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    cK be by Calvin Klein

    Smells like a bubble bath to me and is a nice light scent to put on for bed time. The biggest issue I have with it is it's the worst for longevity. I'm lucky if I get 2 hours from this so I'd never use it as a day scent.

    18th May, 2014


    Ore by Slumberhouse

    I only got a sample of this as an after thought, my main target was Norne. I wasn't impressed with Norne, it's over hyped to me. Anyway, I was very surprised with Ore. All I knew about it was that it was a gourmand.
    There is an initial blast of nuttiness that melted into a powdery cocoa. It's not sweet or chocolatey, no sickly overbearing candy to it just dry cocoa with hints of coconut BUT there is another note that is a strange addition but compliments the cocoa perfectly. It's an earth note, dried out soil in a building site.
    That sounds like a bad combination but it works! I sometimes get a boozy note aswell that seems to come and go.
    There is very little change to it but this stuff lasted a good 10-12 hours on me from 1 spray. Even the following morning if I stuck my hand right up to my nose I could still faintly detect it. It's powerful stuff but a welcome change in the gourmand market from coffee or chocolatey offerings. I'll be ordering a bottle next week.

    18th May, 2014


    Norne by Slumberhouse

    I believed the hype with Norne and it let me down! I pictured a dark forest of pine with mist weaving through it, dank moss hanging from branches, an undiscovered wilderness. I didn't get that.

    This will sound strange but it has a fizzy smell to it like a can of carbonated juice, like a can of fizzy pine!
    I like the smell but it didn't blow me away with its uniqueness or longevity. It wore off pretty quick which is a shame as others get hours from it.
    There is in old wood smell about it too which does remind me of an old fusty library or something like that. I had Norne on my neck and 1 spray of Ore on my hand, Ore was the dominant one. I checked with my other half to see if it was just my nose getting Norne fatigue but only right up to my neck could she even detect it. She also preferred Ore.
    Really wanted this to be a pine warrior but for me it can't see the woods for the pine trees, oh and yes it does leave green stains even a small drop on the skin looks like a bruise.

    17th May, 2014


    Arso by Profumum

    Pick up a wooden pencil. Sharpen the end. Smell the newly shaved wood.....that's what Arso smells like to me.
    I bought a bottle because I do like the smell and it lasts 12 hours on me which for what they charge is the least it should do.

    27th May, 2012 (Last Edited: 17th May, 2014)


    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

    Lazy chanel. Re hashing a decent addition to the Allure line by adding 'extreme' to its name and doing nothing but adding less water to the mixture. They've done the same to Coco madamoiselle I think aswell.

    I have the non 'extreme' version and find that to be a cleaner smell.

    27th May, 2012


    Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

    I read the hype, tried it and it turned my stomach. Its awful. Its the same smell as when you get a nosebleed, the metalic taste of blood trickling down your throat. When and where could you wear this???
    It lasts forever aswell, shame Creed can't match its longevity!

    Freddy Kreuger wears this in my nightmares!

    27th May, 2012


    Love by By Kilian

    I tried this when I went to buy Back to black. I wasn't sure so they gave me a sample, tried it and had to have a bottle!
    I think it does lean heavily to the feminine side but men can easily pull this off.
    It is Very sweet, like standing in a sweet shop with all the jar lids off.
    It lasts for over 12 hours on me, which is great. I like frags to be worth the price and with this I think it is. If I had to liken it to another perfume it would be Rochas Man, purely for the sweetness. They are worlds apart in smell though.

    27th May, 2012


    A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

    What a waste of money this stuff is! To me it smells like a £1 mint shower gel that lasts all of 1 - 1 1/2 hours on me. Its a toss up which is the worst for longevity PS or Burberry london?

    I got my bottle from some small perfume shop in Paris in a deal with another frag. I think I paid about 25euro for PS. I was ripped off!
    The only thing I like about it is the bottle. I might drain it and use it as a xmas decoration.

    26th May, 2012

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