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Corduroy by Zirh

Bought this blindly when i found it cheaply on my look for a vanilla/tonka smell that is warmer yet interesting. This one is completely uninteresting and flat the vanilla is more of a powder than warm or complex. I use it as a room freshener because I don't see myself wearing it ever.
Bottom Line: Despite a few compliments this is way too powdery, its only salvation is in its poor longevity so I can wear something else instead. The frag is too simple and bland. Smells nice just as a body spray does, despite its cheap price you're better off getting a drugstore body spray that will be more interesting and even last longer.
19th June, 2012

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Good scent but very sweet. Not entirely masculine, more unisex. I get most of a sweet almost vanilla nut type of waft from it. I really liked it the first few times but eventually it got a little too nauseatingly sweet. It very much reminds me of a cultural desert type dish named chariest which is made of various nuts, apples, wine, and vanilla. Something I don't get from it at all is the woodsy scent I've been hearing in the reviews to me it more fades than develops into something deeper, it is a deeper sweet from the beginning and on me has almost no spice.
Bottom Line: Very Sweet smells like a dish I'd like to eat, but also more of a fit for effeminate men or at least like someone who isn't looking for a darker or more masculine scent. Translated to "The Night" it's more formal but still not dark enough for it's name.
19th June, 2012

Kenzo pour Homme Boisée / Woody by Kenzo

Personally I like it, as of the department store frags definitely a good one. While billed as "woody" it is certainly woodish but I wouldn't really classify it as woody. I definitely get more of a green from it, there is some cedar but lightly hidden behind an almost lemongrass kind of greenery. Average Longevity- nothing that really amazes but nothing that disappoints either.
Bottom Line: Good frag, easy to wear and attracts compliments, but more of a clean green than earthy wood. Embodies my idea of a fresh green scent.
19th June, 2012
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A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Good longevity, good smell
But again: This is a lesson in trying it on. I found tho scent to be very hard to wear all day. On my skin it was a little spicier than expected. It made me overly nauseated. So beware this is a good fragrance but you need to make sure it isn't too sweet or spicy for you to wear all day, as it was for me. I was almost sure I was going to buy a bottle before wearing it all day.
Final Conclusion: Good scent well made and developed deeply but can be too overbearing on the senses so definitely don't buy blindly.
21st May, 2012

Black by Bulgari

I tried this the other day on a card and loved it, I found it to be one of my favorite scents that I've found so far. I received a sample of it to use on my skin. Unfortunately, when I actually tried it on my skin it wreaked of burnt tires. I had heard that the top notes could smell like that but that it would fade down. However, even after a fair amount of time, I'd say hours, it lingered. I had somewhere to go and the smell would not wash off. When I asked my girlfriend about it she could not even go near me. I was nauseated by the smell. I was forced to spray other cologne's over it just to mask the scent.
Final Conclusion: Maybe the scent just didn't work on my skin because it seemed to do well on the card, but be warned it could produce a very harsh scent. If you are looking for something warmer and sweeter, even though it has been pegged as that, it is not a relaxing or remotely romantic smell.
21st May, 2012