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    Obsession Night for Men by Calvin Klein

    The original Obsession is a classic. Some people don't like it, fair enough, but it's still a bona fide 80's classic.

    This 2005 flanker... not so much.

    The opening is a really quite cheap synthetic mess. Bad enough for me to almost write this one off as a terrible blind buy, even at the very reasonable £19.50 I paid for a huge 125ml edt bottle.

    Give it 45 mins or an hour though and it does improve. The main note is musk but there is a definite hint of fruit (the general consensus is pear) and vanilla. It's quite spicy as well and I can definitely pick out a hint of coconut.

    I'd say that basically it's a mixture of Morgans Spiced Rum (or maybe Bacardi spice) mixed with some coconut sun-tan oil, a bit of pear and a lot of musk.

    A thumbs up but only if you can get it for a decent price as to be honest it's quite average although the dry down is nice.

    23 February, 2013


    Calvin by Calvin Klein

    I managed to buy an un-opened 100ml bottle of this from e-bay recently for £25 which I was happy with as I understand it's been discontinued.

    The box and bottle are very nice - only issue is that as the bottle is dark black it's tricky to see how much is left unless you hold it up to the light.

    The scent is pretty old-school. The opening notes reminded me a lot of the classic Ralph Lauren Polo (Green) that Slick Rick mentioned wearing in his "Ladi-Dadi" track. It's also very similar to Colonia Essenzia by Acqua Di Parma.

    It's basically a very nice mixture of florals with bergamot, spices, wood and vanilla. It's very fresh initially with great projection. I put three sprays on my neck before I went to work and it was still going strong by the afternoon. It has a powdery dry down which I was still aware of nine hours after applying.

    The fact that Calvin was launched in 1981 means it is slightly dated but don't let that trick you into thinking it's an old man's scent - it's not. It would be suitable for anyone from early 20's up to their 60's. It's pretty classy and exudes confidence. Calvin is a fragrance of it's era but not one that should be forgotten.

    I'd put this right up there with Obsession and Contradiction as the top men's fragrances from the CK stable.

    20th June, 2012

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