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Encre Noire by Lalique

I too purchased this fragrance blind based on the overwhelmingly positive and oftentimes glowing reviews that I saw here. While I am quite new to fragrances, of the couple dozen I've tried this is the first one that I would refuse to wear even if I had no other options. I find it genuinely unpleasant.

I quite like the smell of ink and love the smell of gasoline, so I can't really agree with an earlier review positing that to be the turn off for some. It has the sharpness of fresh cut wood (cedar? pine?) but what I like in that is heavily masked by the sharpness of a chemical overtone. I'm not sure what pesticides smell like, but that sounds about right.

The strength of the opening dies down some, but the fragrance remains quite linear, and to my nose it is linearly bad.
21st June, 2012