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Wall Street by Bond No. 9

Hm.. I don't know, I thought of pickles and caramel.. granted I haven't had it on long and I may update this at a later time.

So far, it doesn't really smell like something I'd want to smell like.

Though the very beginning did smell nicer to me, somewhat reminiscent of I LOVE NEW YORK for Him?
15th January, 2013

Givenchy Play Sport by Givenchy

This scent to me from what I've smelled seems to have the bergamot orange scent as the main player. A hint of mint(?), and citrusy (but not a whole lot). It seems like a pretty mellow scent to me. Might not seem like a buy to me, unless the price was pretty good. Not a "wow!" scent, but it's not horrible/bad. Thus far it's basically like a constant mellow scent bergamot, but with not a lot of citrus bite. Kind of smells like an *almost* ripe banana with some green still on it.
07th June, 2012