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Encounter by Calvin Klein

Nowhere near as promising as the notes would have you believe.
Has a faint boozy edge and cardamom floating about.
But what is it with scents being so weak? After 2-3 hours it just sticks close to the skin. No one seems to want to make anything with any specific sort of projection.
12th September, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

The promising opening vanishes within 5 minutes and is replaced by a soapy, generic sweetness.
Really not my thing.
12th August, 2012

The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

Because the original wasn't weak enough.
Not bad, just painfully boring.
11th August, 2012
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Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Used to bathe in this scent.
Instantly recognizable and one of the few "Fresh" frags I can say I like.
Opens with a synthetic blast of Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot and a cacophony of other notes. I can get the "Rain" notes and I think they are done well.
The heart and base amp up the spice and an Apple note pokes it's head into the mix.
Tommy is advertised as an Americana fragrance and I really do get that vibe from it.
On my skin this projects well for the first 4 hours and lasts 6-8 hours total, but due to it's recognizable nature people will know it.
10th August, 2012

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

An incredibly sexy scent.
Used to date a girl who bathed in this stuff, but all school-yard memories aside this is a potent and mysterious scent that deserves the praise it gets.
Opens up with a citrus blast and then goes to work with the floral and vanilla that amp up taking this into the stratosphere with it's projection. The drydown is a smooth almost masculine presentation of woods and silky cream with a touch of amber.
This stuff will LAST.
This is one of the few scents that can make me weak at the knees.
Depending on the weather this can get VERY cloying and the fact that it projects like a banshee can sometimes induce a headache in hot weather.

Let it be known, this is a very common fragrance but the fact it smells so good easily redeems that minor gripe.
If only Ck put this much effort into their Male scents.
05th August, 2012

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I love sweet scents but this is silly. Would prefer not to smell like a coffee shop.
Obviously there is more to this scent but it's just too "edible" and almost novelty like for me.
29th July, 2012

Antaeus by Chanel

I have only tried the current formulation. I hear that what exists now is almost totally different.
To be blunt, this smells like a better- made Aramis on my skin. It also progresses like Aramis on my skin. This is good and bad.
The opening notes are old-school, very manly and projecting a masculine vibe.
Picture a gentlemen wearing this. Someone who has seen the world and knows his place in it. This is not something your average 9-5 drone would wear.
The problem for me is that once the heart comes into play (rather quickly I might add) I get the same problem I have with Aramis: Soap and lots of it.
I get this Imperial Leather type sweetness crashing the party and it stays there and still makes it presence when the base shows up, which is a shame because the base is beautiful.
This is a wonderful scent and perhaps is the just the reform but I just hate soapy vibes in fragrances the way some hate powder (which I dig).
Maybe in a few decades this will wear itself better on me.
29th July, 2012

Altamir by Ted Lapidus

Very sweet orange blossom opening that stays throughout the life of the scent.
Similar to 1 million but without the gaudy sweetness and annoying feminine notes.
17th July, 2012

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

This is Chanel showing everyone how "Fresh and Woody" should be done. Starts off with a HUGE grapefruit note that takes a while to mellow down but rewards greatly in the dry down with a great zesty/woody accord that really shows off the quality of the blend.
On one end you have a peppery, fruity opening and then it goes 180 degrees and turns nicely woody. But the wood is never heavy or dry, it's rather nice.
Projection and longevity is light years ahead of every other fresh scent on the market.
I see this as Chanel's take on a safe, modern scent. It works well and that's all that needs to be said.
16th July, 2012 (last edited: 05th August, 2012)

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

A smooth, well-blended and modern fragrance. Think of this as a classier, less synthetic Pi. The vanilla (Benzoin) is nowhere near as thick or syrupy as Pi but the notes are similar to my nose.
The main difference here is the Eucalyptus opening. It's nothing like real Eucalyptus (I live in Australia...go figure) but I can see the "inspired by" quality of it and by the time the dry down comes it flirts with woods and becomes a nice camphor wood accord that sits nicely on my skin.
However, problem with Body Kouros is that it is almost too well blended. It's almost as though everything in this is just too pleasant. Even the Eucalyptus note in the opening is too "nice". Nothing seems to contrast or stand out and unfortunately it makes this scent rather tame. If there was something in there that gave in a bit of hair on it's chest (not to the extreme of it's older brother Kouros) to vanquish that almost feminine like vanilla this would be great but unfortunately it's just too nice.
Projection and Longevity aren't too bad, but it's also painfully normal.
Body Kouros could be so much more but to me it is literally the epitome of tame.
15th July, 2012

