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Arpège by Lanvin

It is a musical, harmonious set of notes that play the Arpege. Sweet and delicate conjuring floral gardens, a hint of vanilla that remains in the dry down to hum in the background for hours. The mystery of an old instrument case, perhaps too! My first time buying this! I don't regret it. And don't feel old! What are they talking about, when they say it seems suitable as an old womans fragrance?! It fits me and I am nearing mid thirties!
11th June, 2012

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

I was introduced to Red Door when I was 12 and in a teen modelling contest and they included a small sample in a gift bag of goodies. I find the fragrance is good if you don't really like intensely sweet floral notes. Instead Red Door possesses deeper resin as it's most memorable scent.

I reintroduced my nose to Red Door around Christmas time a few years ago. Although I found it a little cloying on my sinuses.
19th May, 2012