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Vierges & Toreros by Etat Libre d'Orange

This smells very masculine to me, which would normally mean that I'd never wear it myself. However, I believe this one will be an exception to the rule - I'm actually looking forward to wearing it again.
26th July, 2012

Vraie Blonde by Etat Libre d'Orange

Might be my skin chemistry, but on me this smells like a mixture of household soap and sweat, with a tiny bit of peach thrown in.
26th July, 2012

Love Is Heavenly by Victoria's Secret

Too sweet for me, typical VS fragrance.
09th July, 2012
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Miroir, Miroir: A Travers Le Miroir / Through the Looking Glass by Thierry Mugler

Ok, I'm baffled. Two notes that I was sure I didn't like (tuberose) and I thought I wouldn't like (absinthe) in ATLM make a trully stunning composition. A looking glass it is - makes me see the seemingly familiar tuberose so differently. Big thumbs up, and I want a bottle of this magic.
29th June, 2012

Scandal pour Femme by Roja Dove

I do not understand why this is called Scandal. On me, it's such a tame soft warm floral scent, nothing scandalous about it. I'm pretty disappointed by that actually, but that's probably the fault of my skin's chemistry and my high expectations of drama. The tuberose in the middle is very pronounced on me, and I happen to really dislike this particular note, so I won't be wearing Scandal anytime soon. But overall, it's a beautiful scent, very well balanced, and it would probably smell so wonderful on somebody else.
28th June, 2012

Back to Black by By Kilian

Unfortunately, I do not get any tobacco in this. On me it's just honey and vanilla. A very nice gourmand, but not worth the price.
27th June, 2012

Parfum Sacré by Caron

A very beautiful scent, elegant and sensual, but it has NO sillage on me!!! I sprayed quite a lot on my wrist, and I can't even smell it 4 inches away. Hence the neutral rating. This is for EDP.
26th June, 2012

Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio

Campfire, definitely. Thumbs-up for truthful reproduction of the scent. Don't know if I want to smell like it though.
09th June, 2012

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

This smells like rotten apples to me. I actually did find it pretty sexy for a while and wore it regularly, but that's a strange kind of sexy. I haven't had the urge to wear it in over a year, the rotten apples really stand out to me now for some reason.
03rd June, 2012

Walking in the Air by CB I Hate Perfume

Hmmm... Don't know about freshly fallen snow, but I do get a somewhat frosty sensation in my nasal passages as I'm smelling it, as if from breathing really cold air. It also does seem more dusty than frosty, actually. I'm not sure if this scent has achieved what it was aiming for, but it's quite an interesting one.
01st June, 2012

M2 Black March by CB I Hate Perfume

To me, this is a really masculine scent. And at that, it's one of my favorites. This is one of those scents that I can really say that I would love my man to smell like this.
31st May, 2012

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

I do get the sweaty fecal notes, but they are so subtle, lurking in the background. But the foreground is warm, sensual, very comforting, and it makes me feel very sexy. I can't stop smelling my wrist!
30th May, 2012

Amalfi Aqua Profumata by Tocca

Not the most exciting scent, but it's light and refreshing like a breeze on a cool summer afternoon. Makes me think of running barefoot along the edge of the ocean.
26th May, 2012
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