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Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

Finally a "Sport" scent that earns the modifier "Extreme". This juice is powerful and eternally long lasting. If only I liked it more...

I normally tend to avoid this style of fragrance, but I received a sample of this when I ordered a bottle of Coromandel from the Chanel website.

I am giving it a neutral rating because I do not care for the fragrance itself. I feel driven to comment on it based on it's strength and tenacity alone. I spent over 26 hours out of a 48 hour period working (and sweating profusely) in a hot environment this July and could still smell this on my wrist. I don't think I have sampled any fragrance that endured so much sweat and heat while remaining detectable.

Fragrances that I sample seriously have to go through a sweat cycle at work whether they are appropriate for hot environments or not. I simply want to know what to expect when things heat up.

One would expect a "Sport" fragrance to deal well with heat and sweat. Two days of sweat (in 35C and over environments) is more that I expect from anything. Sure the sillage was non existent at that point, but I could still smell it over my own unwashed stink. Color me impressed.

As for the scent's actual aroma, it is just not my cup of tea. The notes look pleasant enough on paper, yet the reality does not deliver what I want from a fragrance. At best I would describe it as mildly pleasant but boring.
10th August, 2012
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Gold Man by Amouage

This is the first Amouage fragrance that I have sampled and truly disliked.

To my admittedly uneducated nose the opening was overwhelmingly soapy with a hint of floral. I did not perceive it to be overly feminine like many reviewers have, but there is nothing masculine in it whatsoever. After about two hours I started smelling baby powder very strongly. After two more hours (4 total) this smells like a mixture of baby powder and a bar of perfumed soap from Wal-Mart. I can't wait to get it off of me. I hate baby powder. There is nothing about this scent I can recommend as it could be simulated with liquid soap and baby wipes for about $10. I am mortified that anyone would intentionally add this scent to their body.

This is a sample from LuckyScent acquired in July 2012 so I trust it is authentic and fairly recent. I can not comment on any vintage versions as I have not sampled them.
10th August, 2012