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

A really well-done scent. One of the modern releases in a while.
Sweet grapefruit opening that dries down to something really unique in which a subtle tobacco and cedar come to the front and gives it a chance to becomes the scent that is instantly recognizable as The One for Men.
But as many have stated a million times over, the longevity SUCKS. I am not sure if this is was deliberate or not but it really does stop this from being even better. Not asking for powerhouse longevity, just something that lasts longer than the current formula.
13th July, 2012

cK one by Calvin Klein

I cannot fathom a reason why anyone would want to wear this. Brings to mind washing detergent sitting on tea-stained clothes.
Now I can understand that when it first came out it caused a stir for it's unisex intentions but it doesn't make it good.
12th July, 2012

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

This is everywhere here in Australia. Everywhere.
Scent is not terrible by any means, but I have never understood the hype around this sweet bomb. Far too strong and has a tendency to induce a headache.
Opens up with a feminine sweetness of blood orange and grapefruit which after a while amps up and the blonde leather and amber start showing themselves and sadly, doesn't evolve past that.
Maybe on other people this smells great but one me it is headache inducing sweet. And this is coming from someone who rocks JOOP!
It is a well blended scent but it's just too "clubby" for me. Maybe if they put some manlier notes up in there I would like it but to me it conjures up images of guys bathing in this while scouting for easy girls at some club in the CBD.
08th July, 2012
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Joop! Homme by Joop!

The secret to this powdery sugar bomb is in the application. It is a lovely scent when used in moderation and cold weather. I do one shot to the chest and spritz on the wrist rubbed behind my ear.
When I first tried it it was just too much as it is for most people.
You can either wear it properly and enjoy a sweet/spicy fragrance with great projection and longevity or you can spray too much and pay the price.
Obviously everyone knows how strong this stuff is so heed the warnings and you will be fine.
05th July, 2012 (last edited: 10th July, 2012)

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Not terrible but not particularly good either.
I can understand what YSL were attempting here but on my skin this just turns weird. The ginger note goes kind of damp and then within 4 hours its gone and replaced with a very tame citric sweetness that while nice is very dull.
This scent isn't meant to be loud or obnoxious, but rather a something one would wear to work or something.
Its brother La Nuit is even more controversial and in my eyes, the better purchase.
05th July, 2012

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Not particularly original or the best but it is still a great scent.
You could do a lot worse than this.
Vanilla/Wood with a nice powdery dry-down. Has decent projection and longevity.
12th June, 2012

Only The Brave by Diesel

Smells like gasoline. Drydown isn't too bad.
31st May, 2012

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Didn't smell too bad on paper but as soon as this touched my skin it exploded into this soapy sweetness. I can't stand that huge sweet note that persists through it. I can smell something nice underneath but it's hard to detect under all that other nonsense.
It calms down a bit but it's just too much.
30th May, 2012

Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

An old-school fragrance bomb.
Bogart PH is not for the faint of heart, it's loud, obnoxious and may be too much for some people.
But for those who can handle it Bogart is a great scent, a strong opening (I can't really define what it is) calms down to a pleasant cherry note that lasts throughout the wearing and managed to feel rich without being too sweet. Some have commented that it is rather linear and I would agree, but it makes up for it with excellent longevity and seriously massive projection.
This stuff is strong, no more than 2 sprays should do it. I sprayed 6 when I first bought it and it destroyed my nose and those of my housemates.
As much as I hate mentioning price in reviews I must say that for the price it is excellent value, I bought mine off Perfumery for $21.
Go easy on the trigger and enjoy this underrated juice.
29th May, 2012 (last edited: 31st May, 2012)