the 2011 batches and the recent 2012 batches are very good. If Aventus is hard to find at the place you're living in, there are people here in Basenotes who are doing splits that you may participate in.

Overall, I give Aventus a rating of 10/10. An excellent fragrance and a classic in the making.
15th June, 2012

F pour Homme Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

This is one of the most underrated fragrances out there. After using Cool Water for so long, I've decided to use something different, something not aquatic. So I decided to take a risk and blind buy F Black. It was brilliant. As I'm living in Singapore, basically it's "summer" all year round, this lasts for more than 8 hours on me and it projects very well.

Time to wear - Evening.

Definitely recommended.
25th May, 2012
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