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Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

CdOV was a gift from a fellow fragrance-loving friend, who told me: "this smells, to me, like you." When I first put it on, I found it too sharp, but after a few minutes of dry-down, I was in love. Big citrus (but not obnoxious and not "fruity") and the sharp green of foliage make this one of my top-ten fragrances.

I know that it is a "unisex" fragrance, but I do have one friend who, whenever I wear this around her says, "THAT's what a man should smell like." I quite agree: the best airport conversation with a stranger that I have ever had started when I mentioned to him that we were both wearing CdOV. He turned out to be French, and an undersea archeologist, and fascinating. We have remained friends for the intervening years, and I wouldn't have spoken to him at all if it weren't for the Hermes.
17th May, 2012