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Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

Oh yes. I got a little story - lurking on the net, while watching Le Grand Duc's recommendations, I bumped onto this one. Bought a bottle and immediately after spraying I cursed myself. But, why so hurry, so I tried it once again... and again... and so on, always 100% disappointed by that STENCH (my ma' got suffocated by this when I was wearing it!) - so I had my ebay auction nearly finished, but - what about giving it one more chance. So I sprayed the thing and went to please my friday. And damn, then it happened! Dark sorcery, gummi-mastery, his magnificence Salvador Dali pour Homme just revealed THE THING!! Rubber, coal, incense. Outstanding and intense. Salvador is the door to my dark path in fragrances. Cancelled the ebay auction. From now on, one of my favorites! Not for everyone, but give it a chance and get surprised. Big thumbs up!
04th June, 2012

Antaeus by Chanel

King of all kings. Closest to my heart, this fragrance is like a leathery/rose cushion I fall into just after applying. One of the most evolving fragrances - dependïng on what daytime, how long or by what activity you're wearing, Antaeus smells always slightly different. Amazing - my top winter fragrance!
04th June, 2012

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

The opening is magnificent and stays like this for about half an hour to a hour. But the drydown just destroys anything built in before. May be my personal missniff, but all I can smell is only salt. Pure salt, in all its purity and annoyance. Keeping it only because of the opening.
04th June, 2012
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